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Grizzly Graphics

Tower Promenade, Wallasey, Merseyside

2 hires on Bark
Grizzly Graphics logo

Grizzly Graphics

Tower Promenade, Wallasey, Merseyside

2 hires on Bark


We are Grizzly Graphics!

With eight years experience in Graphic and Web design, in 2018 we established Grizzly Graphics.

We're a creative team passionate and dedicated to solving your problems, delivering bespoke branding and exceeding expectations.


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23 July 2018

Jack did our wedding invites, they were done really quickly, so reasonably priced and just beautifully done. Really happy with them, and would recommend to anyone �

20 April 2018

Great communication and creative input from the initial conversation and throughout the whole process.

They went above and beyond with their design process and mock-ups. Truly a team of perfectionists who were focused on creating the best for my brand.

Would highly recommend.

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Web design projects can be complex, but our experienced team know how to make them run smoothly.

We take a strategic oversight of your organisation and make sure that any work undertaken adds value and contributes to your objectives.

When making a great website, you need to know your audience.
What do they expect when visiting your website? What are they looking for? How do they navigate a website?

Functionality is of up-most importance. If a website is not functional, then visitors will simply stop using it. This can be from slow load times, page errors or even your website not being responsive and working on mobiles or tablets.

Now so more than ever, websites need to be search engine optimised. Gone is the time of searching pages and pages of Google results. People want to be see what they are looking for quickly, so your website needs to be among the top results.
Key factors in achieving this include, website content, load times, functionality and responsiveness.

When you combine what your target audience wants, along with functionality, SEO and lastly great design, you'll have a great website!

Grizzly Graphics will be with you from start to finish and even after. You'll have a direct contact for any questions or comments along the process.

We also offer full training on your new content management system, meaning you can update, copy, add new pages and change photos with ease.

Or if you wish, you can put your feet up and leave that up to our experts.

When we take on a new client, who's looking to hire us on their project, we typically will ask the following questions:

1. What is your business about; we'll make sure to look through your website and any other online sites to gather as much information as possible ahead of time, but it's always best to also have a conversation with you.

2. What's your project about? We want to know everything about the project. What it's about, why and what you want to achieve from it. From this we can get a real understanding of your aims and how we can help your business.

3. Who's your target audience? When starting a project, we want to know how to give the end user the best experience. This is done from knowing who they are, what they'll be looking for and what design best suits their preferences.

4. Standing out! What sets you out from the competition? Is it your customer service, pricing or guarantees? This will be used to clearly show you, above your competition.

5. What would you like to see? Have you noticed something your competitors do? Is there a specific type of design that you like? Design is subjective, so we want to know if there's anything you'd like and add that to what works best for your target audience, along with our own expertise in design.

6. Time frame. How long do you have before the project needs to be completed?

7. Budget. How much has been set aside for the project? This will determine the lengths we can go to.

1. Research. The client, competition and target audiance.

2. Brainstorm. Spend a short amount of time brainstorming ideas.

3. Three concepts. Take three ideas from the brainstorm and develop them into full concepts.

4. Review. Step back and look at all three concepts. Do they really work?

5. Present. Show our client (hopefully YOU!) all three concepts, with detail into the process of creating each one.

6. Refine. Using any feedback, we refine the chosen concept.

7. Deliver. Show off our final design. Something that your target audience will love, you'll love and we loved creating.

1. What's your project about?

2. Time frame. How long do you have before the project needs to be completed?

3. Budget. How much has been set aside for the project?

We love creating amazing designs, that exceed expectations and deliver, making our great clients, even greater!

Having worked in the industry for seven years, I wanted to take my experience and start my own business.

Being in charge allows me to take the approach I feel my clients deserve, and in turn, deliver great work!

There's plenty we could say here, but we believe if you have a chat with us, see our work, passion, and testimonials, you'll find it hard not to. Well that's what we hope anyway!