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Ben L.

8 September 2018

After a pretty frustrating experience at RIC, my wife happened across ProFormance Therapy in her search. I came to meet Justin having survived a bad fall with 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken clavicle, vestibular ear fracture and 2 brain contusions. After a month in the hostpital, the ribs were healing, but after clavicle surgery the range of motion on my left arm was only 90 degrees. Justin was the first therapist I'd met who was able to explain to me not only the reasons my arm wasn't ready to work, but also the path to healing. I went from a deep sense of fear that I would not be able to lift my kids again, to a new feeling of hope and trust in the place I was at. I can't say enough praise for the team here... Justin helped me work through the pain, and the more progress I saw, the more excited I got. He understood how far he could push me, and excused a sense of calm that kept me grounded. What I didn't expect to experience was an infectious atmosphere of levity in the room. Nick and Justin both kept me grinning and laughing in every visit, which actually helps quite a bit when you're arm is getting stretched in a seemingly impossible direction. I'll always be grateful for the tremendous healing I received at ProFormance Therapy, and strongly, emphatically recommend you give them a chance if you need help! More...


Patricia Varco-White

30 August 2018

individual care tailored to your specific needs-professional-compassionate-knowledgeable-while never letting you lose your sense of humor-as a healthcare professional I have referred many of my patients to this facility due to their quality of care


Wayne D

6 June 2018

Great staff Very knowledgeable and helpful Know their stuff but also have funas they work with you


Kevin Rubin

6 June 2018

Had a nagging injury that wouldn't go away. Had to make a decision on whether to go with one of those larger chain Physical Therapy stores or a more focused local facility and so happy I found ProFormance Therapy. Top notch company and their therapists truly focus and listen to you and build a program around you and your concerns. Definitely check them out! More...


Kathleen F.

16 May 2018

I highly recommend ProFormance for physical therapy.I have been to physical therapy at other chain type PT companies such as ATI or Athletico where the therapists are juggling several patients at once while simultaneously writing their notes in order to keep up.At ProFormance the therapists work individually with one patient at a time, resulting in a much higher quality of care.My therapist was Steven, he is very knowledgeable, professional and also a warm and pleasant person to work with.Overall the atmosphere is a wonderful combination of caring staff and a high level of skill  and professionalism. More...


Instant Y.

21 April 2018

Saw Steve for my injured lower back (L5/S1). Steve and the crew here all conduct themselves very professionally and are knowledgeable about their craft while also being personable. Good communication around what exercises and stretches to do for my back including why each is done and the objective of each (vs just telling me to do something without me knowing why). More...


Vic A.

22 November 2016

shout out to my man Justin. you guys rock and thank you so much for the flexible schedules. please stop having your billing person call me : )love you guys,vic


Rob Wereski

6 June 2016

I've been to ProFormance a couple of times following sports injuries. The staff there are great. They are very knowledgeable at identifying the problem, and creating a rehab strategy customized to your needs. The facilities are bright and clean, and the equipment/therapies are top notch. More...


Alison G.

9 December 2015

I came to see Justin with what I thought was vertigo. He worked with me and discovered that due to my very tight neck and back muscles, I was getting vertigo type systems. While the treatments don't always feel good while I am getting them, Justin and his team are extremely supportive in getting me through the body manipulations in order to alleviate the pain I have. I look forward to going to see him because I know that he is knowledgeable about what my body needs to recover. I can't say thank you enough to Justin and the rest of his staff. This is the ONLY physical therapy group I will use in the future. More...


Cee A.

28 November 2015

After a long struggle at that big Illinois place that supposedly specializes in bones and joints, I finally found Justin at ProFormance. His competence, attention and sincere interest in getting me back to 100% mobile was not only successful, but inspiring and motivating. I now have full range of motion of my knee, returning strength in all of my muscles and a manageable, continuing program and strategy to easily incorporate into my life. I am a huge fan and would recommend Justin and his staff to everyone that might need a little - or a lot of physical therapy. Thanks!! More...


Becky N.

1 October 2015

Love this place!!! You guys are so great.  Can't believe I love physical therapy.  Thanks for helping me recover.


Renee K.

25 August 2015

Justin is great.  He has been incredibly patient with my husband, and has taught him how to use a cane when I thought it was impossible.  His suggestion to place a tennis ball under certain parts of my husband's back to relieve pain has worked too.  I would recommend Proformance Physical therapy without any reservations. More...


Susan M.

6 March 2015

I was skeptical about trying physical therapy in the first place and even mentioned that to the physical therapist when i first arrived.  all he said was to give it a try.  i did and wow, what a difference.first of all, proformance is not like any other physical therapy place have been before, and i have been to the ones you see all over the city and suburbs.  One on one with you physical therapist from the moment you arrive until you are ok to discontinue PT.  Extremely knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and always have your best interest at hand.  I suggest using a few of the therapists as they all have a little different way to try things out, and don't worry, they take copious notes so when you have a session with a different therapist they know all about you.  Plus the place is not super large so you pretty much see and meet everyone in a short amount of time.Stephen and Josh are great and really helped me get to a full recovery post back surgery.There location is right off of the Edens on Dempster, totally easy to get to and easy and free parking.I hope I never need PT again, but if i do i will be reaching out to ProFormance. More...


Bonnie Z.

15 January 2015

I would give Proformance more stars if I were allowed.  The best place in the world to rehab from knee relocation surgery.  Surgery will be on knee number two in the spring and  I definetly will return to Proformance.   I certainly hope my current therapist (aka terrorist) Steven is  available to help me rehab in the spring.  Every member of the Proformance team has been wonderful.  Rehab is not easy. There are no short cuts.  My time at Proformance truly enhanced my rehab.  I highly recommend Proformance to anybody who requires rehab. More...


Chitown C.

9 August 2014

This is the best physical therapy operation I have been to in all Chicagoland! I had a nasty ankle sprain playing basketball about 18 months ago that is still causing me issues. I just walked in and talked with staff about getting a referral without having to go back on my doctor. They worked closely with me and faxed paperwork to podiatrist and a few days later I was all set up. I have now been three times and ankle is already feeling better. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and funny. It's an open environment so you also interact with other clients. P/T is boring and tedious so this works for me. They also are open till 7pm which works with my schedule. Highly recommended! More...


Beth Muckler

6 June 2014

As a physical therapist I was extremely picky when I ended up needing to go for therapy for chronic headaches. I know that Keith, Justin, and Josh use the most up to date evidence based treatments, which was the reason I choose to go to ProFormance . I drive from Chicago to Skokie to see Keith because of the quality of services I receive. Unlike many PT clinics in the Chicago area, I am given personal attention and the time to have all my questions answered. I highly recommend ProFormance Physical Therapy to everyone I know. More...


Nancy J.

19 March 2014

ProFormance is a fantastic place and, as far as my husband and I are concerned, the ONLY place to go for physical therapy.  Josh and Keith were my therapists but the entire staff, including Lulu, is great.  They were  knowledgeable, kind, caring, extremely attentive, and my back was back to "good as new" in a reasonably short time.  Also, the facility is clean and pleasant.I highly recommend this PT place to anyone and everyone (all ages)  no matter what the situation or problem. More...


Nancy J.

25 February 2014

Justin, Josh, and the rest of the team are extremely knowledgeable and provide quality, one-on-one services.  I have been to many other "PT's" before, and ProFormance Physical Therapy is the place to seek relief from Chronic Back Pain.


Richard Guerra

6 June 2012

Mary Beth treated me for a serious back strain. I am a general dentist in the area and know a thing or two about presenting a well run business. When you first walk in its apparent they have invested well into great equipment, a nice location, and technology. I have had other therapists in the past for other ailments and Mary Beth is certainly one of the best. Back to my condition, I aggravated my back on a Friday morning then limped myself through work and she was able to see me on a Sunday for an emergency visit. Now that's Service! She reassured me it was nothing but a severe muscle strain, as I thought something much worse had occurred. A few days later I was back to a comfortable state and a 2 weeks later back to 100%. More...


Jesse M.

7 November 2010

Justin Silver, Mary Beth, Nick and the rest of the team are outstanding. They are currently helping me recover from an ACL reconstruction. If you want to be pushed and not just loaf through the routines this is the place for you. Their mission is to provide a patient-centered approach to physical therapy through education and quality care in a dynamic state-of-the-art environment.  They are a privately owned company dedicated to your care. I am fortunate to live very close the their office so when I told them I wouldn't be able to drive after my surgery they volunteered to pick me up. I am not sure about you but this is my kind of place. More...

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