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San Leandro, CA

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Grind Never Stops Fitness

San Leandro, CA



Grind Never Stops Fitness is all about helping people reach their fitness goals. If ots to lose weight, put on some lean muscle, get fit, or to feel healthier then we can help you. We provide training programs that will help you achieve your fitness goals.


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Sharon Crum

23 September 2017

I have trained with Teddy for 1 yr.
I was recovering from a season of chemo therapy when I started training with him.
I'm 62 years old and I'm in
excellent condition now.
Not only has Teddy pushed me to excel, but his nutrition knowledge as helped as well.
Excellent , professional, and pleasure to talk to.


Phala Williams

21 September 2017

Teddy is my Trainer and also my Mentor. This past year has been nothing but amazing working with him and now training with him. He also trains my son in boxing. He has pushed me to limits that I never thought I could reach. Every week the height of my day is going to Teddys for some Self Care. He is definitely the best. More...


veronica loya

21 September 2017

What an extraordinary and awesome experience with Teddy! I couldn't have picked the perfect trainer to train me. I'm extensively glad I've invested the training to look and feel better. He's professional, encouraging and has a good sense of humor. He has pushed and motivated me to my highest potential. Since training with Teddy I've lost weight and have built my endurance. Thanks again Teddy!! More...


Rachel S

21 September 2017

Meeting Teddy was a life changer. He's nice personable funny and a good motivator to keep you coming back for more. With his interesting creative exercise routines to leaving your muscles feeling good and your body releasing happy hormones. With him I lost 30lbs. I completely changed my whole diet. I dont crave certain foods anymore and even get repulsed by the odor of certain foods that I used to love that werent healthy for me. Its a nice gym environment with good people and with little distractions that helped me reach my goal. The weights and equipment are great and all of what I needed. Its a nice clean gym atmosphere. More...



20 September 2017

Teddy's Total Body is hands down the best place I have ever worked out at. Teddy is a man of integrity and a master of his craft. He is truly dedicated into getting you to work out and push you for maximum results each and everyday. The photo you see is from only 3 MONTHS of training with him. Everyone compliments me that I'm getting buff so quickly. I've had around 4 personal trainers the past three years and none of them can compare to Teddy. If you need a personal trainer stop looking, you found the right man & place. More...

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We set you up on a training program that will help sculpt your body. Training of course is only half the battle. We will also help provide information on good foods and help set up a diet plan that will help you get fit.

Staying consistent in both training and dieting. Its not as hard as you may think. Some people see working out as therapy and with dieting you can find dishes out there that can taste great.

Seeing people feel more positive and happy about themselves after each session. We also know the fitness lifestyle changes people’s lives for the better.

Changing peoples lives was the biggest inspiration. Sure there is other things like fitness and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it but changing lives is the biggest one. There is no better feeling.

G.N.S. Fitness will work with you from the beginning of the session all the way to the very end of the session. Our focus and attention is all on you. You will get your moneys worth here.