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David Aldous

10 July 2019

Ardavan only answers his telephone when he thinks that you are a potential client. after a telephone converation, a proposal was submitted, now his communication is non-existent. As for his services, I cannot make any recommendations as I have not used his services, this is my opinion based on my personal experience as a business owner to another business owner who has not returned any emails or messages. it's not always how the clients are treated it also should be considered how he treats vendors and suppliers when making a decision as to who you want to have to work for you. More...


Farnoosh Shoa

27 December 2018

I had a great experience at GB Solutions , the consultant was patient to go through all my tax details and explain them to me one by one and he spend lots of time to find different ways to help me to save on taxes.


Harit Himanshu

27 December 2018

It has been now multiple times that I have been working with Ardavan and there are clearly many reasons for that. Ardavan is approachable, ready to help anytime and best of all he has expertise and deep interest in his working area. I am happy working with him (and would definitely continue) and have no resistance in recommending Ardavan to anyone who is looking for help on personal or corporation taxes. More...