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Enid Levario

As said before, Greg is a phenomenal coach & a forward-thinking leader!


Mike-Jennifer Parker

For a little more than a year, we have been working with Coach Greg Pare. I love that he follows and teaches Dave Ramsey's principles, and so far, we have paid off about 15K in debt! Before following a budget and the envelope system, there was a point where we were over drafting our account up to $600 monthly. We have had our ups and downs, but God has always provided and we have become better stewards with our money. Coach Greg makes it simple for us to create our budget and provides solutions. He even helped us settle a medical bill for much lower than we owed! More...


Javier Lomeli

I have had the absolute privilege of using Greg's coaching services. Greg is a highly competent coach who has a gift for helping you clarify your financial goals and turn those goals in powerful, actionable steps. He not only gives his clients the strategies they NEED to supercharge their financial life, he also genuinely cares for them and wants their absolute best. Hire Greg now if you want to dominate your finances! More...


Kristin Rodgers Hagins

Working with Greg has been a life changing experience for our family. With his help, we have become better stewards of the many blessings God continues to shower on us and we have been able to teach our children a better perspective and clearer understanding of money. Not only have we been able to pay off debt and purchase a new home through our work with Greg, but we have also gained a lifelong friend! More...


Emily Carruth Funk

We started working with Greg almost a year ago and cannot speak highly enough of his love and service. Greg leads with financial knowledge, but is also incredibly loving, kind, and most of all, patient! If you are wanting to make a life change, I highly encourage Greg Pare! He will take whatever mess you are in and turn it into a plan with purpose! The best decision we ever made was calling Greg! More...


Jenny McClendon

I started working with Greg two years ago and my financial life is changed forever. I was in deep trouble financially due to poor decision making and I was desperate for an answer. Within the first five minutes of meeting with Greg, I had a major problem solved. It was just something I could not think of on my own. I just made my last payment on my debt and I can’t believe how fast it happened and with minimal effort! Don’t get me wrong, I had to make some major behavioral changes, but it wasn’t that bad! Now, I don’t have to worry about emergencies or saving for things that matter! I paid off nearly $25,000 during this time! One of the coolest things about this whole process is that I started tithing my 10% regularly. Never missed. God provided. Through this obedience I have found blessing after blessing. I thank God for working through his loyal and obedient servant Greg. More...

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