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Greener Cleaner LA

Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles

1 hire on Bark


Greener LA was formed in the Summer of 2008 to satisfy the current demands of people wanting an environmentally friendly cleaning service that’s hassle free, delivers immaculate customer service and works with quality cleaners.
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11 December 2019

Love them. Have used them for 7 years now, and they're great. Always kind, friendly, detail oriented and super hard working. Trustworthy, committed to quality, and they use non-toxic cleaning products. Actually the good kind, not some green washing BS. 100 percent recommend More...

29 June 2019

We had two cleaners come today, and they provided by far the best service of any cleaning company I've hired. They really focused on the floors, which was badly needed, and even moved large pieces of furniture to make sure the floor was super clean! They didn't mind having my cat loose in the house while they were working either. Would definitely hire again! More...

9 May 2019

I've worked with Greener Cleaner LA for the last several years, all in professional showroom settings selling high end furniture. I was so happy with their work after my first experience with them that I gladly recommended them to my next place of work. Alma is a real pro, and she leads her teams with great attention to detail. As a company they are conscientious, always happy to accommodate, and always a pleasure to work with. I couldn't recommend them more! More...

5 March 2019

My apt was in desperate need of some TLC. They did a very thorough job and I was very happy with the results. I'd love to have them back, but unfortunately it's hard to get a weekend spot. Would definitely recommend.

17 December 2018

Absolutely wonderful! Alma and Carla tackled a huge overhaul of my apartment today. I suffer from anxiety and depression, which makes it hard for me to keep up with chores at times. These two women were completely understanding of my situation and tackled my place, even staying longer than originally planned. They asked questions when they had them, but didn't need guidance outside those specific moments. They were kind to my dogs and I, and I feel they truly went above and beyond what I had hoped for. Communication with the manager, Daniel, was also easy and effortless. He responded to my questions during the appointment set up and called to ensure their staying later was ok to do. I would definitely recommend! More...

4 September 2018

If I could give this place 6 stars, I would.We've had maid service at our house before, but it always felt like no one would do as detailed work as I normally do myself. .. Deep cleaning or not, or precious experiences were underwhelming.Super happy that Yelp recommended this place as one of the best ones in Los Angeles. And that's absolutely well-deserved. I received a quote in response via Yelp almost immediately; the pricing is absolutely appropriate. Julio was very courteous and reconfirmed the appointment through texts and emails. We had a deep clean done by 3 people for almost 8 hours (just really wanted to go to town with the cleaning for our first scheduled cleaning). Leti, Teresa and Kimberly arrived as promised at 8AM. All three ladies were lovely, professional, fast and efficient. They never stopped working and kept a tremendous attention to detail. As we requested in the beginning, they moved all the furniture around, cleaned the windows, re-organized the cabinets and really went all the way.I'm incredibly impressed and plan on having this awesome crew come back for recurring cleanings. More...

19 February 2018

These are clients of mine and I like to send business my clients way when I can although it hasn't always worked out so i've become weary.  I'm glad I gave them a shot because they've been great, cost effective and environmentally friendly. More...

19 December 2017

Yessenia & Raquel are THE BEST. I've been looking for years for a good cleaning service that uses Eco-friendly products and am really happy to have finally found Greener LA. Julio was fast and friendly and efficient in helping to set up my deep clean and the rates are really reasonable. But what really has me here leaving a review is the AMAZING job that my cleaners, YESSENIA and RAQUEL did. I've tried to get a deep clean in the past with other companies, but never really felt like that's what I got. BUT Yessenia and Raquel left my place cleaner than it was the day I moved in and I was so thrilled. They were fast and friendly and careful with my things. They did such a thorough job, you could tell they took pride in their work. Everything you look for in a cleaning service. They were so great that I signed up to have them every time. More...

27 November 2017

Greener LA is awesome! They are very professional and on time. The products they used are all eco-friendly and there was no chemical smell in my house when they were done. Highly recommend this company!

18 October 2017

I love that this company really responds right away to e-mails and requests. They really seem to actually care what your specific needs are. I work 12 hour days so I couldn't be home for the cleaning. So I left them instructions and a lock box. When I came home my place was fresh and clean! The place didn't smell of harsh chemicals, not that I really care but that was a nice bonus. My floors where clean, everything was tidy-ed up. They really did an excellent job with my bath tub! It has an odd texture so it can be hard to scrub out. I love the way they made my bed. It was nice to know I can count on them to keep my apartment clean and safe while I'm at work. I liked it so much I opted in for a bi-weekly service. Thanks again! More...

21 September 2017

I've been using their services for a good while now. I'm pretty ocd when it comes to cleanliness so I'm really glad I found this company because I never have rhe time to clean around the house. The ladies that come over my house really go the extra mile to make the place spotless and satisfy my expectations. Another thing that makes me happy is that they are really pet friendly, they even know my pets names. so, overall Im really happy I can depend on them to make my house spotless on a regular basis. More...

16 September 2017

Greener LA is a fantastic cleaning service! I trust them with my home and more importantly my pets. They do a fantastic job of cleaning quickly and efficiently. I had a frame that was accidentally broken and I was told about it immediately with a letter saying how sorry they were. It was replaced right away! I have been using Greener LA for almost two years now and I am so grateful for having them. They are always on point with timing, billing, and just about everything. Thank you Greener for making my life better. More...

14 September 2017

Having used a professional cleaning company in the past with mixed results, I was quite nervous at hiring Greener LA. I have been using there services for over 3 months now, they come twice a month for 2 hours. They have sent me two lovely ladies named Rachel and Jenny, I find them to be pleasant and trustworthy. I also found once you instruct them of your exact requirements you do not need to repeat yourself, they take note of what is required. I have two German Shepherds and my main concern was THE HAIR. I asked if they could please pay close attention to the floors and rugs where most of the hair collects. Every time I get home after they've cleaned it's like walking into a brand new house I kinda hesitate letting the dogs in after. They do such an awesome job I am very happy with their services. More...

2 September 2017

Let me start off by saying how pleased I am with the work these ladies did for my back house. I had been renting it out to an older gentleman for almost a year until one day he just decided to leave. With NO WARNING what so ever left every bit of furniture AND his TWO DOGS behind. DISGUSTINGLY DIRTY is an understatement to how this man left my back house. I decided to clean it out poured Lysol Fabuloso and chlorine on everything from the toilet to the kitchen sink I felt sick from the fumes. I decided to contact Julio to set up a DEEP CLEANING he sent out two lovely ladies the very next day!! Alma and Jenny did a fantastic job they explained how they use environmentally friendly products which is great because I have two boys and a small dog. This was a cleaning done late March I have been getting regular cleanings since then for both my home and our back house. More...

2 September 2017

Great service and great people! Greener LA is the place to call for your cleaning services. Jenny and Alma did such a great job making my place look like new again! Love the amount of time and effort they put into their work and was very satisfied with the work that was done. They were also friendly and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great cleaning service and friendly staff. More...

28 August 2017

I recently got my place clean by greener LA. I've had different companies before but none come close to the service I received from this company. They were friendly from start to finish and explained everything to me in detail.  I had to pospone my service twice due to my hectic work schedule and they were very accommodating. I was very impress by the work of Alma and Sara. They went out of their way to make sure I was content. I would definitely recommend their services to family and friends. More...

28 August 2017

I stayed at my friend's house in LA for a long weekend. As a thank you, I called Greener LA to tidy up the place before I left. Julio and his staff were courteous, efficient and very detailed. The reason I called them was because they use nothing but natural products and my friends have a kid that's sensitive to certain chemicals. He showed me what they use and they were natural. They came in and cleaned every nook and cranny in that house that hadn't been touched in what I imagine was a few years. The stainless steel appliances were glowing! The grout in the shower was white again! Ceiling fans looked like they were brand new and the shelves no longer had a coat of dust on them. What impressed me more than the incredible job they did was that it didn't dent my wallet. It was a good price for eveything they did. When my friends returned home, they stood at the door in disbelief that this was the same house they had left a few days before. I recommend Julio and his crew at Greener LA for your house or apartment. More...

28 August 2017

Simply the best cleaning service we've ever experienced!!!  The staff are punctual, efficient, and friendly. They use non-toxic chemicals that my wife feels 100% safe to have around the kids.  They clean places we may have neglected or overlooked.  They are extremely thorough and professional. We have found the house cleaning service for us!!!  Highly recommend them. More...

19 April 2017

I don't normally write reviews, but these guys deserve accolades. I hate cleaning. I also don't like random people coming in to my house and touching my things. Because of bad allergies I knew I needed help. So after a lot of research I visited Greener LA's webpage. Their website is super easy to navigate. I was able to fill out the specs of our house, tell them what I needed, explained I have pets and note that I wanted monthly service. They were able to set me up on Saturdays and the time of day was perfect. The first cleaning was a deep cleaning and each cleaning after that was about two hours.  By having them come once a month, I was able to maintain what they did without having a breakdown and rocking in the corner at the thought of cleaning. I never had a problem. The ladies were always super nice and friendly towards myself and the critters. I only stopped using them because I left the state. I highly recommend these guys. More...

19 January 2017

On 1/18/17 I had Greener LA do a deep clean on my home and the service was impeccable. The team of two performed a 6 hour cleaning on my 3 bedroom 2 bath home. They left the place spotless and incredibly organized. They cleaned up my closets, my fridge(interior/exterior), folded my clothes, cleaned my cabinets, my ceiling fans, my blinds, my fire mantle, windows, and everything you could imagine. It was an incredible service! The workers were very professional and well prepared. I especially appreciate how much caution they took with my newborn's room and the baby's belongings. That was a huge plus because I'm a big germaphobe when it comes to my baby.  They even left my puppies living space smelling great!! Which was a huge plus! This was my first experience with allowing a cleaning service into my home. I must say I am over appreciative and thankful for the hard work, effort, and professionalism that was performed. Thank you to the team at Greener LA! I look forward to our next service! :) More...

17 August 2016

I am so pleased with this company and service!! I am by nature incredibly particular about how my home is cleaned and organized. I also believe in the importance of natural products. We have a baby arriving any day now and my partner gifted me a cleaning for an early birthday present. Because we have a baby on the way, we only had so much budgeted in for a cleaning service and this company made it so easy to stay within that budget, even giving us some extra time pro bono because the lovely women who came to clean weren't quite done in the amount of time we could afford! I ended up finding some extra to tip them. They were sooooo thorough and detail oriented, even cleaning our blender, which had been disgusting before. The inside of the stove was a special request by me and they made it look brand new! Everything was done with such mindful care and they were very friendly. We will DEFINITELY be using this service regularly post baby and will be referring friends as well. On a side note, they were booked to arrive at 3pm, but didn't arrive til around 3:45. So, if you are on a tight schedule, keep in mind that there is a one hour arrival window. More...

25 March 2015

I recently booked an appointment with Greener LA and although we had some hiccups along the way, I am so impressed with the company. Julio and the team were so accommodating and gracious.I wasn't able to be home during the cleaning but the staff was obviously very respectful of my belongings and came in and out with no issues. And my house smells amazing. Can't thank them enough. Definitely booking them in the future. More...

13 January 2015

Thankfully, Greener LA had not failed to disappoint me and my dust-mites. The team has seamlessly continued to be punctual which is of importance to me and my busy schedule. The work they execute is superb and what I like more is the professionalism they possess. I would never dare to clean my dirty ass room since I know I am in good hands. As long as the prices are steady, I will remain a customer. More...

9 December 2014

I have used other cleaning services in the past, and I want to say that Greener LA is by far the best one I've used.  My account manager Daniel has been absolutely awesome since the beginning.  I started using their service 7 months ago when I moved into my house after a series of remodeling.   I am embarrassed to say that I had a thick layer of dust in the entire house and was too lazy to clean it myself hence hiring Greener LA to do it for me.  What started out as a one time thing turned into recurring scheduled cleanings because they are just absolutely top notch in their service.  After the initial deep cleaning, all evidence of construction was gone and my house looked like a brand new home when I moved in.  They have accommodated me when I made last minute changes and also are upfront when there were going to be any delays or interruptions.I have some business background in this sort of business model.  I know it is very difficult to run things perfectly when you have employees out in the filed covering multiple locations covering such a large area such as LA.  I set my expectation knowing that it will not always be perfectly executed, but Greener LA has exceeded that expectation.  When there were traffic issues or delays, they are always up front and professional about it.  They always made things right and continue to treat with the respect and professionalism and really make me feel like they appreciate my business and want to keep me happy.  It really makes a difference when you have an account manager that cares.Best of all, I have a baby in the house, I rest easier knowing the products used are natural and not harmful chemicals.  My house is always left smelling and feeling clean and that makes a huge difference in my day.  Having such a busy schedule Greener LA has made my life so much easier and pleasant! More...

18 September 2014

We have been using Greener LA for more than a year now. With some services I come back and think I could have done better, with others it's just as expected, but with Fita it's always delightful. Everything is clean , extra clean, and my house is just lovely. Fita is cheerful and caring, I really recommend her. More...

1 August 2014

Can I start off by saying wow! My place is spotless and smells amazing every time the Greener LA cleaning crew comes. I love, love, love the fact that they use all "green" products, makes me feel like my carbon footprint is slightly smaller though I know it's not a huge deal but to me it is. The cleaning crew that comes to my place is always courteous, friendly and very thorough when it comes to cleaning. The ladies always finish their job in a timely manner. I'm so glad I found Greener LA they make my life so much easier and cleaner (lol), with my crazy schedule I barely have time to do anything let alone clean my place which is why I am so thankful to Julio and his staff at Greener LA, they've helped me cross off my list having a spotless apartment. More...

6 June 2014

I haven't had much time to clean my apartment myself lately, so I looked online for an eco-friendly cleaning service.  I had my apartment cleaned this morning for the first time by Greener LA.  Linda and Alma were my cleaning crew.  They did an AMAZING job!  They were so thorough.  Not to mention friendly and nice.  They were on-time (although I scheduled the cleaning for a time that I could be flexible about).  They spent 3 hours cleaning (yeah, my apartment really needed a deep clean), and the price was very reasonable, in fact, I would make sense if they charged more per hour (although I wouldn't be able to afford frequent cleanings if it was more expensive!).  Overall, I highly recommend Linda and Alma with Cleaner LA :) More...

16 March 2014

I would highly recommend Greener LA, they were fabulous.  Greener LA was all things I love: Convenient, easy to use, excellent service and an excellent value for my money. I found Greener LA on Craigslist and sent an email to inquire about pricing. I almost immediately received a response from John letting me know he had availability in my area and gave me a date and time. He also sent me a link to their website where I filled out a customer information form that asked me all about my place, what areas I wanted to focus on - and even things I didn't consider (do you want us to clean out the inside of your fridge? YES PLEASE!). When I emailed back a couple of days later to inquire about potentially changing the time, John was super quick and accommodating in his response. I was also concerned about the quote initially, as the range was quite large. John assured me he would be able to stick to the lower end, and if it looked like the ladies needed more time, they would call me.The day of, I had 3 VERY nice ladies show up to my house complete with all cleaning supplies. They all three introduced themselves and got to work right away. My fiance and I left after a bit, and they called when they were done. When we got back to the house, they had already left for another appointment (totally fine with us as we were running late). They said we could pay online. The place looked SO INCREDIBLY amazing, I mean I really had no idea how dirty my floors were until they came and cleaned them up! When my fiance and I looked around we started to get really nervous that the bill was going to be closer to the high end than the bottom. But, when I got my reminder email for my bill in my email this morning, it was only $15 over the originally quoted amount. Honestly, I would have paid the highest quoted amount, that is how good the cleaning was!I am SUPER stoked and will be looking into a regular cleaning... More...

27 February 2014

Fita and her crew are the absolute best. They do a thorough job every time. They even took the extra step of brushing away the moth webs that were stuck to the outside (the outside! ) of our back door. I mean, that's thoughtful. We love coming home after Fita and the ladies have visited. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed. More...

23 January 2014

Fita and her team have left my house spotless every time.  They do a deep clean and are very thorough.  I have a baby and the green products are better for our family and the environment.  I wish I could afford a weekly cleaning, but for now I do once a month.  It is so worth it! More...

14 January 2014

I am VERY satisfied with my house cleaning. Rosie & her assistant were SO friendly & made me feel very safe. I have a gorgeous cat & the girls even made an effort to say hello to her; she gets scared of any kind of cleaning. The ONLY reason I didn't give this company 5 out of 5 stars was ONE, little detail they missed, which was kind of important. They didn't get the small bits of mold off the ceiling in my bathroom, but honestly, I can live with it until next time. I would absolutely recommend this place to my friends and family in LA. More...

11 January 2014

I couldn't be happier with this company! Elizabeth and Mirna did a great job cleaning my apartment. They do much more than just clean up -- they really know how to make a space look tidy! I've been with Greener LA for ~6 months now, and I've found it to be a high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy service. Plus, my apartment never smells like strong cleaning products, which I love. More...

7 January 2014

I have been using Greener LA for a couple of years, off and on. I have started having my house cleaned more regularly now, about every 2 weeks, and I am asking specifically for Mirna and Elizabeth, who do a fantastic job. The only minor problem I have is that when I ask them to perform a specific task (e.g., clean under couch, dressers, etc., they don't always clean under EVERYTHING, which is what I wanted. I guess I need to be more specific. But, aside from that, the house is pretty spotless and smells good when they leave. Thank you! More...

3 January 2014

My husband discovered Greener LA about two years ago. He initially hired them for a deep clean to surprise me when I got back from a long trip and we've stuck with them, hiring them on a weekly basis, ever since because they made our house feel so much better! Fita Lopez and her team are delightful, friendly and clean the house above and beyond our expectations consistently. They treat our things with care and leave the house spotless. It's such a joy to have them come every week. We also have two indoor cats and the team is always very careful not to let them out. I would definitely recommend Greener LA, and I am a tough one to please when it comes to cleaning detail. More...

2 December 2013

my crew is fantastic. Fita, the lead, is responsive to changes, and when they leave my house, it is *always* spotless. I live in a small house (with a big yard) with a St. Bernard and two other dogs. I have 300 pounds of dog and they leave the house spotless. I have had this service for *one* year. Usually, at the one year mark, this is when a cleaning service's quality really falls off. Instead, they get better every time.Greener LA *always* does a fantastic job. My crew is the best. More...

13 November 2013

the real deal. easy set up. (all from my iPad)Friendly, pleasant, and professional cleaners.  I did not know that people could clean so well in this world! lol. I've had people that have cleaned my place really well but definitely not this efficient. Great work and they were gone before i get back from the gym.  My place looks and feels great.  My favorite thing is that I can schedule my cleans by simply sending a text message.  Awesome!!! More...

25 October 2013

Needed a deep clean before moving out and hired Greener LA based on their yelp reviews. Was quoted for $150 (2B, 1BA) for our small apartment. Elizabeth and Mirabel did a fantastic job. The kitchen and bathroom look better than new. The attention to detail was just flawless.My one small gripe is that the final charge ended up being $210--I'd expect maybe 10-20% change within the quote, but thought that 40% more than anticipated was a bit much (there was very little furniture left in our small apartment and seemed pretty straightforward). More...

3 October 2013

This is a great company, and I'm always happy when I get Fita to come clean.  She is kind, professional, always very cheerful, and does a great job.  She is always asking if there is anything else she can do and goes above and beyond.  She also speaks pretty good English, but more importantly, smiles.  The house always smells great, they auto-bill me, and it's "green."  What more could you ask for? More...

5 June 2013

Cleaned my new place right before I moved in.My sister, who cleans houses for a living and visited a few days later was super impressed with the job they did.

15 May 2013

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. They have done a brilliant job for my boss and now me - I seriously almost cried from JOY. I've had major problems with other companies in the past, and this was just awesome. Easy to setup, sparkling clean, they even put my poor teddy bear (stuffed in a corner) on my made bed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! More...

14 September 2012

These guys were amazing! They arrived promptly on time and were SUPER friendly and efficient. The place looked and smelled amazing by the time they were done. When I emailed for a quote I received a phone call shortly after and was actually given a quote!!! Sounds silly but I had tried to get one from 3 or 4 other places and never actually received one! When all was said and done the total cost came exactly inside what I was quoted and it was well worth it! The best part was they used all natural products and no harsh chemicals. I will definitely be recommending them to friends (and I already have).I do recommend being there when they arrive so that you can go over specific areas you do or do not want cleaned.  (Note: I was not offered a discount to post a review) More...

10 September 2012

I used greener LA about 2 months ago and could not have been more happy with their service. The cleaning was impecable, and the maids were very friendly and personable. My only concern is the lack of communication. I asked to setup a monthly recurring service after my first, but never heard back from Hector. I emailed several times to follow up to see what was happening, but never heard back... Im a little confused as to why they stopped responding to my emails after completing my first service...Conclusion: they are great if they respond to your requests for cleaning. More...

4 April 2012

Amazing work! Much better than my old cleaners! Provide their own supplies. Very professional and polite. So many different options make them ideal for anyone, anywhere. I would highly suggest them for all of your cleaning needs!I was offered nothing for this review. So there. More...

20 February 2012

In the interest of full disclosure, I was offered a discount to write this review, but I was planning to write one anyway. The ladies showed up an hour early (a little too early for my liking, but it ended up being a good thing, because of the amount of time they had to take to clean). They were very friendly, and brought their own products. I mentioned a few areas I was concerned with, and they got to work. We left about an hour in, and returned after they were finished.The place looked and smelled fantastic! I was thrilled. This was our first time hiring a service, and I was pleased. Nothing out of place, everything sparkling. More...

17 February 2012

When I hurt my back a few weeks ago, even getting a soda out of the refrigerator was hell on earth, so I definitely couldn't clean. And if you know my husband, the two options were a) hire a cleaning service or b) wallow in filth for a month. I love him, but he's messy!I hired Greener LA based on the Yelp reviews and the ladies came 30 minutes early and worked for a little under three hours. They were so thorough I started to wonder how lacking my own 1.5 hour house cleaning was. There was a bit of a confusion at the end as to payment (I had already submitted my credit card and they didn't notice), but it was taken care of in short order I was, however, promised an invoice and never got one. It was almost a week before the charge appeared on our credit card statement. They were about twice the price of our last cleaners, but I will still likely use these ladies again! More...

14 November 2011

I was also offered a discount to my review, but regardless of discount or not I would have still reviewed this business since I foiund them through Yelp. I am satisfied with their service. It was a deep clean prior to an large party we were having at out home. The ladies arrived in a timely fashion and did a great job. Understandably, there were a few little things they missed (a cobweb in one of the rooms, a small area of dust), but I was also personally unavailble to give them a first-time walk-through and explanation of what I like/dislike and which areas I have issues/concerns. I am very happy with the service and plan to use them again on a recurring basis - and next time I will be there to guide them and get things as I want them.I do recommend this business - just make sure that you devote the time during the first cleaning and give the ladies details fo what you expect and how you want things done... More...

11 October 2011

Greener LA is a wonderful company to work with. Everyone is very friendly and prompt! I have been a loyal customer for quite some time and will continue to be for a long long time. I look forward to the cleaning day because the office smells and looks wonderful when I walk in! Benevolence Escrow is very happy with your work, staff and service! More...

11 October 2011

The ladies just came today and I could not be happier. Nothing better than walking into a well cleaned home, smelling great after a day at work. They did a fantastic job - they really got everything and put a lot of elbow grease into it. I appreciated that Julio listened to my requests and communicating with him is very easy. And of course, I love that they use green products since I have a young baby and two little dogs at home. Will continue to use their service. More...

8 September 2011

Greener L.A. has been my weekly cleaning service since 2009 and I have nothing but rave reviews for the team. The cleaning team are always pleasant and do great work. I appreciate the flexibility of the team when I need bigger jobs done. The company is prompt at getting back to you if there are any questions or concern.  I first hired Greener LA because of the environmental component but have continued to hire them because of the great job the have done. More...

28 July 2011

Greener LA is a pleasure to work with.  We've used them about 5 times and I wish our finances allowed us to use them twice a week!  The cleaners are all friendly (and they are so great with our 19 month old son) and do an excellent job.  We first found Greener LA because of their environmentally friendly approach, but recommend them because of their great customer service and thorough job.  Julio is wonderful and easy to correspond with! More...

24 February 2011

I have been using Greener L.A. for almost two years and they do a FANTASTIC job. They are dependable, trustworthy and they always leave my place spotless. They use environmentally friendly products too. Ask for Julio, he's the greatest! More...

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We have been in business since 2008, but have more than 30 years experience.

Detailed Q& A below:


Yes! We provide everything. You can see the green cleaning products and equipment that we usually use here. The cleaners have all that covered, that's part of our service. But if you would like to supply your own, you are more than welcome.

At Greener Cleaner LA we use a combination of naturally made products along with the best eco-friendly products available on the market. Here are a few of the ones we use along with other eco-friendly products our cleaners use:
The most effective earth-friendly products:

Safely and effectively cleans floors, counters, and surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens or any room both inside and outside. It's concentrated, hard-working, earth-friendly and biodegradable.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser uses a plant-based cleaning agent along with feldspar, limestone a touch of soda ash and baking soda. The result is a natural, effective cleaner for modern surfaces.

A natural, powerful degreaser that cleans the toughest stains.

An effective, environmentally responsible, and non-toxic formula for all types of residential hardwood floors. Specially designed to be safe for floors, families, and the environment

Cleaning with vinegar is a great way to avoid exposure to many hazardous commercial household cleaners and it's cheaper, safer and easier on the environment.

We use Eco-Aromatherapy™ and diffuse essential oil to purify your home’s air and fill it with sensations associated with sensuality, modesty, grace, and elegance.

Murphy® Oil Soap Original Formula contains 98% naturally-derived ingredients*. It safely cleans finished wood and other household surfaces without leaving a dulling residue.

Our Microfiber cloths allow for cleaning on a microscopic scale by reducing the number of bacteria by 99% whereas conventional cleaning materials reduce this number by only 33%.

powergreen™ technology is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch.

Other Natural Ingredients Used: Distilled White Vinegar, Baking Soda, Borax, Essential Oils, Lemon, Warm Water
Equipment that tackles allergens:
Our HEPA Vacuums remove 99.97% of dirt and allergens .3 micron or larger from flooring and surfaces.
Microfiber Cloths and Mops
Our Microfiber cloths allow for cleaning on a microscopic scale by reducing the number of bacteria by 99% whereas conventional cleaning materials reduce this number by only 33%.
Cellulose Sponges:
Our Cellulose Sponges are 100% biodegradable.

No Harmful effects on our beautiful planet
Every single one of the products that we use adheres to these strict environmentally responsible standards.
- Non-toxic for all human and aquatic life
- No Phosphates
- Contains no carcinogens
- Contains no reproductive toxins
- Non-Corrosive to eyes and skin
- Have not been tested on Animals
- Have optimum level of biodegradability
- Safe for all septic tanks
- Formulated and packaged for reduced environmental impact.
- Reveal all of their ingredients.

We love Building Relationships by wowing our customers. It's amazing how green cleaning can transform a space.

Our Green Cleaners are warm, friendly and trustworthy individuals that enjoy the opportunity to service your place. They take pride in using their expertise to make your home or office a place where life happens. What you get is attentive service from experienced independent cleaners who above all are great people.

Committed to Green:
Our independent cleaners are environmentalists at heart who are self-educated in the various green cleaning methods. On top of that, they love green cleaning because it’s safe for them!

Superior Selection Process:
Every Greener LA independent cleaner goes through a selective process where they must clear a full background check, have great referrals and satisfactorily pass a trial period where they demonstrate that they are the best of the best.

Green Cleaning your way:
Our independent cleaners understand that every home or office is different, so they listen and follow through with all of our promised services and your special requests.

Quality Each and Every Time:
Greener LA’s services are backed by our 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, just call within 24 hours and we will re-clean it free of charge.

Greener LA was formed in the Summer of 2008 to satisfy the current demands of people wanting an environmentally friendly cleaning service that’s hassle free, delivers immaculate customer service and works with quality cleaners.
Our Promise
We promise to provide you with a detailed green cleaning experience so personal that you can’t help but call your place your Eco-Sanctuary.™
We have taken these demands and innovated the idea of a traditional cleaning company by using a 21st century approach to taking care of our customers and cleaners while also addressing the need to be socially and environmentally responsible.
Our cleaners enjoy a vibrant work experience that fosters personal and professional growth. We allow our cleaners to challenge themselves with incentives given their ownership of their own service and happiness unseen anywhere else in the industry. This enables our cleaners to perform at an extraordinary level with you, the customer, being the ultimate beneficiary
Our Customer Service operates with the simple ethos that our company’s sole reason for existence is to make our customer’s life a little easier. If you never have to worry about cleaning again, we have met our objective. Cleaning with Greener LA is not only a positive experience, we strive to make it one of the most rewarding experiences that you have with any company. Read our Customer Peace of Mind Guarantee.
We enjoy the position of being a visionary company and will continue to push for innovation for the benefit of our customers, the great people that work for us, and our community.

Simple. We have great service. We have fair pricing. Our cleaners love what they do, so they will amaze you. Check out our reviews.


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Still doubting "Green Cleaning?"
Why go Green?
If you’re going to choose one area in your life to be green, it should be in the eradication of harmful chemicals from your home. Traditional household cleaners are full of unhealthy chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been linked to asthma and even cancer. A recent study showed just how polluted our bodies are when it found 287 chemicals in the bloodstream of newborn babies, of those, 180 are known to cause cancer in people and animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system. Read the report here.

How did this happen?
We used to live in drafty homes with the windows open, where the air could circulate better, keeping homes healthier. After World War II we started sealing up our homes airtight with the introduction of air conditioning. Simultaneously, chemicals began to be used to make products for our homes and bodies. Where before home sweet home was a breezy and healthy place, now it’s just a vacuum-sealed hotbed of toxins causing all kinds of health issues. Asthma rates have soared to over 20 million. Allergies, chemical sensitivities and cancer rates keep rising. This reality is made worse when you consider that today, the average person spends 90% of their time indoors. We sealed up, used chemicals, and became unhealthy. (Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, ‘Squeaky Green’ 2008)

Go Green, Start Now
Cross out strenuous and time-consuming cleaning off your life's itinerary. You don't even have to worry about buying cleaning products ever again. Kick the chemicals to the curb and breathe easy. Say farewell to allergies, pesky colds and the unnecessary ingesting of chemicals from traditional cleaning products. Say hello to blissful peace of mind and a clean home and body. Going green is not only better for you, it’s better for all of us. This world is our only home, it's up to us to preserve it.