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Lindsay Morgan

13 February 2019

The workouts are great and the staff is so wonderful! Sara greets everyone with a smile when they walk in. This gym has more of a club feel than any other. I’ve made great friends there. The sense of community is thriving there! More...


Lisa Garland

13 June 2018

This place is amazing ! Great results


John Lebraton

26 May 2018

Workouts that actually work!


Sonia Pilon

5 January 2018

I really enjoy the High-Intensity Interval training at Greco. Each class and station is always different and both Matt and Brad are always there to motivate you in such a positive manner. I love how it is only a 45 minute workout and you leave the class knowing that you have worked the entire body with strength training and cardio. Fantastic!!! My favorite classes are the "Strong", "Hard Core" and "Lean and Fit" classes! More...


Jacob Kramer

13 September 2017

Went on Monday evening for the first time.It was really great.


Patty McBean

9 August 2017

Best in Class!! Thank you Greco Barrhaven for superior customer service, training and a welcoming/ non-intimidating atmosphere. Most importantly Brad & Co push you while paying close attention to form and technique. Excited to have access to great facility when I visit Ottawa. More...


Kahlid Mankal

21 June 2017

Been going for years and I love it! People are super nice and workouts are always challenging and never the same. I have been a structural care Chiropractor for almost 25 yrs and I credit Greco fitness for part of my long standing service to my patients! Thanks so much!


Kelvin Holmes

19 February 2017

A great team of trainers. Brad and Matt know how to push you, coach you and motivate you. Wonderful support staff and the members know how to support each other! A big plus.


Stephanie Gorsky

16 March 2016

Super welcoming facility! Helpful and knowledgable trainers that push you and correct form when necessary; and front desk staff are great. I'll definitely be back!


Catherine Stacy Pickard

12 February 2016

I highly recommend Greco. The workouts are fantastic, fast paced & the trainers are very helpful. I fully enjoyed my month at this establishment. Thank you so very much. I feel great :) More...


Alain Landriault

5 June 2015

Total body workout every time and you don't even have to plan it. LOVE IT!!!


Doug Porter

16 July 2014

I have been a member for 7 years and I enjoy it every time I work out.


Margaret Hazel

17 June 2014

Awesome !!!


Brian Houle

15 May 2014

Addicting, fully body 45 minute workouts, knowledgeable and friendly staff, fantastic workout community of folks aspiring to lead healthier lives. It's changed my life...that I know! More...


Brian Colbourne

1 February 2014

Love this place never felt better after a good sweatfest, after a class I can hardly wait for the next on.