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I provide a very entertaining magic show for all ages. My show will typically run from 45 minutes to 1 hour long. I can also performing strolling magic as requested for any size group. Visit my Facebook page for more details: www.facebook.com/scottchamberlainmagic

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Arlena Morton

Great Scott Magic is so entertaining and the kids and adults were blown away with his magic tricks at my kids Birthday Party! I highly recommend him.


Kyle Willard

The Great Scott performed at our sons 8 year old birthday party and was very entertaining to the rowdy crowd of children and adults. We highly recommend booking his show for your next party! More...


Lance Wilde

He was great. He entertained both the adults and children. His magic was good, not cheesy at all.


Jason Drake

Incredible show for people of all ages! He was able to involve the smallest to the biggest skeptic. He made us all laugh and kept us guessing by putting twists on classics tricks.


Lori Burnett

We’ve used him for Cub Scout banquets and neighborhood parties. Always a hit and highly recommended!


Melanie Fairbourn McIntosh

Scott was an amazing magician! We hired him for our sons 9th birthday party and he was so entertaining. The kids loved him, and the adults had just as much fun as the kids. He is a great entertainer at a fair price. I would highly recommend Scott! More...


Brittany Savage Long

We had Great Scott Magic come to our children's birthday party and it was fabulous! All ages loved every minute of it! Many of the kids' parents stayed to watch as well. The best part - I didn't have to entertain anyone! He did all the work! Fun for all ages! We will be having him back for future parties for sure!! More...


Olesya Richards

We love love love Great Scott Magic! It's becoming a tradition in our family to invite Scott to our birthday parties. And let me tell you - it's the best entertainment not just for little kids but for the grown ups too! Seriously! Must have for any party!!! Thank you, Great Scott!!! More...


Amanda Mogle Jones

We invited Scott to our neighborhood party in August. We had all ages from 3 to 76 years old. He is a great crowd pleaser! He is exciting, fun, charming, clever, and amazing! One of the best shows we have ever had, and we have been doing this for 10 summers. Everyone is still talking about it. It's a must see! More...


Natalie Jensen Pyles

Jason Pyles: I first saw The Great Scott perform at a child's birthday party in spring of 2015, and I loved his performance! Immediately, I wanted to book him for my wife's party in June, but she hadn't seen him perform yet, so she was skeptical... So, I waited for my kids' birthdays this year and booked The Great Scott again! And we all loved him — including my wife, who wished she had let me schedule him for her party the previous June. (Told ya so!) He entertains the whole party of children (ages 4 to 8) and the adults, as well. Here's my favorite thing about The Great Scott: As an adult you watch him thinking for sure you know how he's done something — and he plays with those expectations — then pulls the rug out from under you. Hilarious! Delightful! Entertaining! 5 out of 5 stars! Invite Great Scott Magic to your next birthday party! —Jason Pyles More...


Nanette Downer

Scott performed for our family and everyone from 1-70 was thoroughly entertained. His show was so hilarious, at least one person peed their pants. We could not stop talking about his tricks after the show. I would highly recommend him. More...


Steve Poston

He's so good, both for kids and adults. He's like a mix between David Copperfield and Mr. Clean.


Rachel Isaacson

I LOVED the experience of his performance! He is SUCH a talented magician and an incredible showman! Trust me- I live for magic and Great Scott magic was awesome! I would love to see him at any event, I couldn't help but keep coming back to see what he does! More...


Jacob Heather Rhodes

Wonderful performer. Both kids and adults were amazed at our blue and gold dinner.


Leah Sticht

We met Scott at a fundraiser. He offered his services for free to benefit a little girl. He was so much fun, my boys wanted to watch him the whole time. He was such a genuine person. Highly recommend. More...


Hillary Gerber Clark

Great Scott Magic was FANTASTIC! It was entertaining for everyone from age 3 to the oldest guest! Family friendly! We are still talking about the magic and it’s been over a month since our show! Scott is great to work with and responds quickly! More...


Jim Hufford

Scott put on a magic show at our Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquet. He was amazing!!! He's great with the kids, and blew the minds of us adults! He is very talented and a great entertainer...and his acts are so funny!He had all of us laughing and gasping throughout the show. More...


Zoe Painter

We had the wonderful opportunity to be amazed and awed by Great Scott’s magic show! He was so accommodating for our birthday party and was a pleasure to work with! I loved the variety of tricks he performed and he inspired my little guy to learn some magic tricks of his own. I highly recommend and would for him to come to another party! More...


Shelley Sharp Watkins

We had Scott put on a magic show for our family reunion and it was fabulous! He kept everyone entertained (there were 80+ people, ages 1 to 85 years). We loved how he involved the children, teens and adults. His magic was amazing, he had a wide variety of tricks, he was very entertaining and could easily roll with our family. He is a really nice guy, was a pleasure to work with, was very accommodating, and answered my questions quickly. I highly recommend him, and would definitely use him again. More...


Kaylene Wells

I used Scott for my son's 8th birthday party. He was a huge hit with not only the kids but also the parents. We had him back for a fundraiser where I got a kick out of watching some teenagers who continually had their minds blown! It was great watching them talk about how they were sure they had a trick figured out only to have Scott kick their theory to the curb with some quick witted humor and well timed magic! Everyone....and I mean everyone...enjoyed his shows! More...


My grandfather was a professional magician. It’s been something I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed. It’s only recently (2014) that I’ve ventured out to perform and I’m LOVING it.

Many family-friendly and comical things that you can expect from me include a variety of routines from linking rings to Houdini type escapes to mentalist type of affects. It’s very family centered and very fun for all ages.