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Graphtek is a leading provider of managed IT support and associated services in the South East and Mid West of England, we have offices near Basingstoke and Hereford – Our aim is to build long term relationships with business customers who need to outsource their IT support requirements.


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Ben Storage

Excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommended.

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You should think of your website as your company's virtual receptionist, The landing page serves to welcome a new visitor and, in most cases, it receives the most visits, otherwise known as traffic or hits.

The homepage isn't necessarily the place where customers fall for your product or service, but it is the place where customers get their first real impression of what you. Now if that first impression isn't great, they probably not going to stick around to learn more.

Your website and its landing page should:

Captivate visitors
Showcase your product or service
Encourage visitors to stick around and discover more

1. What Problems are you facing?

2. What are your expectations of us?

3. What is your budget?

4. When would you like us to start?

Seeing a happy customer! Some jobs can be tough, but it all melts away when you get a slap on the back for doing a good job!

I wanted to build a team of like-minded people to give clients the best possible experience.

Because we are passionate about delivering on the promised we make. We are not Monday to Friday 9 to 5, we are Start to Finish, need help in the evening or at the weekend? We will help if we can!