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Shondel Begley

27 March 2019

wonderful place to work!


Jack Graves

30 June 2018

AJ has done in a few sessions what ten years of doctors/ physical therapists couldn’t. It took her about fifteen seconds to figure out what was wrong with my back and now I’m fine. It hasn’t been this good since before high school. We’ve been together for a few years now. There’s no substitute More...


Allison Vaeth

30 June 2018

I love AJ and how personal each massage is. She is amazing! I leave with a positive energy after every session.


William Fulton

30 June 2018

Grant your soul massage is a good place to go for an Indianapolis to get rid of your stress in your body go there really good massage therapy hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 10p.m. sat 12:30 am to 8 pm location at 212 west 10th St Indianapolis Indiana. Look this up on your local Google Map the find it or find it on Indianapolis Indiana map that folds up really good place to relieve your pain and pressure and relax for the rest of the day or evening and weekend close Sunday More...


Olivia Sharp

26 May 2018

AJ is more than just a massage therapist - she is a holistic healer that has been practicing for many years! Her studio is very private, and soothing, and she was able to get my friend and I in last minute. Her rate is also very affordable and she was able to communicate via text! I would recommend to anyone in the area. She began our session going over medical history with me and even providing suggestions on how to take care of my body in my line of work. I really enjoyed her interest in helping me overall and her suggesting recommendations to help me feel better in the future, and not JUST providing a massage. In addition to the soothing music, lighting and atmosphere, AJ also uses aromatherapy, hot and cold stones, and essential oils on the skin. She also introduced me to a muscle toning device that uses vibrations to get the muscles “in tune”. That was new for me, but I enjoyed that part as well! Overall, great experience. Would recommend!! More...


William Fulton

15 April 2018

Grant your soul massage is a good place to go for an Indianapolis to get rid of your stress in your body go there really good massage therapy


Corey Grisham

26 May 2016



Kara Gladish

20 February 2014

I've been lucky enough to have a few massages in my life, but AJ's was definitely one of the best! My boyfriend and I went to her for Valentine's Day massages. She's only one person, so a side-by-side massage isn't possible, but we enjoyed taking turns and relaxing in her awesome Stutz Building studio. It is truly an inspiring and relaxing place, with comfy seating, whimsical murals, a bubbling fountain, and lava lamps.

As for AJ, she is very passionate about her work, and I believe she is a truly gifted masseuse. She seemed very engaged during the massage, not just going through the motions (literally) like at some spas. She zeroed in on sore spots I didn't even know I had and was in tune with the how much pressure to use. She also used hot stone and hot towel techniques that made the massage a real treat. AJ even makes her own massage oils and natural products! I felt like I was glowing afterward, and wasn't sore at all the next day. All this, and her prices are extremely reasonable, even for Indy, and she's easy to work with as far as scheduling. I will be back!