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We offer 1-2-1 Personal training
Sports massage therapy
Crossfit classes
Boxing classes
As well as other fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Abs blast, circuit training, Strength & conditioning, gymnastics and Olympic lifting

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Nath Smith

I was at my previous gym for 10 years with limited results, I've been at GFP for nearly 5 months now and have never felt fitter or stronger! Totally recommended


Dean Willingham

Simply brilliant!


Elaine Sarah

Brilliant gym, brilliant trainers and classes... Makes keeping fit actually enjoyable :)


Laura Alyce

After my first session I ache in places I never knew existed! Loved it!! Roll on the next session!


Ali L Shep

Love this place brilliant for my boys boxing x


Katie Burrows

It's great i love doing the boxing club with my friend because it is social thing and fun!:D


Rob Juby

Top gym, top staff, top clients!


Miranda Fuzzey-c

❤️this place. Great atmosphere and fab coaches x


Karl Foster

Superb Gym, top class coaches and awesome people!


Dianne Green

Not a place for preening or looking in mirrors....this is a place of hard work and SWEAT! Awesome!


Lee Esmond

If Carlsberg did gym's. .....
But they didn't
G.F.P/Suffolk punch boxing beat them to it !


Joanne Esmond

Great gym. Very friendly and welcoming to all ages, sizes and fitnesses. Would recommend to everyone x


Emalene Haynes

Coach Sarah is the best I love her!!! Come join us now �


Paul Warren

If you like torture this is the place for you!!!! Great staff + great members = one happy gym family!!


Beth Halsey

Very much enjoyed my first experience here, everyone is so friendly and welcoming!


Louise Haynes

My life has totally changed since I brought the groupon offer in August last year, life before GFP was good, life with GFP is amazing. I feel so much happier in myself thanks GFP More...


Kathlyn Hewlett

Geig was brilliant, he made all seem so easy not worried now about the cross trainer


Emma Vincent

Love this place. Great atmosphere, amazing coaches and crew. Everyone especially really helpful with all aspects of fitness


Kevin Honey

Moved here after old gym closed suddenly. Best decision I made. Great facilities, classes and top coaches and instructors. Think I'm addicted


Nicki Walker

New premises spacious, excellent classes and coaches - no airs and graces - down to earth friendly people working out! 👍


Becky Wright

I have never stuck to a gym before, but GFP is like no other gym, I am totally addicted! Its fab, the staff are brilliant, so encouraging and the members are so friendly and make everyone feel welcome, wouldn't go anywhere else!! Love it!


Charlotte Kearsley

Love this place - incredible atmosphere and great coaches - the best way to lose weight & make friends. :)


Danielle Louise Smith

I have been going to GFP for over a year now, it is a fantastic gym, every one makes you feel welcome, great atmosphere. I love the crossfit classes, you never know what you are going to do and take on a challenge. My fitness has really grown and I do feel so much better for it. So if anyone is looking to start a gym I would definitely recommend grange fitness performance centre all the way :-) More...


Aerie Van Camp

I've wanted to try CrossFit for a while now and found GFP online...it is 35 minute drive from mine so i was sceptical but i can't stop going! The classes are so much fun the instructors are brilliant. Definitely worth the drive to get there. Just signed up for a membership. I would recommend it to everyone. More...


Luke Turner

JOIN GFP, that really is it! I had done other gym's and fitness regimes in the past, but had never been to a gym where I hated the days I couldn't go! The staff are awesome, the other members are awesome and everyone is like a big family! I know it sounds corney, but if you come down and have a go you won't be disappointed! Whatever your goal you have a place here. If you like fun, teamwork and banter! Then GFP is for you, getting fitter is a nice side effect to! Enough of my ramblings, I'll see you there tomorrow! TUBS (now just a nick name!!) More...


Jordan Rory Halls

I love training here, the atmosphere is awesome and everyone wants to help you get motivated, also the boxing coaches are top notch and I'm learning alot, glad to pay for a membership here, can't recommend it enough


Tracie Gray

I am a bit of a Mystery Shopper and blog about services and products I use. I was very impressed with my experience here. A little was apprehensive to start with but from the moment I got there I was made to feel welcome by staff & members. I tried Crossfit for the first time and loved the team spirit with everyone encouraging each other and it works I'm sore! I will definitely be back and would definitely recommend anyone to go if you are serious about getting fit the fun way! More...


Jon Olby

None better - fantastic for Crossfitters �


Liane Quinney

Fantastic place! Like many people I have been to the usual type of gym, ran on a treadmill, lifted some weights, but always found it difficult to stay motivated as generally I found people would go along, plug themselves into their headphones, and keep themselves to themselves. At GFP the people, coaches, and sense of community spirit is just brilliant. It's like one big family whom encourage each other to work hard, get fit, stay motivated and get strong. You feel like part of a team. It's awesome. Can't recommend it enough! More...


Samantha Brook

This is a testimonial for Matt Brennan. I have been attending boxing classes at Matt’s gym for a while now. The classes are fun and challenging. The coaches are excellent and have a way of getting the best from you. The other members are friendly and there is a great atmosphere.

I have also taken part in Shift and Shape, Matt’s online nutritional programme, in order to improve my wellbeing and reinforce healthy eating habits. I didn’t want to lose weight as I am The Curvy Goddess and I have a figure to maintain. Unfortunately, I have noticed that my clothes are looser. I found Shift and Shape easy to follow and easy to stick to, especially because it's flexible and there are lots of delicious treats. I intend to continue with the habits I have developed.

Last, but not least, I have attended a number of Matt’s boxing shows. These are exciting events, with a fantastic atmosphere. You can enjoy food and drink, waitress service and corporate sponsorship.

Matt, you have built a successful business and you’re an inspiration to us all.
Thank you Matt.


Melanie D'ardis

The best gym I have ever been to. The staff are brilliant and so encouraging. The other attendees have always made me feel welcome and part of the gang. Totally addicted to the classes and to the vibe. More...


Emma Holmes

I'm so happy that I found GFP and that I have been introduced to crossfit. I love all the equipment and facilities, but mostly I love the people. The staff are incredible and truly care about your journey to being the best you, and everyone is super friendly (staff or not). Made some awesome friends, and can feel myself getting stronger and braver. More...


Simon Miller

So I've been going to Suffolk Punch Boxing club for the past 2 years which, if it wasn't for boxing I wouldn't of lost the weight I have. The charity boxing match that I took part not only helped me get fit in the first place but also built confidence to get in shape as well. I lost in the first 2 months while training for this fight nearly 2 stone, 3 fights later and 18 months of hard training I had hit the 4 stone mark. I don't think I could ever go back to being how I was because I didn't feel a normal gym could motivate me as much as the coaches at GfP and Suffolk Punch. I plan to build on from this to make a better me so I can turn fat that I've lost into muscle so when I go to fight Im in a much better condition. More...


Stephen Broughton

Free of posers and people who make you feel small. I’m 70 and love this place

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A healthy diet is 70% of getting the results required, whatever the goal!

Everyone is individual, we take this into account and work with the clients goals.

Motivation, determination and a clear focus
Also having a good support network around you!

It is a cliche but helping people - seeing people realise their potential is very fulfilling!

My Grandad :-) He had his own business which I worked for as a child (Jewellery shop) I could see the pro's / cons of having your own business, but the Pro's outweighed the cons!!

We have a host of coaches who have amazing skills and are wanting to help someone like YOU!