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Grace Space Architect is a new high-end design company with fourteen years of professional experience with top companies in the world.


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When the house is using the garage as other than its intended use such as storage or extra guest room, the proper conversion to fit into code is required. In addition to code compliance, the thermal insulation and interior updates needed to be considerate in order to increase the property value.

Grace Space Architect is unique concept focusing company.
We create our concepts from inspiration from other than architecture such as music, philosophy, nature, etc.
These concepts then applies to real architectural scenarios, creating a unique, elegant, beautiful space.

Grace Space is versatile architectural design company. Instead of formulating certain design style, we are focusing on conceptual driven architecture, which makes us possible to provide all styles including historical, modern, and contemporary. What makes truly wonderful architecture and successful business for the client isn't a style. It is the unique concept that is standing out from the client's competitions, which can contribute to their business success, and more over their happiness.