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Matthew J. Murry

13 August 2019

Unbelievable work and mind blowing turn around speed


Percussion Fitness, LLC

3 June 2019

Professional & Creative High Quality Video WorkI have worked with Jeff Cobelli, the owner of Good For You Productions for many years and I am always impressed with his work, eye for detail, and creativity. He has helped me develope great video productions for our charity and my business. Love Jeff as a friend and a fellow Agent of Social Change. He has a great heart and is a great leader to work with. I highly recommend his business to anyone looking for top quality video production work. More...


Bruce Apar

20 January 2019

The high-quality production values that Good for You consistently sustains in all its work is evident in every frame.


Lindsay la Fleur

4 January 2019

You will not be disappointed with the level of service, professionalism, product, and experience when you hire Jeff, Natalie, and their team!


Kate Bialo

4 December 2018

Jeff Cobelli and his crew at Good for You Productions are absolutely amazing to work with. They are highly professional, yet low-key and very easy to work with and flexible. They produced a phenomenal video for our big fundraiser on pretty short notice and it was extremely effective in helping us raise a lot of money at the event. They know how to tell a good story for their non-profit clients that touches their viewers in exactly the right place -- their hearts and their wallets! We recommend them highly! More...


Kimberly Kochem

4 December 2018

Jeff Cobelli and his team have reset my expectation of professionals; they are timely, thoughtful, creative geniuses who clearly give from their hearts as well as their minds when producing. Not only is their work product is beyond comparison, their level of patience and compassion with our staff is unparalleled. Not enough stars on this form to represent what amazing work they do. More...


David Ford

27 August 2018

Always a class act. Can’t thank the team enough for going the extra mile!


Tiffany Thornton

27 August 2018

Always so inspiring and genuine. Legitimate TALENT and pure passion! The way he tells stories and brings his audience in- WOW! Jeff Cobeli is hands down the best! More...


Adam W Podraza DC

27 August 2018

I have known Jeff since we were kids. He was the catalyst to me changing careers and finding my purpose as a chiropractor. Once I opened my own practice I had to have him come do the film work or course. He did a horrible job. If you want someone who ignores you, doesn't take things seriously, and is a waste of your money...look elsewhere. Jeff is the best around. More...

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