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Ann Douglas

15 August 2019

Love the knowledge of the staff and owner.


Melina U.

19 July 2019

Incredible selection without having to drive to (that one store, lol) Brentwood. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and approachable helping me find a variety of products I was searching for.


Larissa Elle Godat

13 February 2019

I was visiting my family here, having come from Boulder, CO. It was for my grandfather's funeral and I was really hoping for a box of nice, quality, soothing herbal tea I could brew throughout my stay and offer to family members. I asked my dad if they had any health food stores and he brought me here. It was amazing! So clean and organized and incredibly well stocked. I was so happy to get a whole bag of items that made my stay feel more at ease, like home. They even have Hemp honey sticks! Love this place! More...


Steve Woytus

5 December 2018

great service!! wide variety!! product quality!!


Chris Houska

2 November 2018

Sandy the owner is a plethora of information.. And has a great selection of organic products.. if she doesn’t have it she can get it.. And in spring summer and fall has local organic vegetables and some of the most amazing heirloom tomatoes! More...


Kaitlin Thomas

8 November 2017

I love this place SO much! I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful health store in Jefferson county & so close to home!


Andi Thornton

6 May 2017

I love this health store. Any questions they are there to help you. I don't know what I'd do without this store. It's the best!!!


Cher Burchett

3 January 2017

I love every time I go into the store I'm greeted with a friendly voice. I've always had such great service! My new favorite store!!


Patti LePage-Ceacas

17 September 2016

Great little shop that carries 'hard to find' items.


Kathy B.

28 July 2016

Helpful and knowledgeable staff and great selection of good healthy products. I have shopped here a few times and like to stop in when I'm in that area.


KaylieandJacob Colnar

20 May 2016

LOVE this store!! The owner is very knowledgeable on all of her products! She only carries the best! Every time we come in she cares for us and our health!!!


Regina Grasso

29 November 2015

I was verimpressed.frim the outside it looked like a really small store.. But you go ibsude snd tgey carty so many pridocts. Ill be back!


Drena L.

2 September 2015

This place is a HUGE find in this "neck of the woods."  They have a very sizable selection of organic vitamins, minerals, tonics, etc.  Have skincare, toiletries, and organic produce!  A gem!  The owner is very friendly and knowledgable...and the prices are very reasonable!  I am and will continue to be a regular for as long as I live in this area. More...


Becky Keith Duessel

10 June 2015

Awesome place to go, so helpful and caring. They carry such a variety to choose from and will even help when you have trouble with something you got there last visit (like my bad face cream pump). Oh, and healthy living not forced down your throat, just advice and info. Love it! More...


Trish Bach

3 March 2015

Love this place.. The owner is very informative...


Tammy G.

11 February 2015

Love that the herbs r fresh & not a pill great store


Sherry M.

5 August 2014

This store has been a god-send to me!  The selection of organic produce can't be beat and the employees/owner is amazing to work with.  They go above and beyond to help! More...


Serene Leona

19 May 2014

Wonderful and well stocked. Sandy is so knowledgeable and helpful. Love it!


Lori Elizabeth

13 April 2014

Absolutely love this store. I wish I found it sooner!


Marie J.

12 April 2013

Saleswoman very knowledgeable and courteous large selection of product


Shannon P.

8 April 2013

What a great shop! Great selection, lots of information available on different diets there. And the employees and owner! Great! So nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. More...


Jaclyn W.

1 June 2010

If you are looking for a great store to purchase organic foods and supplements, this is the place!Every time I walk in the store I am always greeted with a smile.  Everyone here is very knowledgeable about the products they sell.  Great selection and great prices! More...


Charlene R.

11 March 2009

This is the only place we go to buy our organic produce. The owner sells the produce at wholesale to get costumers into her shop. Great idea, huh? Anyway, here's an example: I used to buy a 1 lb bag of organic baby carrots at Wal-Mart for around $2, now I'm getting twice as much food as I was (2 lbs!) and paying just a few cents more Good 4u. And it never fails, every time I go in just for some produce, I leave with something that wasn't on my list! More...



4 October 2008

I went in for the first time the other day and was very pleased. Extensive selection and one of the employees that helped me was very knowledgeable. The other employee went beyond great customer service. I will go back for sure! More...


grant d.

1 January 2008

This store is not large, but it offers items that you typcially have to go to regular supermarket, whole foods and costco to find. What a great idea, and good management makes it even better. More...


Andrea G.

4 November 2005

I love my little trips to Good 4 you, The Owner is so friendly and helpful. If you have any questions about going organic or healthy, she is the person to see. I give this place five stars, such a nice experience. Wonderful produce. Good selection for a smaller store. Specials here and there too. More...


Erin B.

2 September 2005

The owner is here every time I've ever been here. And, she is always there to help you with anything you need. They have a great variety of health food stores, and it is very reasonable. I love going to this place and trying out their new products. More...


Margie O.

26 August 2005

I love this store! The owner is almost always personally there to help you with whatever your needs. She will order most anything in for you and can answer nearly all your questions. If you are looking for supplements, vitamins, healthy food or whatever along this line try this store. More...

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