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GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Digital Marketing Company

Baytown, Harris

GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Digital Marketing Company logo

GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Digital Marketing Company

Baytown, Harris



Hi my name is William Nugent go by David. I work at Go Daddy Dave social media and SEO marketing company in Baytown. I see that you have an opening for marketing. And I would like for you to consider Outsourcing your marketing needs to me rather than bringing somebody inside and house.


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12 May 2019

☝?We have launched yet but thins are going great. We hope to start fillin the holes come January... C u then. In the mean time follow Godaddy Dave on the YouTube, especially if ur in business?☕

13 February 2019

I used GoDaddy Dave for my project at C6d9.co. From Idea to consistent sales, and continued support, they are amazing!!

13 February 2019

I am another one of the owners at C6d9.co and i tell you the daddy dave team is amazing. I can't imagine my new business without their constant assistance and input. the creativity at this team is unimaginably talented! More...

10 February 2019

Of course I love Godaddy Dave and Um not even a Dentist!!

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creating new growth where just an ideas was before is pretty cool. We don't take credit for the hard work that our clients put in, but we absolutely enjoy taking the ride with them.

ambition, skills, demand, and availability of skilled assistance

The difference between us and EVERYONE ELSE is this main difference:

We are trained by internet sensation and marketing Guru Kevin David and YouTube Master Think Media. Operating only in the USA.

GodaddyDave has built a site very similar to the site described. It was an extremely sexy bid site. It was the penny type bid.
Sexy site, but it does not work well for bidders who wanted to win their bid no matter what, as it could get very expensive.

We are currently building out a Smart Sprinkler Installation Company brand from scratch, for a client in the Houston area. From logo, website, social media pages, graphics, flyers, business card design, , campaign creation and management (10X ROI consistently).

We are just beginning a small project for a new company that is offering to do the entire supplement process for roofing salesmen and roofing contractors after severe weather events. We are putting her a small but very interactive, user friendly, and durable, and able to handle. Allows entering all of the docs, and pics associated with a job to be uploaded and managed by the client in an online portal.

We have managed more that 1000 domain names and a large number of website builds, landing pages created, and funnels hacked, while managing hundreds of thousands of clients advertising dollars.

We are a perfect match. Our bid is under budget, Delivery is always on time.



Packages for all budgets: Pricing Monthly: $790 | $990 | $1990 |$2990 ad spend additional Multiple platforms $790 ea Single Platform $990 mo

Pricing Packages for SEO (search engine optimization) marketing campaigns are *$2500 | $4500 | $6300 | $9990 monthly 12-36 months* $2500 - <$2.1 million $4500 - $2.1 million - $10,000 $6500 - 2 Locations <$10 million each $9,900 - 3 Locations , $10 million each

**Pricing Packages for Website Design are One time set up and delivery** $999 | $1999 | $3799 | $5799 **With an optional maintenance plan 12-36 mo** $199 | $499 | $799 | $999

**Pricing Packages for Local SEO Marketing are $699 | $1699 | $3799 | $5799 Includes Google My Business Optimization