Goat Mountain Pizza

Goat Mountain Pizza

Goat Mountain Pizza locationNew Whatcom, Washington

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Goat Mountain Pizza Reviews

Goat Mountain Pizza Reviews

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Alan Krum
5 30/06/2018 Alan Krum

Really good pizzas.. And reasonable prices as well. They are rectangular slices.. Offered as 1/2 slices or full (2 1/2's) Loaded with great ingredients, lots of flavor and creative combinations. Very pleasant and helpful staff too.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Andy Brown
5 01/06/2018 Andy Brown

The best pizza in town and good prices! I've been there three times and the service has been great each time. Very accommodating for meet ups.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Daniel Cronk
5 01/06/2018 Daniel Cronk

Great Artisan food. You can tell they take pride in what they create. This is a very comfortable place to find with no pressure to order, eat and get out. Don't go here if you are looking for fast food. Good food takes time.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Richard Pearce-Moses
4 23/05/2018 Richard Pearce-Moses

I'd had the pizza before, and I wasn't crazy about it. I tried their burger, which came with a small salad. Both were excellent and very reasonably priced.

Part of a largish group, and we were able to use the upstairs seating area. The music was loud, but the waiter immediately turned it way down when I asked. (YEAH! Restaurateurs, please note that being able to actually hear the friends you're meeting up with is a huge part of eating out, and courtesies like turning down the music is a wondrous thing!)

By chance, a fellow in a wheelchair joined the group unexpectedly. The upstairs is not handicap accessible, so about half the group went downstairs to be with him. Needless to say, this made it hard for the wait staff to know who order what was seated where. They we really sweet about it, as though it was no problem for them to run up and down stairs with food to find the right person. (As noted, this was a bigger group, so our moving caused a fair amount of confusion.)

My previous hesitations based on the pizza on a previous visit have been replaced with very positive feelings about this place.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Chase Alexander
1 17/05/2018 Chase Alexander

I had heard a lot of good things about Goat Mountain Pizza and was excited to try it. I ordered three slices to go which came out to be a little more than $16. Had to stand at the counter for about 5 minutes waiting for change and then probably 15 to 20 for the pizza which came in a box.

I wish I looked into the box before leaving to Boulevard Park. I do not know if they have standardized times for how long they warm the pizza in the oven, but it was obvious that this pizza went WELL BEYOND that. $16 is a lot to pay for pizza that is so burnt you can barely distinguish (flavor and look) between the three different kinds of slices you had bought. The bottoms of the slices were all black.

My brother, who I was with, assured me this wasn't typical and it's usually much better and fluffy, not burnt black, dehydrated and extremely crispy. My experience was disheartening, especially because as far as I could tell they weren't what I'd call busy- it was a Tuesday around 1:30pm. If you go, you'll hopefully have a better experience. I'd like to give Goat Mountain a second chance because my experience was supposedly well below sub-par, but at the price and lack of consideration for the product they handed me I will likely not work up the courage any time soon.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Rob Everett
5 17/05/2018 Rob Everett

Fantastic pizza place. I love that you can order by the slice to try out different pizzas rather than being tied down to one whole pizza. Great beer selection too. Will definitely stop by next time we're in Bellingham.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by colton
4 12/05/2018 colton

Nice little location. Great tasting pizza toppings. Crust is really thick yet air-y. Service needed a bit of work. One waitress for the entire upstairs with a big party plus 3 other small tables. So it was a long wait. Other than that, really good food and good selection of adult beverages.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Dominic Madden
5 25/04/2018 Dominic Madden

The best pizza in Bellingham. Get the gluten free pizza. It's better and only 10 bucks for a very filling personal size that I usually take a couple slices home from. Risk it to get the damn biscuit, the place warms my belly every time. And the variety of their pizza?

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by David Day
1 21/04/2018 David Day

I came to goat mountain at 12:45 on a Thursday. We ordered at 12:55. The food did not come until 1:55. By that time I asked for my food to go...

I love goat mountain pizza, but your service is unforgivably horrible. The waiter did not even apologize for the wait. The person who was behind the cash register seemed seemingly indifferent to us. I watched as they served people who must have made online or to go orders as I waited at my table for an entire hour. I am sorry your food is good but not that good. Your service is horrible I am done with your restaurant until you learn to make your already made pizza in under an hour.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Icedwarf M M
5 26/03/2018 Icedwarf M M

Absolutely amazing no doubt! There is pizzas that top my favorite. Top notch amazing crust and cheese. Very fast if they are not terrible busy, because they have some pre-made pizza that they warm in their oven and get to you stat ???? 15/10 favorite pizza place now

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Elie Vorel
5 25/03/2018 Elie Vorel

As many have said before, service is a little slow. Luckily, everything else makes up for that by 100-fold. Honestly, this is the best pizza I have ever had. Though others have said that staff was unfriendly, the person who served us was really nice. We all got up at one point, though, to ask him if our pizza was ever going to come. Just then, though, he came up the stairs with a ton of pizza and served us. The only real "bad" experience (which is really nothing) was when they were out of almost every single non-alcoholic drink, and at the end the waitress brought us a dirty to-go box. If the pizza here was anything less than what it is, I would give the overall restaurant only 4 stars. But the pizza is so dang good!

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Diana Bristol
2 15/03/2018 Diana Bristol

Only good if you want to stop in and take out. Food is good but service is slow! I was not impressed from the moment I entered and was ignored waiting to get a table. Then it took forever to order. I would encourage a call ahead and carry out.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Cassie McHugh
1 12/03/2018 Cassie McHugh

Absolutely HORRIBLE service. I wish there was an option to give this place 0 stars. The waitress was rude and couldn’t seem to remember plates, water, silverware, boxes, our check, or even our pizza. I went here for my friends 20th birthday and the poor girl had to eat her pizza off a paper plate. Astonishingly poor service. I had to walk downstairs and remind the waitress that we needed our check TWICE. It took 45 minutes! And the whole time she acted like we were the problem. We got to goat mountain pizza around 6:30 and weren’t able to check out until 9:15. Go somewhere else for pizza.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Audra Anderson
1 11/03/2018 Audra Anderson

The food and atmosphere was pleasant, but the service was atrocious. We had to ask our waitress for our waters three times before they were brought out. Our beers were not brought to us until the food was delivered, which, by the way, was cold when it finally reached our table. We then asked multiple times for silverware and a plate, for myself, none of which came. We ended up getting a paper plate and fork from the counter and refilling our own water at the spigot upstairs. Getting our checks was an infuriating experience that lasted a total of 40 minutes. At this point, we just wanted to leave, and even went downstairs to try and prompt the waitress to bring us our checks. When the waitress did interact with us, she acted as if we were the issue, holding a finger up to us when we looked her direction and commenting on how “thirsty” we were when we had finished the ONE bottle of water she had provided for our party of 9. I would recommend going here if you are a) in no hurry b) very intoxicated and already in a good mood and c) looking for a place where the service is primarily up to you.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Cory Blackwood
5 09/03/2018 Cory Blackwood

This place was cool and quirky in their old spot, and it's even better now in the bigger location. The pizza is really affordable, with big servings, and gourmet toppings, and there's always good beer on tap. This is my favorite place to take my kids for a cheap dinner.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by kazlyn Roullier
2 24/02/2018 kazlyn Roullier

The food was great but the service was absolutely terrible. We were waiting for our food for and hour and 20 mins and hardly ordered anything. There was only two of us and the big party of people next to us got their food before we did. Our server took forever to bring our food and check.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Kyle M
5 13/02/2018 Kyle M

We love goat mountain! Such good pizza and they have a full bar.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by jamie stoneburg
5 13/02/2018 jamie stoneburg

Great food but a small selection

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Josh Poulsen
1 24/01/2018 Josh Poulsen

Below par service, but smiling faces. My party of three came in for lunch, walked up to pizza bar to order a few slices when the server asked us to sit and she would come take our order-11:45. 12:10, still no order taken but she brought us our beer, thank you. Got up to go back to bar to order ourselves. The same server......asked if this was to go or for here. We reinformed her it was for here and she asked us to pick a booth and she would come take our order. I informed her we have been waiting for that already, She apologized and asked us to go back to our seats and she would be over to take the order. 12:14 she comes over to take our order, we place the order and she leaves. 12:24 we ask for another round of beers, expecting our pizza to be delivered soon. 12:51 Our pizza slices show up. They were delicious. We eat and ask for our bills. Two beers, two slices, $27........This is subpar, even for the low par bar i have come to expect of Bellingham service. Over an hour for food to be served at lunchtime isn't too much to ask for is it?

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Rebecca Hamilton
5 18/01/2018 Rebecca Hamilton

Some of the best pizza in town! I am a bit of a foodie and love to try new restaurants and cafes in town. I keep coming back to Goat Mountain Pizza for its amazing pizza, wonderful staff, and well stocked bar. They have some of the best margaritas in town. They now run a taco bar on their older location which has a great drink menu and interesting collection of tacos.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by kevin parker
5 15/01/2018 kevin parker

Outstanding Roman style flat sheet pizza with amazing toppings... really flavorful.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Gerald Grace
5 27/12/2017 Gerald Grace

Really, really good thick but very light crust pizza. A good selection of toppings that are purchased by the slice and then weighed - you then pay by weight. What a great concept. They also offer a good beer selection.

Review of Goat Mountain Pizza by Matthew Hart
4 06/07/2017 Matthew Hart

Nice place but I think our pizza was left in the oven too long. It was almost like pizza toast. It only had to be heated up, not cooked again. Kids still ate it but it would have been nice to have a fresh slice. Or maybe its supposed to be like that? Service was nice though.

Goat Mountain Pizza

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