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Mobile personal training with nutrition covered extensively. We offer a range of personalised packages that are uniquely designed to the client's needs and specifications.

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Review of by Sarah Luke
5 19/09/2018 Sarah Luke

Very amicable and professional
It’s a delight having Glen to for healthy life choices
I look forward to getting up from the couch ........

Dr Sarah

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Review of by Upperlook
5 17/04/2018 Upperlook

Glenn brings tons of energy and enthusiasm in his classes. Definitely would recommend!!!!!

Review of by Linda Ruffin
5 16/04/2018 Linda Ruffin

Great instructors with a variety of different sessions. The atmosphere is always friendly and motivating. Great find. Would highly recommend.

Review of by Sam Wright
5 15/04/2018 Sam Wright

G Fit listened and created the environment where I could tone up outside and have fun. G fit has a conscience and gives back to the community as well as training kids to Mums to Corporates.

Review of by Bobbie Mills
5 15/04/2018 Bobbie Mills

Love this group, lovely bunch of girls, lovely instructors and totally kid friendly so win win win. Wouldn't use any other fitness group! 5 stars all the way

Review of by Jenny
5 06/03/2018 Jenny

He is an excellent PT . He takes things at your pace ! Recommended

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Review of by Los Pinos Community
5 12/12/2017 Los Pinos Community

Just wonderful, patient and motivating.
Glen whilst a gentle giant, really knows how to motivate and encourage, weight loss, inch loss and fat loss. A brilliant fiund and a gentleman as well, apart from when he is making me do exercises i dont want to do. 10/10

Review of by Julie Melisi
5 12/01/2017 Julie Melisi

Glenn is knowledgeable, fun, informative and keeps it real.
In my first conversation Glenn made me feel at ease and outlined that he would be able to help me achieve my goals with simple adjustments to my lifestyle.
There was no overwhelming 'change everything and change it now'. No pressure into giving up all the things I enjoy which has often made getting fit hard for me.
'Progress not perfection' he says, which for me was a refreshing approach to toning up and keeping fit.
Since then I have watched various videos that Glenn has uploaded, these are interesting and informative ....... who knew getting in shape could be so fun, enjoyable and achievable.

Review of by Tom Dalton
5 18/11/2016 Tom Dalton

One of the best trainers around. He makes training so much fun. You need to his class or PT session. Has a great knowledge on health and fitness. High class customer service. Would highly recommend.

Review of by Jon Whycer
5 12/11/2016 Jon Whycer

As my personal trainer, Glenn has so far helped me to lose over a stone in weight and massively improve my fitness. He has extensive 'technical' knowledge and, as well as structuring an appropriate programme, can also explain the hows and whys in detail if you want. He's highly encouraging and, while he pushes and helps you to improve, he's also sensitive to your limitations. I expect to be working with Glenn for a long time to come! Thoroughly recommended if you're seriousness about improving your physical condition.

Review of by carolyn coleman
5 11/11/2016 carolyn coleman

Glen has been my Personal Trainer for nearly 3 months now and I can honestly say he has helped my confidence grow so so much. Because he has been in this industry for so long he knows the right exercises and gym plans to get you the best results the quickest! Such a character aswell so exercise is fun the way it should be!

Review of by Victoria Haynes
5 Victoria Haynes

The best fitness about... Everyone's always friendly, we work as a team and get results... Totally addicted

Review of by Maria Jewson
5 Maria Jewson

What can I say apart from absolutely love it, great atmosphere, great work out,

Review of by Danika Penny
5 Danika Penny

Cannot wait to exercise everyday and have even started running. Glenn has literally changed my life! Highly recommend training with him!

Review of by Nicole Lucas
5 Nicole Lucas

Keeps you motivated in achieving your goals.. 4 inches lost all over and a inch and half put on the bum
5 week in and I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again Glenn.
See you tomorrow!

Review of by Kelly Bailey
5 Kelly Bailey

Tried out my 1st class this morning and loved it! The group made me feel really welcome and I know I'm gonna ache tomorrow. So glad I went �

Review of by Joanne Majauskis
5 Joanne Majauskis

Hate exercise, but love boot camp! Great trainer, great group of girls, lots of laughs whilst you get fit. Two and a half stone lost since the end of January and still going! Thanks Glen

Review of by Michaela Lait
5 Michaela Lait

I have just finished 2nd class with G Fit. Really enjoyed the challenges and the friendly atmosphere. Can't wait for next Kick boxing �..... love it �!!!

Review of by Tess Bardoni
5 Tess Bardoni

I had my 1st boot camp session today and I loved it! I would highly recommend!! I can't wait for next week! Looking forward to the burn!

Review of by Casey Lee
5 Casey Lee

Love these work outs! I find the gym boring and can't seem to push myself! So thought I would give G fit a try and now love working out something different you get to work out side and you get pushed! Thanks again!!

Review of by Jo Edwards
5 Jo Edwards

Love love love booty camp!! Glen is one of the best Personal trainers Iv met. His great at what he does. & If you want results fast & a fun friendly workout his your man! Boot camp has changed my life not only have I met some lovely lady's, I feel & look so much healthier/fitter than I ever have in years.. Thanks Glen

Review of by Sarah Huckle
5 Sarah Huckle

Bootcamp is amazing. Glenn is great and encouraging and really gets you working. Feeling fitter and more toned is a great feeling.What makes it even better is all the other lovely ladies there. Get yourself there you won't be disappointed.

Review of by Jade Penny
5 Jade Penny

Yeah I know what you are thinking, It will be to hard, I wont know anyone, I am so unfit, people will laugh, judge me and yes you are right ,Most of us were unfit, I started out on my own not knowing anyone or what to expect, I had zero confidence and was a size 16/18. Smoked, worked, had a young child and a single parent. But I went, I ached, I was slower than the rest. When I star jumped I almost wet myself. I sweated and used my pump a lot and was a lovely shade of red BUT something happened by the end of it.........................................
GLENN CHANGED MY MIND. He taught me too laugh, too cry (sometimes), too sweat, too eat healthier, too move my arse, too stop making excuses and too have fun. A year on I am a size 12 (although in 12 weeks I had dropped two dress sizes) have curves, muscles, laughter line, friends and a social life. Bloody love this man and the g fit crew.
Believe me if I can do it, you can do it ,
See you there xx

Review of by Jessica Spall
5 Jessica Spall

If you want to get fit and have a laugh this is the best way to do it. Lost weight for the first time in years, even after doing other high impact exercise classes for years. Dedicated, fun, motivated instructor that makes you want to go back for more!!!!

Review of by Emma Crimaudo
5 Emma Crimaudo

I had my 1st bootcamp class on Tuesday and I LOVED IT!! Such a good mix of all over body workouts and the group are really friendly and Glen and Zoe are fantastic!! Would highly recommend the classes to everyone.

Review of by Nesli Kent
5 Nesli Kent

I really recommend GFit boot camp training
Feel good ...made new friends more confident ... local... friendly ....reliable ...honest
Quality training...... feeling fab �thank you

Review of by Souad Khoueiry Abouchacra
5 Souad Khoueiry Abouchacra

Happy 1rst Birthday GFIT what a great successful year it was not only for you but for many girls that join your Bootcamp, and of course I'm one of them. I always used to train yearly on spring time to get ready for summer but I've turn to train daily with bootcamp. I've turn from shopoholic to sportoholic :) 7 months now since I've join; throw wind, rain, cold and even snow I really enjoyed it. I've shaped up so well and it's obvious to all my friends and even to Glen ;) I love to family group that we became doing sessions together, nights out together and even successful races together. Thanks Glen to all ur support and for pushing us so hard only because u believe on us and that what made us believe in ur Bootcamp. Keep up and Happy many many years to come.

Review of by Mel Parkes
5 Mel Parkes

G fit is the best! I love going it's not only helped with me wobbly bits it makes you feel good going. Everyone is welcoming and lovely and Glenn isn't what you'd expect, he is one of your mates and wants to help but can still kick your ass when you need it! I have tried gyms but I hated going, I didn't get results and didn't like going. I love going to bootcamp I actually look forward to it. I have dropped a dress size already and generally feel more toned and happy.
Even if your unsure, just give one class a go and you won't regret it!

Review of by Sharon Halliday
5 Sharon Halliday

I started Boot camp just over 9 months ago. Never felt fitter or more toned. Every one is really friendly and you are motivated even when you can't be bothered.
When you think of a Boot camp you think of someone shouting at you making you feel stupid if you can't achieve everything. Not the case with Glenn!! He will encourage you and modify the exercise to a level that suits you. He will however also get you to try a higher level once he knows you can achieve it.
A nice cup of coffee with a great bunch of people after a class is alway a great round off to a Boot camp.

Review of by Jane Beviss
5 Jane Beviss

I love bootcamp �
Zoe is amazing, thoughtful and caring but a proper taskmaster. Zoe knows her stuff and no class is ever the same. I would highly recommend gfit to anyone and everyone who wants to get fitter and more healthy.

Review of by Christina Antoniou
5 Christina Antoniou

Today i tried kickboxing for the first time. I didnt like it I LOVED IT!!!! Would def reccommend it highly. A very welcoming fun class!! Glenn was brilliant and am so glad i pushed myself to go!! If i can do it u can too so come and try it out its worth it!!!! I walked in nervous not knowing what to expect but left with a huge smile on my face and cant wait for my next class!! G-FIT is the way forward!!!!!

Review of by Shani Allan
5 Shani Allan

A very welcoming and helpful group. I find it difficult to find classes that fit around being a single parent with an active toddler but these classes allow me to bring him along and we both get a good workout. The trainers are professional, friendly and very approachable. If you suffer with any aches or pains they make sure your doing the right exercises most suited to your personal needs.

Review of by Idana Difato
5 Idana Difato

Great great place to work out, classes are all very versatile - toning, kickboxing & circuits, this keeps it different which helps getting your butt down to the bootcamp classes. Glenn and Zoe are amazing and very supportive with your goals, so much fun working out with all the girls (including Glenn) we love a bit of banter! 100% better than a boring gym session! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into shape and has fun while doing it.

Review of by Julie Melisi
5 Julie Melisi

In the local area there seems to be loads of gyms and PT's.
When I came across Glenn I liked his refreshing and realistic approach. The goals we were discussing were about me ... what is achieveable for me in my life. No feeding his ego or being compared to other people.
Glenn puts fun and motivational broadcasts on here and instagram which I already find myself looking for in the morning.
The classes do not disappoint either. Many of the moves are simple which can be intensified depending on your level of fitness so there's no feeling unfit on your first day. The kickboxing classes are eneretic and powerful but again each move has adaptable levels so that everyone can join in.
Come along and join in you won't regret it.

Review of by Tasha Bromley
5 Tasha Bromley

He is the man that knows his stuff, whether it be how to lose inches from difficult stubborn areas, best foods to eat for muscle build & losing fat. His classes are fun (I'm lying! I hate exercise) but he makes them fun & he pushes you hard to achieve the best (even if I do wanna punch him in the face whilst he is shouting at me to do another 10 star jumps!) He has a real passion for helping people reach their goals & targets & is with you every step of the way, hounding you like a dog to eat right, stay focused & set you up on the right path. Top dude!

Review of by Sarah Stewart
5 Sarah Stewart

Glenn and Zoe are excellent instructors and all of the girls make you feel so welcome �

Review of by Lucy Potter
5 Lucy Potter

I cannot recommend GFit enough!!!!! I started training with them 6 months ago, attending the bootcamp sessions alongside some personal training with Glenn. Both Zoe and Glenn really know how to get the best out of you and each class is completely different. So much more fun than the gym and everyone has been so welcoming!!

Review of by Ruth Szumski
5 Ruth Szumski

I’ve been going to GFit for about 2.5 years now and absolutely love it! Not only has it pushed me and made me so much fitter I’ve also made lots of new friends. All of the girls that go are lovely, and Glenn & Zoe are fantastic trainers. Really know their stuff. I’ve just been made an Ambassador too which I’m super proud of, couldn’t think of better people I’d rather work with and support. Highly recommend GFit!

Review of by Linda Ruffin
5 Linda Ruffin

I have only recently joined G Fit and have found both Glenn and Zoe motivating and encouraging! I'm looking forward to getting fitter as the weeks go by. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a kick start!

Review of by Tia Talula
5 Tia Talula

Such an Awesome knowledgable instructor, great for anyone, but particularly perfect for mums that need to get fit - you can even bring your babies! Glen is just the loveliest.

Review of by Lindsay Willcocks
5 Lindsay Willcocks

My favourite gym class! It's definitely the best one that I have ever joined! Everyone makes you feel so welcome and part of the team! I feel so much more motivated then I have done at other classes! Would definitely recommend!

Review of by Vicky Seabrook
5 Vicky Seabrook

Had a brilliant time at my first G fit class today! It was hard, but fun! The venue is great and being able to bring my 2 year old along is perfect! Can’t wait for next week!

Review of by Jade Ann
5 Jade Ann

Just had my second session with Zoe this morning and i feel like complete jelly now. It was an absolutely fab class and Zoe is a great trainer!! So glad i finally gave it a go and would definitely recommend it. Thanks again guys x

Review of by Priscilla Mcdonagh
5 Priscilla Mcdonagh

Had a fun hour of non stop exercise friendly helpful welcoming bunch and extremely understanding of my level of fitness witch is 0 class leader child friendly class so no excuses needed I’m defo goin back and I believe I can get fit with g fit ���

Review of by Tina Chrysostomou
5 Tina Chrysostomou

I was lucky enough to win a spot on the 7 day platinum challenge at gfit. Unfortunately due to work commitments only made it to a couple of the classes. Have enjoyed the classes and will be continuing to go on a pay as you go basis which suits me atm. Very friendly bunch of people and made to feel very welcome by everyone. Glenn and Zoe are brilliant trainers.

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How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Working with them throughout their lives, habits, family relationships, nutrition, confidence and goals to come to a successful solution

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Working with your goals to develop it to your own standards, not just on the standards that are seen in the media. We help people make the best of themselves

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the change in people from what they believe is possible to realising their on potential

Why should our clients choose you?

I'm the best at what i do, which is lifestyle changing experiences

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