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Nigel Mohammed

16 July 2019

Highly recommended


Ahmed Alakwaa

1 June 2019

I saw Nana and Des, they were both incredible in decreasing my pain. Amazing quality and amazing service. 10/10 would recommend


GoodVibes Only

18 May 2019

Making all kinds of gains here! Phenomenal facility.


Marlon Mattison

11 May 2019

My basketball league games are held there-- clean basketball court; good floors


Bob G

8 April 2019

It's now March 14,2109. The front door area is under construction. Signage points you in right dirction. I love the gym with its mix of bike like machines, controlled weight machine, and three stations for squat, deadlifts, and heavy weight snaps. Any minor or major problem is fix asap. The Professional trainers develop individualized push pull training programs. The yoga room, boxing rooms, and golf drive range are open to all. Age group for activities range from 18 to 92! Its great. By the way it holds individual class rooms, a chiropractic doctor, RMT massage specialists and a great sport therapist. Open to the public for s reasonable fee. More...


Simo Vilmunen

8 April 2019

Usually empty squash courts during the day with good air conditioning!


Taljana Dewhirst

8 January 2019

Limited machines but a good place to go if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by people or judged. Mainly seniors and students. Newly renovated quite nicely.


Faisal Qureshi

8 December 2018

A great gym in a most beautiful setting.


Timothy O'Hara

8 June 2018

Amazing sports field


Lele Liline

8 June 2017

Glendon Gym Campus (inside of York University). Nice gym, nice staff. Open to the public as well.


Jigar Ganatra

8 June 2017

A great variety of drop in classes available, including yoga and Pilates. Excellent instructors.


Noel Wynter

8 June 2017

Been playing rec basketball here for 10+ years, gym has been in pretty good condition


Billie Chan

8 June 2017

Gym needs better ventilation.


Clare Davenport

8 June 2016

Good lot's of fun


Matthieu Roux

8 June 2016

A good club. It is a pleasure to play tennis there in the summer.