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Dean Smith

7 February 2018

I have been with Glamorgan Student Letting for both my second and third year at University. If there is one thing that any university student should know it is that you should go with a letting company which has your best interests in mind. I have spoken to all members of staff at this letting company and I have spoken to some of their competitors and the service you get with Glamorgan Student Letting in comparison is leaps and bounds ahead. If I go in there with a complaint and they will make me feel heard even though i know for a fact they have a huge client base who all need to be heard as well. Even when I have came to them upset and distressed they have gave me all the advice AND MORE in order to make me feel calm, where as some of my friends with other companies and properties are just reminded that as far as the law is involved they have no rights. Glamorgan Student Letting should be your only choice if you actually want to feel like a tenant whilst being a student, opposed to just being a student the landlord can strain for as much money as they can. More...


William Weatherill

14 June 2017

Fantastic team, very friendly and always ready to help!


Mel Thomas

13 June 2017

A competent and friendly team, working hard to achieve the best for their tenants.

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