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Columbia Falls

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Glacier Bark Kennels

Columbia Falls


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Sharon H.

27 September 2019

My husband and I took a road trip to Glacier National Park with our dog Sasha. We had her with us for most of our trip but we also wanted to do a day of hiking in the park, and as dogs are not allowed on the trails in the National Park we started to look for options.So glad I found Glacier Bark Kennels! Erin was super fast in responding to my email and getting Sasha set up for day boarding so we could have our hiking day. Drop off time was nice and early so we could get an early start for our hike and we were able to pick her up later that evening. Sasha was well taken care off and we were able to enjoy our day worry free! And the price was super reasonable! Highly recommend! More...


Suzzy G.

20 August 2019

This is a great place for pet care when they need a home away from home.  It is very clean and spacious.  It is in a quiet area in glacier falls. Erin does most of the scheduling and animal care. She is a kind and caring pet care-taker.  The prices are very reasonable and she worked within our needed schedule even though it was kind of short notice.  She cared for our 30 year old parrot for 2 weeks. When we came to pick him up he was chatting and very happy with her.  He clearly was not ready to leave her.  I also saw her helping another customer with her 2 dogs.  The dogs were happy to see their owner but kept running back and forth to her and then to the owner.  She was very friendly with the pets and they liked her too.  I would recommend this place for any and all pets.  We will be happy to use Glacier bark in the future. More...


Laken Marie

25 May 2019

2 miles from our hotel and so close to the park. Super convenient, awesome location, and super clean! Highly recommend them while in Glacier National Park since dogs are not allowed in certain areas or trails.


Colleen S.

23 September 2018

We were staying at an RV park in Columbia Falls with our friends. We each had a dog that we wanted boarded. We were able to take them to Glacer Park Kennels for the day. We took them there three times and they had the run of the place outdoors. They had a huge fenced area with shade trees. We were able to leave their food and beds and felt very secure with them there for the day. The owner was very nice and easy to deal with. We communicated mostly by text. We wouldn't hesitate to use this kennel again if we were in the area. Harley and Ralph were happy dogs ! More...


Jim Olson

24 August 2017

We kenneled our boxer puppy Harley on short notice. Erin (sp) was Great to work with. I would highly recommend.


Mark B.

15 April 2017

We had to make unexpected trip very quickly and needed a place to kennel our two Labradors. Like most pet owners, our dogs are cherished and since we could not take them with us on short notice, we were determined to find the very best for them. We are relatively new to this area, so we had no prior experience with local kennels. We reviewed all that we could find on Yelp and Google and visited a few with higher ratings. However none of them seemed good enough for our dogs. I was not looking for somewhere where they would be socialized with other dogs that I do not know without my being there (I didn't want to come back to find that my dogs had a bad experience with another unknown dog). I was about to give up when we decided to look at Glacier Bark even though it did not have many reviews. I am very glad we did. The kennels are clean and well maintained, the dogs are in close proximity to other dogs but are never placed in a pen or kennel with any other dogs that were not in their "family". Erin and her father were great both the dogs and with us. They asked about our dogs likes and dislikes. We have had to kennel before and our dogs have come home shaken by the experience, but not this time. They were happy and content and obviously had a good experience. We will be using Glacier Bark again and would highly recommend them to others. I fact, we already have. More...


Chuck H.

26 March 2017

This is an excellent kennel in Columbia Falls on the way to Glacier Park. This clean kennel has several large, outside play areas separating dog sizes with attention to your dogs temperament. The inside kennel is clean with raised bedding areas. The concern for your dog's safety is obvious. We will definitely use Glacier Bark for years to come. More...

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