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Girls on Tap, Plumbers is a female lead, female plumbing team. We have been operating for over 10 years and specialise in domestic plumbing repairs or replacements of any size. We are polite, prompt and tidy. Our work ranges from a tap washer or radiator valve to loft tanks, toilets, basins, hot water cylinders and bathrooms.

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20 December 2017

Fast to respond to my problem, efficient and professional - would certainly recommend

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Leaving a smile on customers' faces because we have solved their plumbing problem in a neat, professional way.

I wanted the creativity of running my own business in the practical sector of the economy and I wanted to retrain and was drawn to the challenges in domestic plumbing

We aim to look after our clients really well from first contact to job completion. When we first speak to you if its not clear exactly what needs to be done, don't worry about explaining the problem in detail. Our expert staff will be able to identify the problem by gently asking you a series of questions. Then we will explain what needs to be done. And we aim to do it clearly, so that the most untechnical person understands what needs to happen.

We are fastidiously tidy, respectful of client's premises and always aim to be on time for an appointment. We will call in advance if we are early or late.