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GillespieHall is a National Award-Winning Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Brand Alignment Firm.

We are all about relationship building, creating awareness and strengthening our clients bottom line.
How we do it? By creating brands that stand out in a competitive marketplace, and telling stories that evoke loyalty.


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4 February 2019

GillespieHall is the epitome of creativity, strategic thinking, teamwork and crisis management. All GH employees have exceptional talent, not to mention wit! But by far, their most significant impact is the work they do to make a difference in their communities. More...

27 August 2018

Interesting blog; current and relevant

27 August 2018

GillespieHall is a well-oiled machine. Each team member brings their own set of skills and unique insight and they work together seamlessly. When put into the hands of GH, a client's brand shoots off into the stratosphere, far above their competition! More...

27 August 2018

Great place to intern! I learned so much from the staff and truly enjoyed my experience. They love the field, they are serious about their work and they do everything they can for their clients! I love GH!

27 August 2018

Fantastic place to work -- the team is incredibly talented and passionate, and cares so much about our clients, causes, and the quality of our work. Our goal is always to create measurable change in the organizations we serve, and help them make a positive impact in their communities. More...

23 August 2016

Innovative, creatively refreshing, and full of brilliantly fresh ideas. A workplace that makes you realize how far you can take "thinking out of the box" and still be successful.

12 January 2016

GillespieHall really understand how social media works, and how to make it work in the commercial setting.

12 January 2016

I have been working with GillespieHall for over a year now and have been so pleased with all aspects of the services they provide. The GH team is extremely intelligent and highly knowledgeable on the latest marketing and social media trends. They go above and beyond for their clients and I am confident in the team to provide the most accurate marketing for our business. I know I am in good hands with GH and am looking forward to furthering our relationship and adding additional services for the GH team to manage. More...

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Running a PR and marketing firm comprised of such talent is exciting and challenging. We have an array of clients from around the USA and a few based in Europe and Africa. GH professionals form a savvy, insightful and creative group. We focus on your business, applying our knowledge to results-first PR and marketing campaigns, brand positioning, social media management and crisis communication.

My very competitive nature, the drive for growth and success and the love of public relations and marketing.

GillespieHall gets results! No smoke and mirrors. Just impactful tactics that deliver growth... and 80 Awards in six years.
We’re a PR and marketing firm that stays ahead of the rapidly shifting communications landscape with discovery-led public relations and marketing strategies that distill and then amplify your brand’s strengths. Our niche professional services are always finely tuned to meet your PR, brand, reputation, or marketing challenges.
We tell stories that stick.
And create brands that are memorable.