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23 December 2019

Great Service from George. Got quite a few Video8 and VHS tapes saved onto hardrive/memory stick and the quality is fantastic. Can't recommend G.H.S Media enough. More...

16 December 2019

Excellent service, would definitely recommend. Quick turnaround, great communication and very well priced!

23 November 2019

I would definitely recommend George. His service was extremely fast, and very reasonably priced for a good quality product.

21 December 2018

Good service and a nice staff

2 August 2018

Great guy, always produces quality work :)

2 August 2018

George and I have been working together for he past year and it's always a privilege to work with someone of his calibre. He has worked both as my cameraman and sound operator . Complete gentleman with a vast knowledge of the industry and has the credits to prove it. Look forward to our next project. More...

27 December 2016

What a brilliant service. I had masses of VHS and Camcorder tapes loaded with family memories and my daughter's Amateur Dramatic shows that I wanted to convert to give as Christmas presents. George was so patient and particular about getting the editing just right - he kept in touch regularly to make sure I got what I wanted. He provided me with about 80 DVDs in a relatively short space of time, all with labels and in cases with covers showing 'still shots' so that you see what was on each tape. My family were delighted - lots of tears shed on Christmas morning looking at the 'stills'!! I'd looked at other options, like buying the kit and doing the job myself. I couldn't have produced what George did for the price he charged and in the time he took. I can't recommend George highly enough - a really, really nice guy who does a great job at reasonable cost! More...

18 April 2016

After seeing G.H.S. Video's link on Facebook I finally decided to get the kid's videos I recorded over 10 years ago transferred to DVD. It was the best decision I could have made and an even better one to use G.H.S. The service was 1st Class and quality 2nd to none. They turned what was 8 videos (some of which were long play) around in under 4 days and supplied them with covers and DVD labels. I'm now looking for more videos to convert and I'll be along with them soon. Anyone with old Video footage needs to get in touch with G.H.S. before time ruins your old memories. Thanks again. More...