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Jacksonville's only boutique planning company specializing in meticulously planned events and bold glamorous designs.
We offer Planning, Design and Event Management services to those seeking a skilled hand at planning the most important moments in your life.


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11 November 2018

Terri truly grasped my vision and then helped make it 100x better than I could have ever imagined. My wedding was on private property so everything had to be brought in and set up from scratch. She introduced me to the most amazing vendors (within my budget too), saved me from bad decisions, and handled hurtles like a total pro so that I didn't have to. I had no idea how much work went into weddings. My wedding day was effortless and fun perfection but only because Terri made it that way. More...


Mandy Davis Cacciapaglia

11 November 2018

Terri deserves more than 5 stars. My wedding was at a remote location that required everything be set up from scratch. Terri truly grasped my vision and then helped make it 100x better than I could have ever imagined. She introduced me to the most amazing vendors (within my budget too), saved me from bad decisions, and handled hurtles like a total pro so that I didn't have to. My wedding day was effortless but only because Terri made it that way. More...


Amanda Fennell-Raulerson

13 August 2018

Loved working with G.G. Events at a recent wedding. Terri is AMAZING!


Emily Burton

13 August 2018

G.G. Events makes sure nothing goes unfinished for her clients. She executes everything with such grace. Thanks for always trusting us to execute your client's work. We


David Tagliaferri

13 August 2018

As a Wedding Officiant I've worked with Terri at two weddings in the past two months. She is nothing short of amazing! Friendly, personable,organized and very professional. She is definitely one of the best Event and Wedding Planners out there! More...


Kristine Ciccone

13 August 2018

Terri is the BEST! Terri was so helpful in every single category. Before we booked Terri we witnessed her run the show at my sister's wedding. After that day we just knew we needed and wanted Terri for our wedding day. We would meet once a month and go over items that needed to be completed. With Terri's guidance I was able to get through many tasks. Also a very huge help was Terri reviewed all of our contracts and also recommended other vendors that would reduce some costs. From keeping in contact with our vendors to help putting the boutonnieres on the groom and bridal party. You name it she was there for us. Terri's timeline was also a huge key for our wedding day. I feel as Terri really went over and beyond for us and I know because of her it was a perfect day. Thank you so much Terri for everything! More...


Nancy Elkhoury Pawlukiewicz

13 August 2018

Terri did a wonderful job throughout our wedding planning. We booked her for our day of coordination, but we actually got to meet with her about 4 or 5 times throughout the year and I was able to email or call anytime as well. Terri is very knowledgeable with the wedding industry and she had some helpful recommendations for vendors and wedding etiquette. We were also able to use several items from her free of charge, which was a huge help! Our wedding day went smoothly and perfectly thanks to Terri and her team. I was able to enjoy my wedding day and not stress out thanks to G.G. Events! More...



3 March 2018

Hiring Terri as my planner was, hands down, the best decision I made after getting engaged. She is incredibly talented, knowledgeable, organized, professional and goes above and beyond for her couples. From the very beginning, we had no doubt that we were in great hands. She always had things under control, and made sure we were moving at the right pace during the planning process. The wedding turned out flawless. I didn't have to worry about a thing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. She and her team were absolutely incredible and I am forever grateful to her for orchestrating our special day so beautifully. More...



1 June 2017

Teri was great! She knew every detail of my wedding and was able to use her experience to make my wedding better. I would recommend her over and over and over.



6 June 2015

I would highly recommend Terri for wedding planning. Our monthly meetings leading up to the wedding always made me feel so much less stressed and kept me on track. She also connected me to great vendors that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Anytime I had questions and emailed her, she always responded within a reasonable amount of time. The day ran very smoothly. I actually had to cancel the rehearsal because I injured my foot and had to go to the doctor the day before the wedding, and she handled contacting the venue and the minister to let them know. Our wedding was so amazing, and a lot of that had to do with Terri helping to make it all come together. More...



12 February 2015

I have been a wedding photographer for years and I thought I knew what was involved in planning a wedding. I even knew exactly what my vision was, where my venue would be and what vendors I would have and I still had no idea what was involved in getting everything together. Terri was my life saver! I could not have done it without her. She literally made our day beyond perfect. Grateful doesn't even cover it! Since my wedding, my sister has hired her as well and sent me a message yesterday that said:" Terri is worth every penny." If you want exceptional service, personal attention and to save your sanity call her today!!! I promise you won't regret it! More...



12 April 2014

There are no words to express the amazing talent, expertise, and professionalism Terri Gilbreath and her wedding coordination company - G.G. Events - provided to create the wedding of my dreams.

I first met Terri over the phone in April 2013 (one year prior to my wedding date). Since I live in Miami and planned to have my wedding in Jacksonville, I knew I needed the help of a wedding coordinator to plan everything long distance. Throughout the entire wedding planning process, Terri was so lovely, patient, and responsive to every single need and/or question I asked of her. Initially, I was concerned about the availability of having a wedding coordinator located so far away, but working with Terri made me feel like we lived in the same city. The reassurance she would provide and her passion for wedding planning was eminent throughout every conversation.

Terri also introduced me to the BEST vendors in Jacksonville to create my vision. EVERY SINGLE VENDOR DID AN EXTRAORDINARY JOB. All the vendors were professional, responsive, and provided their services beyond expectations. Terri handled all the contracts and ensured everyone was informed of what, where, how, and when to get where they needed to be. Terri even helped us with our rehearsal dinner when our original venue plans fell through. Again, it was always above and beyond with Terri.

Terri worked endless, tirelessly, and efficiently during the days leading up to the wedding to direct and help with the vendor delivery and setup of each rental item. Upon arriving at my own wedding, I was blown away by the elegance, beauty, and perfection of the event. Terri had carried out my version exactly how I had imagined it.

I cannot praise Terri and her company enough for all of the hard work and love that was put into my wedding. I HIGHLY recommend G.G. Events to anyone seeking event coordination services. My experience was absolutely lovely and I do not have one negative thing to say about Terri or G.G. Events.



9 November 2013

G.G. Events went above and beyond our expectations. There is no way our wedding would have been as amazing without G.G. Events. Having Terri as our wedding planner was truly the best decision we could have made. She made the planning stress-free and was able to meet with vendors when we couldn't. She focused on us and our needs and had wonderful recommendations and vendor requests. She made our wedding the most perfect day we could have ever imagined. She even did a lot of work behind the scenes to make the day absolutely amazing. There were numerous guests that informed us that our wedding was the most beautiful one they have ever been to. We know we owe this all to Terri and G.G. Events. She truly made our lives stress-free and the quality of her service was more than we could have ever asked for. Thank you so much G.G. Events for making our wedding day the best day of our lives. We cannot quit thinking about how beautiful of a setting it was and how perfect everything went. I would recommend G.G. Events to anyone who is having a wedding!

Kind Regards,

Shannon & Andrew



27 April 2013

I really enjoyed working with Terri and her staff. I never knew of anything that was going on during my daughters wedding other then me enjoying our day,family,food and our new family members. I did however receive many compliments on Terri. More...



20 April 2013

I am having a hard time summarizing the absolutely outstanding job Terri Gilbreath from G.G. Events did for our April wedding. Terri was a true blessing to have during the planning months, especially the day of the wedding. My husband and I highly recommend her services. Prior to the wedding I attempted to take on every task on myself thinking I would save us few dollars and attempt to be superwoman. As every bride and groom we wanted to stick to a certain budget. I am thankful that Terri was sent my way because she was a true angel. Truth is, Terri with her years of experience and vendor connections not only saves you money in the process but she really takes the worry out of every wedding task at hand. There was not one area that I talked to her about where she didn't have something to bring to the table. We had our reception at the Cummer Museum which meant that we had to contract every detail out such a linens, caterer, silverware, all decorations, you name it...and out of all the many vendors I worked with during the process, Terri is my #1 recommendation. I realized during the planning period that wedding vendors are not always most responsive but Terri was always readily available not only responding to my questions, calls and emails but also she was proactive reminding me of things and offering to take on tasks from me (may I add with a smile). Really I can't say enough good things about her. The day off the wedding truly goes by very quick and there were so many details that Terri took care of without me even knowing about it until days later. I'll end my review with my favorite thing about Terri which is that she was just as detail oriented as I was and as result ensured that my venue looked exactly as I envisioned. More...



23 February 2013

I cannot say enough great things about Terri. She was incredible!! Terri went above and beyond for my husband and I and truly made our day absolutely perfect! Terri was extremely organzied and always had everything under control. From the days leading up to the wedding, to the set up and clean up - Terri was absolutely amazing! I don't know how she does it!! Thanks to all Terri did for us, my husband and I truly enjoyed every second of our wedding. We didn't have to worry about a thing! My entire bridal party said how incridible she was and how they wish they had her at their weddings! THANK YOU, Terri, for EVERYTHING!! Words can't express how grateful we are for all that you did for us. More...



10 November 2012

Contacting Terri from G.G Events was one of the best decisions my mother and I ever made when it came to planning Rory and I's wedding. I will admit, we were hesitant when it came to hiring a wedding planner, as they tend to be very costly and we thought we had everything figured out. When sitting down for our first meeting, my mother and I quickly realized that we still had a lot of planning to do and only a couple of months to get it all together, we ended up booking Terri on the spot! She was very informative, detailed organized, and excited to make my day perfect.
Living six hours away from where we were getting married, made keeping in contact with vendors very difficult and stressful; Terri was on top of everything, she met with the vendors and was able to keep in touch with them for me. She was always very quick to respond with e-mails and telephone calls. Terri also had some of her own vendors that she booked for us, which was a huge help and greatly appreciated.
In the end, Terri and her crew made our day beyond perfect and I would defiantly recommend her to anyone looking to have a beautiful wedding! Our venue was exactly what I had envisioned and Terri made sure I was aware of every aspect of what was going on. Terri was a true blessing and I can’t even begin to thank her enough for all the hard work and dedication she put into making our day so special.

Thank you Terri!
Courtney and Rory



16 June 2012

Terri and her staff was amazing!!! She has unlimited resources and knowledge that she glady shares. Terri was always just a phone call or email away. She always was available. She made sure that everything and everyone was exactly where it/they should be. She handled every detail perfectly! Nothing seems to throw Terri . . . she and her staff has an answer to anything that might happen. She was an amazing find, and we were fortunate to find her! More...



26 May 2012

When we found out my daughters original venue closed 3 weeks before the wedding we were in a panic mode. After 3 days of trying to organize everything ourselves we realized it was very stressful and knew we needed help. After our first meeting with Terri we knew we were in great hands. She took care of everything and was always in contact with us. Truly a wonderful coordinator! We can't thank her enough! More...



26 May 2012

Terri was a life saver. She was worth every penny! We did not have to worry or stress about anything when it came to our wedding. We were so pleased. I only wish we would've booked her earlier! I highly recommend using G.G events to any bride looking for a wedding coordinator. They were very professional and made everything run smooth!! More...



5 May 2012

Terri was contacted just two months prior to the wedding to provide "Day Of" services. Her assistance, advice, and professionalism were exceptional and made the rehearsal and wedding completely worry-free. Her services went far beyond just the Day Of and I only wish I had contacted her earlier to coordinate the entire event. She deserves a 10 !!!! More...



28 April 2012

Anyone thinking about getting married need to check into a wedding planner first, it will save you a lot of headaches, Terri was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone, very in tune to the brides needs and wants!



8 October 2011

Where do I begin!? Terri Gilbreath from G.G. Events was amazing from the very start. When we first started planning our wedding (1 year in advance) she was there for us for our appointments and for ALL of our questions along the long and confusing road of wedding planning. She referred us to great vendors (who also did a fastastic job) and got us some discounts as well!

During the reception, we was on top of everything and kept the vendors on schedule with everything we had going on. She was so polite to our wedding guests and my entire bridal party still cannot stop saying "Terri is AWESOME!".

I will recommend her to anyone I know who needs a full service wedding planner or just a day of coordinator. Even though our outside ceremony was rained out, she was able flawlessly execute our back-up plan extremely quickly and efficiently. Everything ran so smoothy and I cannot thank her enough!




5 March 2011

No words can describe how grateful we are to Terri and G.G. Events for giving us our dream wedding. It was everything we ever imagined, and more. We had no clue where to begin with planning a wedding. Terri stepped right in and made the planning process a breeze. She has so much knowledge and creativity combined with access to the right vendors to help plan the most memorable events. She brings heart, soul, compassion, patience, and originality to her clients.

Terri gave us a truly fun and exciting wedding planning experience. Her excellent organization skills and detailed timelines helped give us peace of mind in the weeks leading up to the wedding. She provided us with a flawless and relaxing wedding day (not to mention the quickest and smoothest rehearsal we’ve ever been to).

We have received so many compliments on our wedding and we owe all the credit to Terri. We were so fortunate to have her help and could not have done it without her. Thank you again for all of your hard work and giving us the wedding of our dreams.

Clayton & Kelly



8 May 2010

Terri was amazing!!!! My wedding day went so smoothly and it never would have if I didn't have her. All her organization and assistance during the planning was priceless and led to a perfect day. I was able to pass everything to her and never had to worry about it after that. She was available any time of day, even for just a quick phone call to ask how many programs I needed to make. My parents loved her too. She offered to help me make favors and stuff my invitations. It was like having an extra bridesmaid. Terri, G and G events owner, was worth every penny. I told all my engaged girlfriends about her and how you have to have her if you want a stress free day. I really cannot say enough. I had a few health issues a couple of months before the wedding and she drove me to my appointments since I wasn't feeling well. She really went above and beyond what any other wedding planner/coordinator would do. She rocked it! More...



10 January 2010

Terri was so helpful and patient. She was a great resource and was always professional. She has impeccable taste. I recommend her to anyone planning a wedding or special event.

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I love the details and not just the pretty ones. I am a true planner at heart and I believe the logistics are just as important as the design, you really cannot have a streamlined event with both. From everything to guest experience down to what time the band starts are details that to me build a bigger picture. I love incorporating your unique styles and personality into your event. I think that each event should be different and reflect the people and places you are celebrating.

I have worked in the wedding industry for almost 16 years. I have the opportunity to work for other planning companies and know that was what I wanted to do, but on a more upscale base. I opened my company up 8 years ago and have produced some pretty amazing events and have built some of the best relationships with not only clients but the professionals we work with.