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Sam Barry Spencer

Absolutely awesome!!


Sophia Tostee Allison

Best addiction ever...!!!


Claire Lister

Great gym, great trainers, great vibe


Gareth Jones

great facility and staff


Sandy Aiken-Rose

Awesome gym, hectic workouts, professional instructors, fantastic vibe!
Highly recommended!


Nats Stevens

Brilliant place! Awesome vibe, super friendly staff!


Allan Spies

Absolutely awesome gym, decent equipment & machines.... And the group training classes totally rock!!!


Desere Roux

Clean awesome gym Great vibe and fascilities Well maintained and bathrooms are neat


Linton Geach

I love training here! No time wasters hanging around or waiting for equipment. Just an enjoyable place to train.


Thoniel Van Der Walt

Day 2 at Get fit Gym. Awesome. Love it. No waiting no standing around. All great.


Natasha Houston

Passionate and dedicated trainers; excellent facilities and a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere to train in. #imlovingit �


Paul Rose

I dare you to try find a better place to train!!!? The best instructors and not forgetting THE ORIGINAL GET FIT CHALLENGE. simple choice people. come along and get an original fitness! !! More...


Mhlonishwa Emile Ngidi

I did 3 or 4 challenges back to back and was hooked! If was not due to a busy work schedule, I'd be deep in there, but will be returning soon, because it was and still is super awesome!!!!


Melanie Mazoue Brodie

Wonderful place..brilliant trainers who correct you when your form is wrong, and always have a positive encouraging attitude!


Chantelle Kett

BEST GYM EVER!!! It really is an awesome Gym, with the Get Fit classes it's even better....and not to mention the great people...all there for the same reason...to workout, get Fitter, stronger and live healthier lives. This is my Happy Place � More...


Tarryn Aylward

Get Fit is an awesome, well kept , clean and modern gym with genuine staff from receptionist to trainers.

The Getfit Challenge is the best thing I have ever done! Been doing the challenge since 2013 and I've never looked into training anywhere els! A very motivating , lifestyle challenge. More...


Susan Madsen-Leibold

My son is an excellent personal trainer there, Neils Madsen-Leibold, he is brilliant in changing people into what they want to be. The gym itself is the best gym I've ever see, they really care about you, not just standing around and tried to look good. More...


Craig James Geddes-Smith

Just completed my first 12 week challenge and I have never felt better. Paul and Denver are true legends in keeping you motivated, making sure you are working out correctly and most of all making the sessions fun and enjoyable. Cant wait for the next challenge.


Jose de Gouveia

Our Get-fit lifestyle began in Oct/Nov 2017. Maria was supposed to do the challenge with a friend of her's but her friend backed out on the day when they were supposed to sign up. I went along with Maria to sign up and met Denver. Maria although not hugely overweight had tried many diets etc with little results and i was not convinced that the challenge would work and i was not really worried about losing weight myself. Denver then suggested that i do the challenge with Maria to support her. We signed up for the 8 week challenge and did the first class that night. Fast forward 8 weeks ( lots of sweat and huffing and puffing )later and Maria had lost just over 10kgs and i lost 13.2 kgs. With the guidline of the eating plan we maintained our weight loss over the Christmas period and signed up for our next challenge in January 2018. To date Maria has lost 15.2kgs and i have lost 17.6 kgs. We love our new bodies and have become addicted to the get-fit lifestyle. Denver and Paul really know what they are doing and are accomodating in so many ways. The facilities at the gym are great, and it's safe and clean. If you are keen to get in shape, lose weight, transform your body, look no further than the Get-fit challenge!! Its worth it and You WILL see results!! More...

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