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Georgina offers 1-1 & group coaching. From general life coaching to mindset mastery & leadership coaching, life planning & setting goals as well as general CBT.
Georgina is passionate about assisting others to unleash their inner potential by tapping into their own internal resources.


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I love watching people transform their life by changing habits and thinking patterns. Assisting people to believe in them selves and truly understand they are enough, is an honour & a privilege

To share my value broader than just my own workplace. Desire to work for myself, on my terms my rules, creating the life I want to live. Being able to help people globally by freeing one mind at a time and create a domino effect. Each one can teach one another by becoming a role model for those around them.

I am totally genuine and care. I am an experienced professional. I have dealt with many of my own limited beliefs and real low points, I have lived to tell the tale so I am empathetic to everyone's story. I can assist you to view things from different perspective, re programme limited beliefs and overpower your negative self talk to totally transform your life.