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Get Out Mindgames



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Mollie Ruth Scace

2 June 2019

Makes you use your brain in creative ways! get your thinking caps on and prepare for fun!


Shannon McGraw Shuhart

12 May 2019

So fun! Had a great time!


Susan Wellspeak

26 April 2019

I did this with my daughter's, son-in-law, and two grandsons and had the best time. What a great family day we had, and found out just how smart our boys really are. We would still be there if we didn't have these two. More...


Kellie Wellspeak McMillan

26 April 2019

This was amazing!!! So much fun!!!!


Winslow Eliot

13 April 2019

We had a great time puzzling our escape ... what a fun evening. Instead of sitting in silence through a movie or enduring the stress of a dinner party, we could take our friends out to enjoy solving a real mystery together. Great fun!


Tom Stier

13 April 2019

Get Out Mindgames escape room is a fun activity for folks of all ages! I was not sure at first what to expect, and I don't even do crossword puzzles, but it was like being in an episode of THE ORIGINAL Mission Impossible TV series (which tells you how old I am). It gets the mind and the adrenaline up. Everyone ends up contributing to the solution. Book a session with your friends, family, company! More...


Summer Avery-Rand

25 February 2019

This was an awesome experience. At first we were a little suckish but we got the flow back. Definitely recommend trying.


Judi Jones

19 January 2019

Absolutely it was a lot of fun


Billie-Jo Corbosiero

14 November 2018

Awesome experience! Guardian Angels - 7th


Becky Jemlich Talis

3 November 2018

So much fun! Even my young teens did great & enjoyed it.


Emmie Lee Lanski

11 August 2018

This is my first escape room- loved it! Can’t wait for the new room! We’ll definitely be back!


Lauren Wellman

20 May 2018

Great way to spend some fun time with friends and family, especially if you like games and a challenge.


Lisa Molleur Weinstein

19 May 2018

Highly recommend this experience. Thought provoking, team building and just a freakin cool thing to do!!! Check this out!!!! You will not be disappointed. I’m coming back! Thank you Get Out Mindgames. Well done! More...


Patti Lyon Reed

12 May 2018

Had a blast very well put together, and loved the ending! ��


Jennifer Lauren Norton

17 March 2018

They were very accommodating for scheduling a time and date. The front entrance is nice. The escape room when you first walk in seems small, sparse, and kind of run down, but as you begin the challenge and make it to the secret room it’s more exciting. It’s different than some of the other rooms we’ve done. All in all we had a good afternoon and will go back when they open the next room. He said it would be like a horror theme so we’re excited to give it a try. It’s nice to have one in Pittsfield and not have to travel an hour to do an escape room. I would recommend keeping to 6 people or less due to the space. More...


Valerie Laforge

14 February 2018

This was our 1st escape room attempt and we loved it! So much fun! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves brain teasers!


Sharon Brissette Cross

11 February 2018

We had a great time!!


Daniel Proskin

4 February 2018

Came here for a birthday party with 7 people and this place did not disappoint! What a fun experience and definitely way harder than I thought it would be. We all contributed something and made it out in about 36 minutes! Would recommend this experience and can’t wait for a new one so we can go back! More...


Stephanie Hannaway Friedman

15 January 2018

Challenging and fun! Great family activity! We will definitely go back for another room in the future.


Tricia Ladeinde

14 December 2017

SO MUCH FUN! Even more fun than expected after hearing how great it was!! Will definitely be doing it again!!!


Darci Hess

18 October 2017

Had a blast! What fun. Can’t wait to go back for the new rooms.


Debbie Coty Armstrong

15 October 2017

Very challenging. Definitely need to work as a team. We did it and loved it! Will definitely be returning when we're in the area again. I highly recommend this place!


Sara Rene

27 August 2017

Had a great time! My only complaint would be I wish that there was a way to tell how many hints each team used when you're comparing times �


Shannon Musche

3 July 2017

It was a great room! I can't wait to do the next one! Only reason I did not give 5 � was because there was literally no air flow in the room. There were 5 of us in there and after 15 minutes, we were sweating bullets. More...


Kayla Fuller

1 June 2017

Had a wonderful time for my birthday, can't wait until they open another experience so I can go again and have another great time!


Michele Hughes

5 May 2017

We had a blast! We had ages 12 to 50 and everyone contributed! Definitely recommend.


Kimberly Bentz

9 March 2017

Tons of fun! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for something different to do in the area and to anyone who loves puzzles.


Shenna Laramy Welch

9 March 2017

We did really well had a great time. Everybody contributed something and we worked very well as a team! I am hooked and want to do more!


Lynne Lavinio

29 January 2017

Fun night out with family or friends !! Check it out !!


Sheila Anderson

11 December 2016

It was a ton of fun! It's great activity with a group of friends we can't wait for the next room!


Robin Hunt MacPherson

6 December 2016

Great time with my children! Family friendly! I wouldn't have made it out without them.


Scott Anderson

25 November 2016

Super fun - great family night out. Good luck :)


Carol Carlo

20 November 2016

What a great time! Looking forward to the second room to be done so we can go again.


Scott Kirchner

26 October 2016

Had a corporate outing here and it was AWSOME! Another local attraction not to be missed! Both our teams solved it but it was not that easy! Cant wait to try another one!


Courtney Cross

10 September 2016

Just left with a bunch of friends. It was an absolute blast!! It really makes you think outside the box, and just when you think you got it, there's more. A must try for any friends.


Bryan Gamari

4 September 2016

SOOO much fun!!! -Get your friends together! -Assemble a team! -Unlock the secrets to find your way out in time! If your looking for a real quality way to have some fun and to actually do something different for a change, CHECK IT OUT!


James Comerford

4 September 2016

Our group had a great time getting out of this well done puzzle room! I will be telling everyone about it! Get there and try to get out!!! I can't wait to try the next one!!! More...


Shauna Wilcox

4 September 2016

Such an amazing challenging and fun experience! I would recommend it to anyone whose looking for an incredible time. So many good puzzles that require you to think outside the box, and get to that cure in time!!!


Quincy Heon

29 July 2016

had a great time, puzzles were pleasantly challenging and interesting, required enough outside the box thinking to keep you on your toes, overall a great time.