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The average hourly charge out rate for independently-owned marketing agencies in the UK is £86 per hour.

Working from home and not having to invest in fancy shop fronts, I am able to keep my cost minimal, passing the savings on to you.


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Andy John Watts

25 April 2019

Really helpful & clear advise. Very genuine, up to date knowledge and large skillset! Will definitely use again!


Alexandros Alex

28 February 2019

I have worked with George for over a year now and the service he provides has been excellent.George has really helped me get the website listed higher in the search engines but most importantly get found by my target audience.He has additionally helped me with the Google Ads campaign - reducing CPA and increasing the number of qualified leads.I would definitely recommend him to any business wanting to strategically invest in their online presence. More...


Αλεξία Παπαδοπούλου

7 December 2018

Άψογος επαγγελματίας επικεντρώνεται στις ανάγκες του πελάτη καταπληκτική δουλειά


Bill K

1 October 2018

George is more than a SEO marketeer for our business. The way he works is completely transparent, his communication skills are way above anyone else we have contacted and/or worked with so far and I can safely admit that he is more or less a necessary ASSET to our marketing plan that works alongside our other parts of the business. It's really hard to sum up into a review the benefits he has given to our business because he is really tireless and will deliver much more than you might think when you first work with him. We have given him the space and the freedom he requires for the job we agreed that was needed to be done and so far the results have been more than just "good". Being an "SEO EXPERT" or however anybody want to call themselves these days, is not an easy job; and with all the Seo "agencies" around trying to get you to pay enormous amounts of money just to get your online store/business getting hit by a ban/penalty by the search engines it's something that one really needs to invest in, in order to achieve growth. George, is this very investment we have done so far and intend to keep for our business. A true, kind and full of results ( good ones of course ) seo marketer. More...


Nickie Evagelatou

23 July 2018

Όχι απλά like καραlike!!!! Μακάρι να είχα επιχείρηση να μου την προωθήσεις!


Kurt Meaker

23 July 2018

The pictures, are a great laugh. Everyone should, look at them. Try it, you'll love them.


Stella Mak

29 May 2018

I have been working with George for about 7 months now and the results are beyond my expectations. Organic traffic has picked up by more than 150% - revenue more than 200%. George is very professional and friendly - strongly recommend his services! More...


Spyros Poulis

29 May 2018

Quite simply awesome! George has been very helpful with lots of SEO advice. Highly recommended.


Panagiotis Rinos

29 May 2018

After struggling to get my head around all the SEO jargon, I came across George, and am so glad I did. The 1-1 training was practical, understandable and tailored-made to my business needs. I have no hesitation in recommending George, you will not be disappointed. More...


Leighton Herdson

29 May 2018

George is an asset to any business trying to improve traffic and conversions. His advice on anything SEO or digital marketing is always spot on and actually applicable to real growth NOT just theory. If you want to increase your traffic and conversions I can strongly recommend George. Communication is always great, he'll tell you exactly what needs to be done, unlike most agencies or SEO people I've worked with and most of all he gets huge results. More...


Stavros Kirkiris

29 May 2018

George has delivered an affordable and professional service from day one. He immediately identified the issues with our website that was holding back our rankings (which 2 previous companies had failed to do). The results have been very impressive ever since. Can't speak highly enough of him! More...


Sofia Petikidi

29 May 2018

With great attention to detail, George initially sorted out various issues with our hosting and website’s performance. He later on focused on setting up an SEO campaign. The results I have seen are excellent and there has been consistent progress. George is always professional, friendly and really easy to work with. He responds to our requests almost instantly. I would definitely be recommending George to business partners and friends. More...



29 May 2018

Booking the SEO training session with George was one of the best investments I have made over the past twelve months. The knowledge and skills I gained are invaluable and were communicated in an engaging and easy way to understand. No technical jargon, just effective tools and processes explained simply. Highly recommended! More...


Elpida Lamprou

5 February 2018

Booking the SEO training session with George was one of the best investments I have made over the past twelve months. The knowledge and skills I gained are invaluable and were communicated in an engaging and easy way to understand. No technical jargon, just effective tools and processes explained simply. Highly recommended! More...


lee waymont

29 May 2017

I cannot recommend George enough, he offers an incredible service, and I’m so pleased with how my wedding photography website turned out.George was patient and accommodating and nothing was too much trouble. The attention to detail is incredible,he's also a really nice guy.I have been reaping the rewards ever since. Highly, highly recommended More...

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I live and breathe digital marketing - There is nothing better than seeing positive organic traffic increases for a client. Consistency not only makes your life easier but makes your client's life easier as well.

Having worked at an agency side for several years, I decided that clients deserved better value for their money. The only way to provide that was to offer online marketing services as a freelancer. Working from home and not having a fancy shop front, I'm able to keep costs minimal passing the savings on to my partners, you!

I provide a radically honest approach to business growth - my key focus is to make sure you are happy with your investment and strive to provide you with the best possible customer care.



Ranking well in search engines isn’t easy anymore. Luckily for you, I’ve had years of experience in ranking content for some of the most competitive keywords. My forward-thinking SEO techniques ensure that your website ranks for important search terms that are relevant to your niche. I achieve that by performing effective & intelligent keyword research, competitors analysis and a lot of on and off-page stuff.

Being Google Certified Professional I know how to generate instant, measurable results with ROI you can prove. I always take advantage of the latest features available and use the most sophisticated techniques to help you squeeze every last drop of value from paid search.

My target is to provide an in-depth look at SEO on your premises and in a language you understand. No digital jargon is used in my private SEO training course as it is important to me that you leave understanding the do’s and don’ts in simple, plain, non-technical English (or Greek).

Are you considering Facebook ads? In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is huge. It is the largest source of online display advertising globally, accounting for more advertising views than its next 3 biggest competitors combined! Facebook has now surpassed 2 billion users. But what does that mean for you? It means that you can find your perfect target audience on Facebook and get your offer in front of them. It means that you can be massively increasing your sales volume using Facebook traffic. And it means that if you’re not using Facebook effectively, you’ll fall behind your competitors who are! Ready to grow your business with Facebook ads?

A roadmap for scaling up growth. I’ll produce a dedicated strategy to grow out your marketing channels. This will contain a detailed overview of the strategy as well as specific tactics that can be used to get result the soonest possible.

My custom WordPress solutions allow you to enjoy a modern, fully responsive and mobile friendly website with all of the features you need including contact forms, social media integration, galleries, blogs and shops in manageable monthly payments.

If you have found yourself at a digital brick wall, unsure what you can do to help improve your online presence, it may be time to consider an SEO site audit. If you find yourself questioning why your website isn’t working the way you want it to or why you’re not getting the sales you expect, then the first stop should be organising yourself a website audit with a reputable SEO professional.

I mind your WordPress website so that you can mind your business. My packages start from just £27pcm – ideal for bloggers or small businesses who are looking for a little help and want to keep their site safe and up to date. My bigger plans cover established businesses who rely on their WordPress site as an income generator and want their website fully updated and optimised.

Superior page loading SPEED through brand new high-spec SSD servers that are deliberately UNDERloaded with accounts and sites – optimised machines that perform VERY well under very heavy traffic loads. For those interested in the underlying technicalities, underloaded super-spec servers + SSD + PHP 7.x + Caching = class-leading performance.