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At George H. Ramos, Jr. & Associates, our criminal defense lawyers are experienced in handling criminal cases and defending the rights of those who have been accused of a crime in San Diego. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about your case. Call to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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Alison W.

13 November 2018

George Ramos represented me in a DMV hearing case regarding a medical situation. Very happy with the guidance and advice he provided. His final remarks at the hearing were eloquent and included all the things I forgot to state. I recommend his services when you need legal representation. More...


Emyllia D.

16 July 2018

Mr Ramos invaluable help months ago continues to assist me and by extension the community I live in.  I would definitely call on him again if, heaven forbid, I would need legal counsel.  i have only required consultation twice in all of my life so it is a process in which you need a kind, interested individual who is superior in legal matter and can explain in layman's terms  your rights. More...


Andie V.

30 April 2018

I was in a tough position dealing with a criminal case when I seeked help for Mr. Ramos. I was completely overwhelmed and lost with what to do and where to start, but he helped me with every question and concerns I had. He was very honest and understanding and was always available to answer my calls and emails. We were able to negotiate a good case resolution, I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication. Thank you Mr. Ramos for helping me, I will always recommend you to everyone! More...


Mariana L.

23 April 2018

Came here for a friend that got into some trouble. He set clear expectations and answered all of our questions. He was always reachable which is convenient for those who have to have to deal with legal problems and still have to go to work. He worked hard and made it so we didn't have to go to court which we were really grateful for. We appreciate all your hard work and would recommend him to anyone in need of help. More...


Jasmine S.

23 April 2018

Came to Mr. Ramos for a pending case and he made it so much less stressful. Didn't have to go to court and the whole process was thoroughly explained. He was very honest and we were able to negotiate a good case resolution. He was so helpful in answering many questions I've had at literally any time of day! I would definitely recommend him! I'm very grateful and pleased for all his hard work and being so helpful at a difficult time! More...


Alejandra V.

23 April 2018

Nobody wants to have to be in the position of hiring a lawyer, but unfortunately, this was the case for a close family member and I am grateful to have found Mr. Ramos and his team during my family's difficult experience with a criminal case. This was a completely new experience for my family, but we found that the process was 1000x easier with the help of Mr. Ramos. They were both very open to easy communication, answered all of our questions in clear, concise, and prompt manners, and were available at ALL times for questions or concerns. When I say all times, I mean all times, any day of the week. The firm answered our questions at all times of the day, including evenings. I think what was especially helpful throughout their assistance with our case was the fact that Mr. Ramos has prior experience as a prosecutor. Because of this, we were able to avoid going to court altogether and he was able to negotiate a reasonable case resolution without much stress or work from our part. He was very clear about what expectations and information he needed from our end, and worked to provide good results. I am thankful that we found Mr. Ramos during this difficult time, and although I hope we won't have to use his services again, I recommend him to anyone dealing with criminal charges. More...


Samantha T.

5 December 2017

I found Mr. Ramos online, when I called his office and spoke with him for a consult he was very kind and understanding of what I needed. Hiring him was a no brainer and I couldn't be happier with what I received from him. He was there for every random question or concern I had. He represented me and my husband during the hardest and darkest time of our lives. He supported us, comforted us and fought for us. If your looking for a gladiator in your corner George is your guy, he gave me my family back and for that I will always be greatful. His services are above reproach you always know what your getting, what the next step is and he is there for you every step of the way. He is everything anyone could ask for in an attorney and his legal assistant Denise is very quick to help you any way she can and is always very friendly and welcoming. They are a wonderful team and I am so very glad he was our attorney in my family's hour of need. Thanks again George and Denise for making my family whole again. More...


Deb T.

16 March 2017

Thanks to ramose and associates I am able to write this post. I hired George based on his reviews . So after the level of service that I received from George Ramos Junior I wanted to personally take a moment to express my gratitude on the level of service I received Ramos and associates went above and beyond the call of duty for me and I appreciate it greatly I will be refering all of my friends and family to George Ramos and I hope that my review will help other people as other peoples reviews helped me make my decision in hiring George. A few personal touches that meant a lot to me throughout the service I was able to email and call George and receive replies almost instantly to my questions which was very important to me and one of many values that have left a very personal and packed regarding my impression about Mr. Ramos as I said earlier I will refer this firm to all of my friends and family . Thanks again George you knowledge and kindness means a lot to me and my family . More...


Jennifer A.

2 September 2016

I came to George on a Tuesday with a felony charge that I had to go to court for on that Friday. Within a matter of of 3 days he got the charge completely rejected. I did not have to go to court and I will have nothing on my record. He is amazing, he promptly responds to your calls and emails to answer any questions you have. Based on other quotes I got calling around to lawyers he charged me the most reasonable fee. More...


Eir F.

17 July 2016

I am so so grateful that we found Mr. Ramos.He always kept my husband and I updated on any changes and all required paperwork was e-mailed promptly.  He got the results that we were looking for and was always professional. I highly recommend him, and my husband and I will recommend him to any of our friends and family in the future. More...


Angelica H.

27 July 2015

Best attorney in San Diego. He's been doing this for years, he knows how the court works and how to get you out with the least amount of damage. He could prove anyone innocent, I'm convinced. Easy to work with, quick to respond, he made my legal situation a dream! I would recommend him to anyone! More...


Paulo M.

20 July 2015

I am very satisfied with the work of Mr. Ramos and his staff.  My petition was filed within days of contacting him, and it got approved in less than 9 weeks.  His firm is very professional and informative and provided quick responses to my questions, and they are very thorough in assisting me through the process.  Mr. Ramos was a former DA to boot!  I would highly recommend him. More...

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