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Our team of ex British Military security experts are situated in London, UK, the Worlds leading investment destination, hosting more international retailers and ultra high-net-worth individuals than any other city, where we have been supporting them since 2013.

Ranked by members of the UK executive protection industry as a top three company, hundreds of businesses have already experienced the Garvian difference. Steady growth through reputation offers you comfort that we’ll always be here for you, delivering an exceptional and reliable service you demand and deserve.

We use our military & security expertise to build bespoke manned guarding and intelligence operations, providing individuals, families and businesses with risk control strategies. All operations are managed by our in-house team and carried out by vetted sia close protection operatives.

Our mission is to provide a service that reflects our client’s requirement and to return upon their investment, their liberty, allowing them to achieve their goals, without unnecessary restriction, hesitation or delay. To ensure this, we;

Use an in depth on boarding (vetting) recruitment process.
Build bespoke operations and deploy security operatives at short notice.
Ensure our security operatives remain licensed and competent.
Tailor our security operatives approach, to fit our clients requirements.
Provide our operatives with live updates, technology, equipment and vehicles as and when they are required.
Communicate with our clients and adapt their service as their requirement/environment changes.

We use our capabilities and social status to;

Naturally reduce crime and criminal activity within all Local Boroughs by ensuring our overt security operatives remain proactive whilst amongst the general public, acting as a physically deterrent.
Assist local emergency services by allowing our “eyes and ears” (covert security operatives), to report visible terrorist and suspicious activity.
Alert stake holders and members of the community via social platforms on emergency situations, offering safety advice and emergency aid.
Assist local businesses to improve their security measures.
Create career opportunities for ex servicemen and servicewomen.

Due to the fact we are a team of security experts that build our operations and source staff in-house, we are able to offer them at significantly lower cost than any competitor. We currently offer 3 tiers (types) of close protection security guard

We’re about making you feel secure, with a proactive 24/7/365 response unit, to identify and react to personal or security issues before you experienced them. If its a fast and personable service you are looking for, we have one of the fastest response times in the industry. 48 times faster than the industry average – to be exact

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Garvian Group Q&A

Garvian Group Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Receiving Positive Feedback! this is the most important factor, knowing my clients are happy and have received a good service is why I'm in business.

What inspired you to start your own business?

After leaving a career serving as a Bomb Search &.Disposal operative in the British Armed Forces, I began working as a bodyguard to VIP's across London. Over the years I began noticing a vast drop in standards within the security industry, due to the people coming into it using it as a stepping stone, rather than seeing it as a profession, leaving clients in desperate need.
I started my business focusing on providing the best operatives I've worked with over the years, or for those on low budgets, taking average security guards and with my team's knowledge an experience, transforming them into security professionals.

Why should our clients choose you?

I never disappoint! I am well regarded within the security industry, anyone working on my behalf represents not only my company, but me personally. If you decide to invest in my company, you are guaranteed to receive quality guards who deliver a professional service.

Services provided by Garvian Group

Garvian Group Services

Personal Security

PERSONAL SECURITY SERVICES Personal security is a defensive concept aimed to combat real and perceived threatening, criminal or bereiving experiences. It can be adopted by households and individuals to protect against physical and psychological harm, allowing a sense of safety, freedom of movement and free speech in both domestic and public settings without fear or anxiety. The physical application of personal security can be narrowed down to the licensable activity (UK) know as Close Protection, which sub houses categories such as Executive Protection, Asset Protection, Personal Protection, Residential Security, Security Drivers, Bodyguards and VIP Security. Your requirements are placed at the head of our operations, this allows us to provide you with a service that is more than just security, it is personal to you.What makes our security service personal is the way its operation is built to fit around and into your lifestyle, to ensure the required level of security can be implemented as your situation changes. We understand you may or may not require a strict ‘rigid’ security presence 24/7, some prefer a smiling face, a ‘good morning sir’ or ‘madam’, or covert (discreet) security services to blend in with the rest of your staff. “In Personal Security our aim is simple and effective:- “Garvian allows you the freedom to lead a life you wish to Live”. In todays modern world the physical application of such is achieved through constant adaptation and restructuring, then made successful by our team of dedicated professionals. – Scott Jones (Managing Director) KEY ELEMENTS > Personal Protection Personal Close Protection (bodyguards) officers take the knowledge and discipline learned through their experiences in the military and combine it with techniques learned within the private security industry. They render this skill set to fit in with the requirements of your lifestyle. Hire Bodyguards | Hire Female Bodyguards | Hire Protection Teams > Asset Protection High value assets require specialist guarding to prevent them from theft orchastrated by professional criminals. We provide complete secure operations, to ensure your assets remain protected as often 24 hours per day, all year round. Home Security Guards | Holiday Home Security Guards | High Value Possessions Security > VIP Transportation Be secure in transit with our close protection drivers and security driver details. Our vetted officers will ensure you get to your destination undisturbed, whilst discreetly ensuring your safety with defensive and offensive close protection/driving tactics. Hire HNW Family Driver | Hire Executive Protection Driver | Hire Government Official Driver > Guarding High end guarding solutions for families or individuals of high net worth or whom have been placed in a vulnerable situation. We provide ex military guards, experienced in high end security, to patrol, manage CCTV systems and control access to venues, areas and properties. London Property Guarding | Super Yacht Guarding | Luxury Vehicle Guarding > Protective Intelligence Covert operations designed to protect individuals from kidnap, espionage and planned attacks. Our intelligence operations can be used to gather information and deflect those gathering information, as a stand alone service or as part of a personal security team. Hire Protective Surveillance | Surveillance & Evidence Gathering | Tracking & Locating Bespoke Personal Security 5 Key Areas: We build a bespoke VIP Security package, tailored to each and every client, whether its just for the day or a permanent requirement. To Ensure a successful build we use a planning formula, targeting five key areas: Lifestyle is the datum factor in providing your service, you may wish to lead a safer more secure lifestyle or quite the opposite, be able to take more risks. It is vital to ensure your security is tailored to run in parallel with your lifestyle you intend to lead, to enable it to reach its desired effect. Personal Preference depicts which methods are adopted and how your security service is fine tuned. For example, some prefer our security operatives to open doors prior to entering/ exiting vehicles and venues, where as others prefer to open doors themselves to attract less attention. Service requirement is determined by the level of risk at present against future risk. The service is implemented dependant on how much risk you wish to take. Facilitation accommodates your lifestyle and personal preferences, dependant on variable factors such as: Religion, Culture, Profile, Status. Discretion, a general rule of thumb for the UK is the higher profile, the higher the risk. We can employ various methods to lower or raise your profile dependant of the lifestyle you prefer to lead. Whether high or low profile, we employ preventative measures to ensure the information you wish to keep private, remains so. HOME PERSONAL SECURITY Home Security Guards: Garvian home security services will protect you from theft, criminal damage, harassment, threats and abuse up to 24hours a day all year round. Our high end services are contracted by both permanent UK residents and those visiting from overseas. Garvian home security guards are recruited from the British military and intensively trained in the protection of VIP’s and high value assets. They have undergone 180hours of arduous close protection training, which covers executive protection, medic training, self defence, surveillance and advanced driving. Garvian employees receive a thorough and routine background check comprising of complete criminal record checks, military service conduct report, employment history checks, recommendation assessment and mental/physical health record checks.. CCTV Monitoring: Our home security guards will monitor your cctv and alarm systems ensuring and potential criminal activity is deterred prior to your assets becoming damaged or stolen. If your home is not protected with CCTV or alarm systems will install them using our advanced knowledge and expertise of how the criminally intelligent can take advantage of ‘weak spots’ to penetrate your dwelling. Entry Systems: We are able to provide manned and logged control of access to properties, in the event of an individual who’s identification is not logged attempts to gain entry to your property, they will be refused unless permission is given by your command. UHNWI PERSONAL SECURITY UHNWI Private Guards: Garvian UHNWI (Ultra high net worth individual) Private guards are selected from specialists regiments of the British Military who have been identified by members of protection industry as individuals with advanced knowledge, protection and surveillance skills, morality and quality judgement.

Residential Security

Your residential security service Security for HNW individuals is a key investment as it protects assets worth multiples more than its up front cost. Residential security will usually consist of a 24hr (12hour day and 12hour night) protection detail, with the size of the team dependant on the budget, property and threat. Garvian understand your requirement to have a service which is tailored to you. Your families safety and the security of your home is what matters most to us, to ensure this we provide you with manned guarding through licensed security practises governed by the Security Industry Authority. Residential security guards 5 years specialist military service with exemplary conduct 3 years executive protection experience Close protection level 3 & license Intermediate martial arts experience Intermediate level 3 medic qualification Advanced knowledge of London CRB/DBS certificate within the last 6 months Residential Security What does residential security mean to me? Based on the experiences and feedback given to us by our clients, our protection service will mean; Piece of mind - Being secure at home and knowing your homely possessions are safe during holidays and periods away can reduce stress, worry and anxiety. Garvian Residential security is more than just secure, it is life saving. We are the solution to any emergency; first-aid (medical), fire, safety, personal, lifestyle related problems you may one day be, or already be faced with. Time saving - we are more than just security, we take care of all your routine chores, saving you over 24hours per week! thats an extra 52 days per year to focus on business, enjoy your lifestyle, or vacation time. We are the solution to NO MORE: locking/unlocking/checking doors, windows and alarms. Lost keys or key codes. Waiting in for deliveries and contractors. Collecting mail. Cleaning/Parking/Maintaining Vehicles. Trips to the dry cleaners. Booking restaurants, flights and holidays. Maintained Lifestyle - home management Ensuring vehicles are maintained, MOT'd and insured, Contractors are escorted and guided, ensure house hold staff are functioning to standard Returned Investment - our residential security services often surprise clients when they calculate exactly how much their of their security investment is returned. Investment returned through money saved in; Time, Loss of property, lower insurance premium, taxes (tax deductible) money saved through criminal trauma (lawyers, Doctors, Councillors) well-being

Business Security

Professional Security for your London Business We understand as a London business you are not only looking to hire security that will protect your business, you are looking for professional and affable characters to represent it, this is what we do best. As an all ex British forces company, detecting threat comes natural to us an our personnel, we ensure our staff are trained in all aspects of London business security, including customer services and economics. . security for businesses in LondonGarvian Security Operatives Understand your business Provide security & assistance Prevent loss & damages Assist growth and development Ensure positive customer experience Remain polite and professional . Why London companies choose Garvian We are a London business just like you, our business is your business, you grow we grow! there are hundreds of security businesses to choose from in London, but our clients know there is no one that do business quite like us, professional yet personable, with a show case of ex military-business trained staff. Our strategy is simple, hire the best, re-train them to be more than just security fulfilling your business’s requirement and meeting your budget. Here’s why smart business’s choose us: Professional Front to your venue, store, office or home Meet business insurance requirements to Lower premiums Protect your customers and staff from terrorism and organised crime Returned Investment We grow together

Corporate Security

Executive VIP Protection Services: Corporate Security CORPORATE SECURITY SERVICES VIP EVENT: Security Guards & Personal Protection royal visits | Charity Events | Public Launches 5-6 STAR HOTEL: Security Guards & Personal Protection Concierge | Front of House | VIP corridor security EXECUTIVE: Security Guards & Personal Protection Executive Protection | Office Security | Complete security solutions for Corporations & Businesses Corporate Security Corporate Security is a defensive approach to personnel and asset management, focused on protection and loss prevention. Due to the rise in complex attacks such as terrorism, cyber and organised crime, businesses across London and key areas of the UK are upscaling their defences to combat the potential threat they face, which may negatively impact their productivity and reputation. For this reason we focus our recruitment on former military, police and government close protection officers who have received extensive training and accumulated a diverse range of hands on experience in VIP security and risk management. “In Corporate Security our aim is simple and effective:- “Garvian allows your Business the freedom to grow and your Executives the ability to take calculated risks”. In todays Corporate world your buisness requires a resiliant security outfit, constantly adapting and restructuring as your business grows and the markets change. It can only be made successful by a team of dedicated professionals, experienced in all aspects of security and the impact it has within both corporate and social environments. We achieve our aim through dedicated team work, an experienced workforce, strong business to business AND business to employee communications .” – Scott Jones (Managing Director) Core Elements We facilitate all aspects of corporate security, allowing you and your company to focus on its corporate mission, allowing safe growth as we grow with you. Some of our key elements include: Executive Protection > Asset Protection > VIP Transportation > Guarding > Investigation > Our Role Modern corporate security relies upon a strategic approach to management and leadership, the impact of a security department depends on its ability to persuade individuals to collaborate with the company’s security policies. To ensure this we concentrate on the intellectual approach of our security being in proportion with the physical aspect, by focusing on key areas such as communication, psychology, de-escalation techniques and manoeuvring. We understand businesses may need to take calculated risks to break into new markets, attend meetings and meet deadlines. We facilitate those risks by ensuring both technical and human elements of security are structured to impact your business and staff effectively, essentially giving your business an iron core with a velvet surface. Each and every operative we deploy on Corporate security operations is within him/herself an expert within their field of security. As a company, our ex military senior management control operational planning, outer communiations and facilitate the requirements of our security operatives to ensure you receive a premier security service.

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