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Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Seattle, Washington

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers logo

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Seattle, Washington



Garret Cord Werner Architects and Interior Designers is a Seattle based boutique firm that specializes in luxury and high-end contemporary residential architectural and interior design.

We service clients worldwide.

Our reputation for performance and excellence in design is unequaled.

Address: 3132 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, USA

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By Any Design Ltd.

27 April 2014

Being in the shower building business I have the opportunity of working with many different designers and builders. I have seen those designers with no experience and those with loads of it. I have grown to love Garret's designs and have enjoyed every shower build I have helped his team out with. Clearly a pro of the highest level and a naturally gifted one at that.

Garett's designs are modern and fresh - they do not come across as cookie cutter copies of prior works. Garret's style is his own and everyone of the clients of his I have spoken with speak of him with admiration and respect. I have heard from three clients the same words "I want what ever Garret says!" - I laugh when I hear this because I hear it rarely. When clients utter these phrases it is usually because they trust their designer or architect completely and want his or her vision for their own home.

I love his style of architecture and his use of natural light in all the designs he comes up with. So far I have helped out on five projects of his and hope to continue these builds in the future.

One of my favourite all time designers here on Houzz! Anyone in the Pacific Northwest designing a dream home should include Garret in the short list of potential architects.

John Whipple
By Any Design Ltd.



6 April 2014

I worked on Garret's very first project when he came down to the states 16 years ago and have continually collaborated with him since, always having one or more projects underway together. I know Garret's work very well and have never finished a project with him that was not outstanding to look at and a joy to build.

Garret continually creates an elegant look and feel that is unique for each client but with the common thread that each project itself is, in the end, very simple and quiet. He achieves this by consistently applying a well selected palette of materials and details throughout all aspects of the project. When you walk through a space designed by GCW Architects, you are drawn back to experience it again... to see what you missed because just being there felt good...



3 April 2014

From the moment I met Garret, I was impressed with his design vision and his attention to detail. My connection with him was immediate because I felt from the beginning that he tuned into what I wanted to create in the space that would be my home and sanctuary. And, it was fun working with him throughout the entire project! even though it grew from a tiny remodel to effectively re-building almost my entire house. He has great taste and sense of style so the most difficult thing for me was to say "no" to his ideas and creativity when I felt I was reaching out of my budget. Most often, I ended up agreeing with him, because after he presented something to me, I realized I really wanted it too. There were times when I had to say "no", and I appreciated that he worked to find a way to accomplish almost the same thing with a lower budget. I also appreciated that his time was efficient because he tuned into what I envisioned so well, most of the time he only needed to show me just a few pieces of fabric, or material and I loved them. Garret designed and had built most of my new furniture, which pieces are functional and beautiful. When one piece did not turn out well, he had it remade to make sure it met with my expectation. He designed, with his glass artist, some exceptionally beautiful lighting and art pieces for my home as well. One of the reasons my project was fun, despite its continual huge growth in project size and cost, was because Garret and my builder, Thom Schultz of Mercer Builders, were a united team in their creating this beautiful project together. And, I felt as though I was part of the team too. Garret also worked extremely well with my landscape architect, David Ohashi, to ensure that the house and landscape flowed as one. Now that the house is completed, I couldn't be happier. I love every aspect of my new home! It is and feels exactly what I dreamed it to be. And, I am grateful to Garret for putting his heart into my project too. Rosanne Lapan More...



2 April 2014

I think Garret Cord Werner is a master of architecture and interior design. His crisp, clean lines allow a home's natural beauty to shine. His work is not showy, but it is classy and awe-inspiring. He mixes textures and hues in ways that enhance any project. He finds the perfect piece of art, rug, or accessory to accentuate the home's big pieces. Garret is very pleasant and goes out of his way to ensure the client is happy and respected during the process. I highly recommend Garret for any project .... no matter how big or small. He is truly a gem. More...



27 March 2014

Garret is a consummate professional. We began working with him him in 2008 , chosen for his remarkable talent in contemporary style, thorough knowledge of mechanical and electrical specifics as well as architectural requirements. His architectural knowledge solved many of the design limitations
created by the builder. The results far exceeded our expectations and he continues to make himself
readily available for ongoing projects. He has a great team with accurate project timelines and financial projections. Awesome experience.



27 March 2014

When I was looking into renovating my condo, I was a bit overwhelmed with the choices and all the different perspectives that people had for my design project. After sifting through a couple of firms I kept coming up short on finding the right one who understood my design aesthetic and could meet my budget and time frame. I was referred to Garret Cord Werner by a good friend of mine at a party and after reviewing his firm's work online, I decided to make a call and see if it was a fit.

After contacting Garret, I was immediately reassured that I could have a modern and contemporary space that was actually livable and functional at the same time. Garret and his team provided expert advice and guidance when selecting the final design, sub-contractors and finishes.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate my new home and would highly recommend Garret and his firm to anyone.

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