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El Paso, TX

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Gardner Hotel

El Paso, TX



Address: 311 E Franklin Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, USA

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Reshia Minggia

5 June 2019

Brown family bench is hiring 1808-2400 rdminggia@ yahoo the Gradner hotel has been in my family 1600-2019 leased to a man Stupidified at NO human sense response to me and my parents all artifacts and HUMANS represented in them are Important .. Shaka and I need a place to stay and We want to resume residence at the hotel... .. Brown family bench needs those who NEED to love God in Godlands military is offering ear drum assistance to make JUNk leave Godlans until 2900 or longer start shelving true tangible facebooks at my t mobile stores NEED hotel clerks need historians More...


Nunya B.

17 April 2019

Very charming, great location, great price, and clean. This place should have a higher rating. Check them out on google where they have a rating over 4 stars. It's got some cool history. Dilinger stayed there and Cormac McCarthy wrote some of his books there. The room was cheap $85 after tax. I could have gotten a cheaper room but didnt want to share a bathroom More...


Rosy Alejandro

7 April 2019

excelente atención, muy céntrico, instalaciones limpias, bonita decoración, edificio histórico


Douglas M.

27 February 2019

Inexpensive and well-located historic hotel with everything needed. Several small restaurants in area.


Marc Edwards

20 December 2018

The magic of El Paso is made alive with this hotel! Kayla was a wonderful host at the front desk. I hope to return.


Gabriel Figueroa

17 November 2018

The room that I have received was very nice and clean... And so was the hallway restroom.


Tai S. Grewal

23 June 2018

Hotel has been an experience in it self. Clearly a lot of history here. My stay has been pleasant. Kayla at the desk has been super helpful, friendly, and exceptional at assisting with any and all request.


Jacklynn Cline

24 April 2018

Loved! loved! my experience! staff was wonderful :) rooms were very clean and my bed was comfy, fluffy pillows and the soft quilt made falling asleep easy for me. I really enjoyed the historical charm of the hotel and wish I could have explored more of it! Dinning and entertainment literally steps away from the hotel , I couldn't ask for more. I look forward to staying here again in the future. More...


Ether Ashe

3 December 2017

I've worked in hostels and also stayed in them all over the USA and Europe. This is by far the coolest one I ever stayed in. Awesome architecture and historical feel. Extremely clean, and unlike what other's might have said, no cock-roaches or other bugs. The staff was very friendly. The only complaint I might have mentioned was the super-loud rave going on in the bar downstairs until the wee-hours of the morning. But I was forewarned by staff ahead of time, and was so tired it didn't bother me at all. Besides, it's a friggin hostel in a vibrant downtown area on the weekend. What else can you expect? I recommend it to anyone traveling through El Paso, and will definitely stay there again if I come back this way. More...


Rob Tupper

7 September 2017

We stay here every time we go to El Paso and love it! The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and the prices are great!


Adrian Hernandez

1 August 2017

Extremely affordable and very clean. Great location close to everything and they even have discounts for adjacent restaurants and bars!


Jerry Powers

20 April 2017

Our stay was awesome!!! Amazing staff and it has the perfect location for easy access to everything!!!


Chance Medlock

20 April 2017

What an eclectic place! The history in this place is very evident. Great location and the booking options are very easy to use!


Tom Morton

6 April 2017

One of those old hotels around the world which is a must stay if you can. Step into a non franchise life of the 1920s Dillingar world. Hotel rooms which are from a updated old world charm. Not plastic art More...


Bonnie Juarez

26 March 2017

Wonderful historic gem in the heart of El Paso. Wonderful staff


Adam C.

14 March 2017

My friend and I needed a place to spend the night at the last minute. As I walked into the lobby, I felt like I time traveled back to the 1940's, especially with all the antiques from this decade remaining in the lobby. The night manager, who I think was Ferni, was very pleasant and attentive to my questions of this establishment. He immediately informed us of the historic presence; e.g., John Dillinger's stay. After reading other reviews of this place, I did not know this was the oldest hotel in El Paso. The room was small and quaint, but I enjoyed waking up to the brightly lit up room from the sunshine and the city noise just outside the window. The amenities worked satisfactory as well. Upon exiting our room to leave, as you look down the hallway, it reminded me of the movie The Shining and I was expecting to see the twin girls. The day manager was very polite and even showed us the basement, which is compromised of a kitchen and entertainment room. If I ever require a room at the last minute again and I'm in the area, I'll definitely go to Hotel Gardner. More...


Kimoy Entboy Isaac

13 March 2017

Only been here an hour and already enjoying my stay


Jerry Leyva-Reynolds

12 March 2017

Fascinating and historic. The artifacts in the lobby are amazing and the manager and staff are super friendly.


Jon G.

31 December 2016

First I'll thank James for the great service and awesome info on what to do in town.  My stay was enjoyable and the room was better than I expected, I highly suggest this place if you want a cheap spot to rest your head with a group of friends or solo.


Jason B.

17 November 2016

I liked this small inexpensive historical quirky place for a short quick stay in El Paso.  There is some real historical character to the hotel.  The fixtures all seemed clean, quality, and simple with lots of history.  Apparently this is the oldest continuously operated hotel in El Paso that is family owned and operated still to this day.  Some improvements are underway to restore more of the historical character.  The night when I stayed the lobby floor was being restored to its original tile floor.   The neighborhood immediately around the lobby has a few unique historical joints including a pizza place, dance floor basement club and beer/wine bar.  I slept well. More...


Ashley J.

6 October 2016

If you're visiting El Paso definitely come stay at this beautiful hotel downtown. It is wonderfully located around many restaurants and nightlife locations. The staff are all so welcoming and most of them are  bi-lingual. Stephanie, the manager, was so friendly and professional. The hotel also provides free wifi! It is also full of history, I mean John Dillinger stayed here! Definitely check it out if you are coming to visit, you won't be disappointed. More...


John B.

7 June 2016

FANTASTIC! Most comfortable hostel ever!!!! When I checked in the woman at the front desk was amazing! She let me use the bathroom after a long drive (after checking I did have a reservation, understandable). Check in was a breeze and she then suggested some places to go to eat and then told me about the parking situation! They have TWO parking spots directly in front of the building!!! If it isn't busy and you can get one, it is amazing! You can find paid parking around but this was super convenient!I went out to eat at one of the suggested spots, which was right next door and had a great meal! I came back to a room that was IMMACULATELY clean and properly air-conditioned (not too hot, not too cold). The beds are SOLID! you couldn't feel someone shake the bed if they tried! Addtionally the REAL mattress put me to sleep so hard they had to call up to me at check out time to wake me from my slumber.  I ran into one of the cleaners in the hall way and she greeted me with a happy smile and a "good morning." The Staff down stairs that morning was incredibly friendly (I know the owner was around but still impressed!) The owner (possible manager, assuming from the prowess within him!) chatted me up for a lil and mad me smile!I highly suggest this hostel. There isn't much of a common space to meet other travelers but the quality of sleep you will receive is well worth the cheap price. The hostel that feels as if you are sharing your hotel room with 4 of your good respectful friends!Thank you guys again! Simply Fantastic!!!PS. Close to downtown and fake gators, beer, food & coffee! More...


Leilani D.

12 May 2016

This hotel has worked very hard to turn themselves around - I'm glad I didn't see the past reviews before checking this place out. Apparently they were on an episode of "Hotel Impossible".I stayed last night in a female hostel room with ensuite bathroom. The room and bathroom were minimalist, but everything was clean and there were zero pests. Service was friendly and helpful.The kitchen (located in the basement) was apparently redone when they were on the show. Beautiful dishes and simple decor - I had to go up to the front desk to ask for a fork, though - apparently before they appeared on the show someone stole all their cutlery. The common/pool table room is currently closed while they continue to remodel and fix up the place. The hostel aspect was a bit deserted - they aren't part of Hostels International (yet!), the only way I found out about them was through Google. They have some cool historical items on display on the first floor lobby area. They have a super old school elevator (I think it might be original), but it is currently out of service. Excellent restaurants literally next door (Pot au Feu has *amazing* food and great service). Supposedly there are also several clubs nearby.I was only able to stay one night, but I'll definitely be back in future - I'm excited to see what else they'll have remodeled and done by then. More...


Henry Flores

27 April 2016

One of the coolest and most historic places in downtown el paso!


Dave M.

29 February 2016

I booked a room at the Gardner on my recent vacation.  I booked it online and called to confirm.  The place was in the process of being remodeled and apparently my room was recently remodeled by the travel channel.  It was really great decor, fancy bathroom and bunk beds(keep in mind I stayed on the hostel room) the charm of the place was that it is a 1940 hotel.  It's full of decorations from the past in the lobby.  The girl that owned this place said that Carson Mccullers wrote and lived here.  Also, John Dillinger, stayed there before he got caught in Tuscon Arizona.  I walked by two hipster bearded guys who said "This looks like a Bukowski hotel as I walked by."  The Wifi worked great.  I got a whole four room bunk bed room to myself which was great.  The staff was extremely helpful and attractive.  This is my kind of place.  But if you like Days Inn, AmericInn, Holiday Inn type places this may not interest you.  Which may explain some of the negative reviews, I was happy El Paso had a hostel because I was traveling the country on a 30 day rail pass and didn't want to spend a butt load on hotels that I didn't spend any time at. More...


Ashley Jeanette Monroy

21 February 2016

Such a Nice place! And amazing service! The room was so nice! Great view of downtown. Will for sure be back again! :)


Ed C.

2 December 2015

My stay at Gardner Hotel was a very pleasant one and I'd definitely stay again. .


Christopher M.

18 November 2015

Gardner is a beautiful hotel where I really enjoyed my stay. The location couldn't be more perfect! It was a very relaxing and fun stay.


Paul T.

4 November 2015

I found this hotel on the internet and I'm glad I did. (Awesome website by the way). I really enjoyed my stay at Gardner Hotel. Very nice hotel that's clean and all class. More...


Daniel G.

22 October 2015

Decided to give this hotel a shot while driving through El Paso. I had a very nice stay. Room was clean.


Paul R.

16 September 2015

Traveling around America is one of the things I love most to do. While doing so, I've had the privilege of staying at Gardner a couple of times. I love how historic it is! It makes your stay so much more enjoyable and interesting. I love staying at Gardner, and will stay again if I'm in the area soon. More...


Jordan C.

9 September 2015

We had a great stay at Gardner. We loved the location, too!


Tracey B.

25 August 2015

I found Gardner on one of my hotel apps. I had a great stay! I'm very satisfied with the staff and the way they accommodated us! :D


Dave M.

29 July 2015

We really enjoyed our stay at Gardner! The employees there were really nice and made our stay far better!!


Daniel V.

20 July 2015

Excellent service and hotel room! I highly recommend Gardner!


Ryan F.

4 July 2015

This is the second time I've stayed here at Gardner and again, I really enjoyed my stay! I'd stay again and highly recommend this hotel.


Jeffrey G.

17 June 2015

I really enjoyed my stay. The hotel is very pretty and comfortable. And I also love how it has a historical story to it! The location of the hotel is perfect, right in the midst of other historic sights and restaurants. I would stay again! More...


Tony C.

28 May 2015

I had some tests scheduled at a hospital downtown and decided to stay at Gardner overnight. The location of the hotel was perfect for us and it wasn't too expensive. The room was clean and comfy, I really enjoyed my stay. Thank your staff for the excellent service! More...


Tom R.

13 May 2015

We loved how Gardner has a historical story. We enjoyed our stay, everything went well.


Valerie P.

1 May 2015

I give Gardner two thumbs up! I had a great stay. I stayed at the Gardner while I was in El Paso for some doctor appointments and the location was perfect for me! Right around the area I needed to be. The service was wonderful and had a big part of why I enjoyed my stay so much. More...


Ashley C.

15 April 2015

We had a wonderful stay at Gardner Hotel. It was very warm and friendly and the location was perfect. It was just what we were looking for, I would recommend them.


Rachel M.

25 March 2015

Very good stay .


Audra H.

4 March 2015

Good hotel. I had a great stay, everything was clean and in order. The prices are excellent. This is a very affordable hotel and I would return again.


Matthew N.

18 February 2015

I heard about Gardner Hotel through the Internet. The service is average, but I really liked that Gardner is placed downtown and there are lots of restaurants and shops around.


Jonathan W.

26 January 2015

Great stay! This hotel offers comfortable accommodations at great prices! Set in the perfect location, walking distance of many restaurants and shops.


Luis A.

10 November 2014

Fue muy grata la estancia muy buena la atencion del personal.


Angel O.

24 October 2014

I like this hotel and El Paso. I enjoyed my staying!


Herbert S.

21 October 2014

I converted my short stay into an extended one here. Great old building and a greater location. Best deal I've discovered in the area.


Kathleen S.

13 October 2014

Very easy and comfortable. Good location for city, museums, busses and trains.


Steven M.

26 September 2014

I will always return because I had a great stay at Gardner. I love staying there when I'm in El Paso from Colorado. Excellent service!


Gail N.

26 September 2014

Gardner Hotel's service is Great! They are in a very convenient part of El Paso, close to everything I need to get to.


Jason D.

28 August 2014

Stay was good and very helpful.


Roy L.

13 August 2014

Good stay. Ice machine in convenient location.


Crystal R.

10 July 2014

My daughter and I loved our stay! Thank you!


Cliff M.

9 July 2014

Great service, unique location. I will be back! :)


Jim S.

8 July 2014

Very nice and friendly staff. Great Location!


Alexis S.

7 July 2014

I had an excellent stay. The housekeeping made all the difference! Wonderfully clean and maintained room!


Sen C.

1 July 2014

I had an excellent experience and stay there.


Drake W.

30 June 2014

Great place! Very clean and well maintained rooms!


Jake W.

29 May 2014

The service at the hotel is excellent and I heard about the hotel through Greyhound.


Sauna J.

27 May 2014

The service is good. I heard about the hotel through a Korean's tour guide book.


Jackie A.

23 May 2014

Lobby is history!! :) Great location.


Nikki B.

14 April 2014

I heard about the hotel through hostelworld.com. The service is good.


Jaime R.

6 March 2014

estoy contento con la forma en que mi visita resulto.


Warren P.

4 March 2014

No issues. All went well. l


Immanuel G.

14 January 2014

Excellent service l


Ladyd Calamia

14 December 2013

Great place!


Mike P.

26 November 2013

I found out about the hotel through Poynt application on my Blackberry. The overall service is good. The shower is good and the hotel gives you the feeling of a classic building.


Min J.

12 November 2013

I found out about the hotel through the guide book since I am from San Diego. Their overall service is great, it is a good place with a good location.


Richard P.

5 November 2013

I had already stayed at the Gardner Hotel and it has excellent service.


Teddy G.

1 November 2013

My stay was excellent! The history of such a place is great!


Hector S.

1 November 2013

The service is excellent. I have stayed there before.


Lisa H.

31 October 2013

This is one of the most beautiful and classy places I have stayed. It has the old touch. Overall I like the service, specially the lady in the front. She is super nice! Excellent service! More...


Anne C.

25 October 2013

I was walking by the hotel and decided to give it a try. Excellent service!



20 February 2013

I saw this hotel as I was driving though down town and I decided to give it a try. It was an excellent stay. Nice clean rooms.



20 February 2013

The room I stayed in was very comfortable and clean. Great service.


Zulma F.

20 February 2013

I was in town for a job interview and didn't have much to spend, so I took a chance on the hostel despite the reviews.  I must concur with others in that it is not the cleanest around, but in all fairness, i dont think the place is actually dirty, it is just visibly old and not well updated. It had a bed and a shower for a reasonable price, which was all I needed.  The place is not terribly charming, but the staff was friendly and accommodating.  I suspect I was one of few guests at the hostel- hardly saw anyone else.  If you are looking for a social place look elsewhere.  This is really just meant to be cheap housing for a brief period.  The basement has a kitchen, couches and a television and seems like it could be a decent place to congregate if the hostel had any guests.  The rooms are tiny and poorly lit, the bathroom is suspect, but if you go in expecting bare minimum facilities, you are set. More...



15 February 2013

Good people, a good place to visit and relax.



14 February 2013

The stay was good, all we needed was a room and that's what we got, a decent clean room



14 February 2013

Nice clean place. Good value for the money. Keep up the good work!



18 January 2013

I was very satisfied. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Overall, an excellent stay for two weeks.



16 January 2013

Ive been coming to your hostel room for 14 yrs & have always found Antonio a super special clerk. Helpful, kind and knowledgeable! Love this place and would definitely recommend. More...



26 September 2012

Ideal for a night's stay in El Paso. I stayed here and enjoyed my stay at the Gardner Hotel. I will be back for sure. Great location great price. Friendly staff and accommodating. Room and hotel was clean! More...


Trevor S.

15 July 2011

For a cheap, quickly accommodating place, I was quite happy with my stay at the hostel. It obviously wasn't a five start hotel, but for 23 bucks i was given sheets and great service. I was given a room that had two bunks and could sleep four people to myself so there was no need to get a locker like other hostels. Sink in the bedroom and a shared shower and bath down the hall. I walked around the area in the evening and felt pretty safe. Good little restaurants in the area, and interesting history as well. When I came back, I was locked out but the front desk man quickly came running to the door to let me in. He told me he locks it after a certain hour to "keep the ugly people out." I told him thanks for letting me in, then. More...


Karen S.

13 January 2011

... I liked it here. The building's cool and the staff knows the area. I went walking around at night, and the area around the hostel didn't set off any unusual warning bells... so the location seems pretty secure. Not quite as "social" as some places I've stayed, but that might change by the week.Rate was pretty good--totaled $22 with sheets--which ain't bad for a hostel in a large city. The only downside is the parking situation, and the fact this part of town seems to be a little quiet on weeknights. More...


Tom K.

29 August 2010

Need to stay somewhere in El Paso for a few nights? Look no further than the Gardner, a hostel with character! You'll feel like you're taking a step back in time. This is a must for all you history buffs and fans of the "Public Enemies" movie, because this is the hotel where John Dillinger stayed in the 30s when he came through El Paso. The lobby has a vintage phone booth and switchboard, and a display case with lots of photos from a bygone era. The elevator is 70+ years old, and still works; it's like the ones you only see in old movies. Rooms are a bit small; I didn't care because I only needed to sleep. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms. There is a downstairs TV room with hundreds of channels. When I stayed there on Memorial Day weekend, I was able to lounge on the sofas and had the whole room to myself!  Front doors are locked after 10:00; you need to ring for the attendant on duty to open it up.  Walking distance: Bars, Dance clubs, Downtown El Paso (interesting art and history museums), and the border to Juarez Mexico. Also there is a wonderful Holocaust Museum nearby, well worth a few hours of your time. Also, if you are a movie buff, you have to check out the nearby Fellini Film Cafe, a coffee bar/restaurant/art-house video store that shows classic/artsy movies here on almost every night of the week. You could easily spend 2-3 days here without a car, but I would recommend one to see more of El Paso, or if you are doing road trips to Carlsbad Canyons or Roswell, New Mexico. If you stay here, the staff is very helpful.  This is the only place I stay when I am in El Paso.The only downfall is that they were painting all the hallways when I was there (May 2009). I'm sure they have finished by now. More...

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