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Clarence Ku

21 March 2019

As a independent consultant : https://www.facebook.com/GamaSec/ can be shared by you with an ordering link or even on your LinkedIn posts... Insert this link http://bit.ly/2q0obRl There is a private vendor code we supply you , our system records all your customer’s purchases against your code. We will pay you for all your sales it records . There is a discount code that you can offer to buyers... this discount can be 5% or 10% depending on our mutual choice and season . But this will not be deducted from your commissions which is at 30% ! The customer has 2 products to order GamaShield or GamaShield Pro , on purchase , the customer is charged for 12 months upon accepting order but given 13 months usage, within 30 days trial, if the customer is not happy, they cancel the order. They will not be charged. The order will be canceled. This is a simple process , while you promote Gamasec in every medium you like, you just ask the customer to quote your code and start making passive income....best of all you dont need to know IT! Drop me a mail Clarence@gamasec.com More...



3 March 2019

Easy to use
All in one detection and protection Scanner, malware detection and WAF with DDoS

thanks for your review, we try to provide our SMB customers an enterprise level cyber security services


Tom rand

12 February 2019

Very please of the security services we received fro our website and the contact with the company, a good value for money , very professional

Thanks for the review, We try to provide a professional and easy to use cyber solution we are please that the case


Paweł Handlowiec

22 August 2018



Kamal Kant Yadav

22 August 2018

Best service provider. really helped me for several times.


Muhammad Iqbal

22 August 2018

wow really nice service provider with quick response


K K Yadav

25 April 2017

Best service provider. really helped me for several times.


Didier Rutmann

26 November 2013

Good and expertise cyber security company, provide Cloud Web vulnerability scanner and Malware detection for websites

Easy to read and friendly reporting for an honest price, a good value for money

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