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Galaxy weblinks

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Galaxy weblinks logo

Galaxy weblinks

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States



Galaxy Weblinks is a global technology development and services company that specializes in web and mobile development. Our first and most important job: to help our clients understand the totality of the technology landscape and conceive, design, implement, and support solutions that fit their needs – and budgets.


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26 February 2018

Great initiative

29 August 2017

Very nice and attentive staff. Worked quickly to rectify some issues and got us back up and running quickly.

14 July 2017

Very responsive, professional and courteous team. I would do business with them again.

22 September 2016

The expertise of the team in addition to the quality of deliverables along with communication is absolutely of top class.
We have been engaging Galaxy team for our website development and approached them again for next phase of improvements. More...

16 August 2016

"Working with the Galaxy Weblinks team is absolutely reliable, the timeline and technical expectations were completely fulfilled. It is surprising that the complex task were done effortlessly, allowing the user to focus on the main requirements " More...

28 April 2016

We began work with Galaxy Weblinks in order to build a mobile application. While we had wireframes and a plan in mind, we were new to software development so we appreciated the team's initiative in providing design and development expertise.

The team's robustness and deep bench allowed them to navigate seamlessly through a leadership transition. We are excited to see the the future progress we can make now that we have established a strong foundation.

We intend to continue working with Galaxy for ongoing development and on future projects, which is probably the most objective endorsement there is.

14 April 2016

I rarely write reviews, but I've been nothing but impressed with the talent at Galaxy. I've had them work on multiple projects for me from web development, database development to web services. They also helped with graphic design as well. They are like a one stop shop.

As a customer, they have truly earned my repeat business and they Galaxy is now my official go-to technology partner!


6 April 2016

I was initially apprehensive to work with a company that I found on the internet but my fears were dissipated quickly. Galaxy Web Links was very professional and most importantly knowledgeable and efficient. Communication was very easy and they understood my website concerns resolving them to my great satisfaction. I would highly recommend their services. More...

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Any website that provides relevant information at the correct time is doing a great job. The purpose of the first web page that Tim Berners Lee created was to provide information. That's exactly what a website information is doing most of the time. For example, an e-commerce website prompting you to add credit card details once you have added you shipping address or a product page that lead you to technical specifications. Similarly, a when travel website shows up comparative prices, it is providing information that can help you make a decision.

As a full-stack agency worked with multiple industries to solve business problems. Every time we were able to solve the problem, hopefully, that resulted in a great website.

When starting a new project here are some of the questions that we ask:

1. What is it that you would like to achieve with this project?
2. What have you already thought off, and what do you need help with?
3. Do you have any competitors to look at?
4. What would be your ideal timeline?

Our creative process is simple- define, design, develop and iterate.
It starts with understanding the client’s requirements– their goals, benchmarks, perceptions and aspirations. The next step in brainstorming how to achieve their goal. This can at times include selecting technology, create wireframes, user journey and even mockup. The we work on developing the finer details and the nitty-gritties. At each step we like to have a feedback loop so that if anything is not inline with the goals, we can iterate the course.

There is a lot of information that needs to be transferred before starting work. Which is why you need kickoff meetings. Ideally we like the following items ticked off:
Communication channels
Frequency of emails/updates
Project specifications

The joy of turning an idea into reality is the most exciting and thrilling experience. That’s what we love to do.

As a full-stack development agency, we are experts in front-end as well as back-end development. Most of our clients choose us for our expertise, timely communication, and our 100% dedication.