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I am an owner and soap maker for Gaia Natural Soaps. I make cold process soaps and other natural body products such as shampoos, hair treatment lotions, bath bombs, bubble bath truffles, lip balms, etc. I started to make cold process soaps for my son who has eczema.


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Sohyun Park

23 August 2018

I have been using this soaps for a few years and they are very gentle on skins and beautiful. Additionally, soaps smells so good. These soaps are great as gifts. Highly recommend. More...


Sohyun Park

19 June 2018

Very gentle and beautiful cold-processed natural handmade soaps.

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I just LOVE making cold process soaps, bath bombs and shampoo bars.. I want to make more so I need to sell!! I love to hear from my customers that how their skin feels after they use my soaps. It is so rewarding.

I personally have dry skin. But when my son was born, he was suffer from eczema. I researched how I can help his condition and found out commercial soaps that I was using are harming my son. It was loaded with SLS which cause cancer later, and strip body oils which lead to the skin so dry and itch. Byproduct of natural soap is glycerin. When oils and lye solution mix together, the chemical reaction occurs. The result of this chemical reaction is a soap!! Natural soaps contains glycerin. This natural glycerin draws moisture from the air. Anyway, that is how I started to make. I have been making soaps for 5 years now.

If you are conscious about your well-being and health, this is the place start with. I strongly believe that the thing you use and eat everyday affect your health sooner or later. It is okay to eat or use a bad thing for you once in a while because our body cleans it. But everyday?? It will be accumulated in your body and bring health problems later.