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GAC Marketing is a tech startup located in the Greater Vancouver Area (Langley). We specialize in the applications of Web Design, Artificial Intelligence ,and Search Engine Optimization. We are a small professional, fast acting team who offers extraordinary customer service, and will always takes the time to listen to every detail, question, and concern.


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There are lots of aspects which make a great website but here are a few key features:

1. The website should be very user friendly on all devices. ( Desktop, Tablet, Phone).

2. The website should be optimized for speed.

3. The website should have great content and images so the viewer spends more time on your website.

4. Multiple sections where the customers can get in touch with you. This can be through email, phone, text, or online chat.

The best parts of working at GAC Marketing:

1. We are always working on new and exciting projects, and each week is never the same.

2. We get to work with clients from all over North America.

3. We get to come to work each day doing what we enjoy! It is also great because there is always something new to learn.