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G-Werx Fitness Downtown Mpls

Minneapolis, Minnesota

G-Werx Fitness Downtown Mpls logo

G-Werx Fitness Downtown Mpls

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Mark Norris

27 December 2018

You will not beat the approach of personal training at group training prices anywhere. I have traveled to most of the country and this is a special deal. They have helped me get ready for and recover from surgery (exercise as therapy not physical therapy). Check it out! More...


Ken Ries

26 May 2018

I spend several hours a day in the car and 8 more sitting in an office chair. My health was going down hill. Along came Diana and G-Werx. I have been a regular at G-Werx for over a year now. Working out on a regular basis has eliminated most of my aches and pains (including a persistent rotator cuff problem). I have lost a few pounds and my blood pressure has stabilized.The small group customized plan ensures everyone gets a workout that meets their needs. The plan focuses on both cardio as well as strength training with a little stretching and flexibility thrown in for good measure.I have had gym memberships in the past, but without the support of a regular plan and a personal trainer, I was never able to stick with it. This is the perfect option for me. More...


George Stefas

26 May 2017

I visited every gym in the area before i decided to register at this one. Best atmosphere to workout by far. The emploee is great and will help you with everything you need. The equipment is brand new. Not crowded, not competitive. And the changing rooms are big , i dont know if they are new but they look new. I use it every day and i recommend it for those that really want a place to workout out and are not just going to the gym to meet ppl. They also offer towel service which is pretty cool. More...


Nicole Steil

26 May 2016

If you have any doubts-don't. I'm from out of state and have been having a difficult time finding my spot in the fitness community of the Twin Cities. I was welcomed immediately at 501F1T and made to feel right at home. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have found this place. The work outs are great, Diana is awesome, and the fellow gym goers are super friendly. You are worth the money, you are worth the time, get to this gym and reclaim your fitness! More...


Richard Conley

27 May 2013

What can I say about 501 Fit? It has been so fun working out there and taking the G-Werx classes. Class size is great in the evenings about 3-6 people. You get a lot of one on one time. I don't dread coming to the Gym! I used to hate working out, but the way Phil and Diana run the classes they make it fun, interesting and most of all a good work out. Some of the exercises don't seem like hard work but a day or two later you feel it! Not the typical trainer where they kill you and you can't walk, but a good "burn" and enough to know you had a good work out. I have worked out with other trainers and at other gyms and this is by far the best I have ever been apart of. I was out of shape when I started, I could only lift 15/lbs dumbbells and now I am using 50/lbs dumbbells! I only can imagine what I will feel like going forward! I have lost weight and maintained it, however with a few changes to my diet I can only imagine the results. Baby steps...I am working out regularly and that's a huge step. When you miss a class you miss the people you work out with and the trainers. Now how often do you hear that about a GYM!?!The rest of the gym is very clean, open and bright. I can't say enough about this place! They are even having a gym members bowling party as a thank you! When is the last time your gym did that? You truly feel like family here and that they care. Thank you Phil and Diana! You guys are the best! See you in the next class. More...


Katelyn Johnson

27 May 2013

501 Fit is as good as it gets. I've lost 15 lbs and gotten great muscle tone since I started G-Werx group training sessions 9 months ago. I feel strong and healthy, and I am in the best shape of my life! The ROI you get from 501 is through the roof. The G-Werx group training sessions are a phenomenal workout - not to mention, affordable and fun. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and attentive, and their routines keep me on my toes. It's helped me make strength training and exercise a part of my lifestyle, and that's why I've been able to keep off the excess pounds. Believe me, I am no gym rat and I travel weekly for work, so this is saying something!To top it off, you are supporting small business in Minneapolis. People know your name here, and that support system helps you maintain your fitness goals.501 Fit is the best thing I did for myself in 2012. More...


A Google User

1 November 2010

This is a great gym, I had the pleasure to do a full body workout divided on three days (back, biceps - pecs, abs - shoulders, triceps) when I was on a business trip in Minneapolis. The atmosphere with brick walls and new training equipment was fantastic. The dumbbells go to 100 pounds as far as I saw. The early opening hours, 06:00, made it possible for me to workout before I had all business meetings in the rest of the day.

But the greatest thing about the gym was the staff. Fantastic services and always positive!

/The Swede

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