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Pine Spring, Virginia

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Pine Spring, Virginia


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Alex Grahammer

9 October 2019

Gyan and Matilda were extremely professional and very responsive to all the needs during the design and construction phases. They went far and beyond the contract and were fully committed with the project and the owners throughout!!! More...



6 November 2017

It is Christmas when you find an architect led builder!! Gyan is talented, enthusiastic, professional and most important of all took note of our all needs. My wife and I differ in style and taste, I must say we are almost at conflicting extremes but with Gyan’s expertise we were able to build a beautiful home that makes us both happy. What is nice is that he made provisions for our dogs. The building team was responsive to our needs, and continued to provide professionalism throughout the process. Having built several homes, we can say without question, that Gyan and his team made a stressful process less painful and fun! We are proud and happy with our home and would highly recommend Gmanu and Associates. Thank you Gyan my best to you. More...


Tom Long

20 October 2017

I chose Gyan to assist my mother to renovate her out of date 1950s home. From the initial briefing my mother was comfortable with how Gyan interpreted her style. She wanted to open out the kitchen, change the carpet to wood flooring, roof was leaking and the appliances had gotten out date. The deck was about to collapse and the bathrooms and gotten old and tiny over the years. Gyan’s sense of spatial arrangement is everything more than I imagined. His particular attention to feng shui and budget is what my mother love the most.
He created a complete transformation of the living area, kitchen and bathroom. Having a professional of Gyan’s caliber was very reassuring especially in dealing with an older client. We are thrilled with the great experience we had. Many thanks Gyan and team!


Eric Lienhard

31 August 2017

Gyan and his team provided us three concept designs for our Master bath that included elements and details that I would never have thought of myself. We look forward to marrying these elements together to create our dream bathroom. More...


susan henry

22 November 2016

My husband and I hired Gyan to design and build a sunroom and deck addition. The job involved countless hearings for variance in the Town of Vienna. Gyan and his team are extremely pleasant and flexible to work with, giving us the benefit of their knowledge while incorporating our suggestions. He would listen and also explain why some of the ideas we had wouldn’t work aesthetically with the total vision of the project. The addition was recently completed and I’m sitting here enjoying the space as I write. I like the intimacy of a small company and their ability to listen and produce a one of a kind product that suits our living condition.
He was involved in the project from beginning to the very end.
I’d recommend Gyan and his team to everyone.



18 January 2016

We loved working with Gyan, He designed a single family home for us which incorporated a modern look in a traditional setting. He and his staff were very professional and friendly. We highly recommend Gyan Manu and Associates if you are looking for an architect to design your home. More...



12 October 2015

Gyan and his team were fabulous to work with on our project. We have a young family, we both own businesses and we wanted to undertake a large project that included a kitchen renovation, addition, screened in porch and 2 decks. We needed a team that could accommodate our hectic schedules and guide us through our project from start to finish. Now that we can look back, we can say our experience could not have been better. They are current, professional, listened to our desires and delivered. We will continue to use them for all of our projects! Maura & Daryl Schauss More...


Cary Citronberg

21 August 2015

Gyan and Matilda are great. This is our third project we've done over the years, and they are by far and away the most professional, responsive, and talented of anyone we've worked with. We went through countless designs and redesigns of the architectural scheme, Gyan's suggestions were always well thought out and he was always very quick and thoughtful in redesigning the project as the project evolved (which it does in every project). Moreover, we live in Arlington, with its notoriously difficult zoning department, which required creative redesigns to accommodate both our wishes and the demands of our county bureaucrats, and Gyan was always extremely efficient and did a great job in accommodating the various parties along the way. Honestly, out of the many architects, contractors, and subcontracts we've worked with, he is the only one i can say we were truly satisfied with. More...



16 November 2014

Gmanu & Associates is a great firm to work with. He is very responsive and organized. The office staff is the same and is also professional and courteous.
Gyan knows the questions to ask to optimize the time spent in consultation. He really listens and presents plenty of options that show a lot of thought went into the design. Gyan redesigned a master bath, laundry room and basement.
Gyan was always available for questions, making the process seamless. His prices are better than competitive. Will definitely use for another project. MShaw



26 October 2014

We hired Gyan after our first meeting. He stood hands above all other candidates with his creativity, detail orientation, excellent construction documents and absolute passion for his work. He was referred by a neighbor so we were able to see the completed kitchen he designed first hand. It was gorgeous, and very functional. We also liked that even after the job had moved on to a building contractor, Gyan wanted to stay involved. We would highly recommend him for any design project. More...



26 October 2014

I have hired Gyan for 2 separate jobs at this point. Both of which were large remodeling projects. And I am getting ready to hire him for a third. He has gone above and beyond for both of the current jobs we are working on. His patients with the homeowners and the process that goes into these large projects is amazing. And shows his true love for his work. He even personally drove a set of drawings to my house at 8pm to make sure we had them by the deadline he set. I hope to continue my relationship with Gyan and his team for many years to come. More...


Barbara Gonsalves-Heron

18 March 2014

Gmanu is tops in our book.
We own a medical practice which required a renovation on the first floor of our reception area. The building is 28 years old - need I say more? The idea was to create an atmosphere that was all encompassing in a circular motion with clean lines and chrome accents. Tile, wood and recessed lighting were key. A waterfall to give an added spa effect was a main focal point.
Walk in Gmanu & Matilda. The idea turned into a vision. The tile moved from traditional to modern. The wood - brown and complimentary as the desk was round in shape and earthy in feeling. The lighting fixtures, also half-circles with recessed lighting provided the correct illumination. Once the waterfall wall was engraved and water flowing, this piece provided the best accent for our clients to relax in a peaceful, modern office.
Gmanu worked with us until we were happy. Matilda assisted with color and decorating ideas which made this project easier for my husband and I.
We love receiving compliments on the office and the restroom - which is spectacular. One would want it in their home.
Our recommendation? ABSOLUTELY. You will love the designs and commitment from this company.



5 February 2014

Gmanu and Associates helped us by designing a remodel for our existing main level of a split level. We met with Gyan and Matilda at our home at length to discuss what visions we had for our home. Through the discussion, Gyan flushed out the factors that were important to us and was able to help guide us in identifying the features and attributes that were high priority and those that actually weren't important to us. He was highly interested in our sense of style and information on how we anticipated living in and truly using our space as he started formulating his design ideas. We were very pleased to be presented with multiple varied design layouts that took into account our priority list, ideas regarding use and style but also factored in our budget. In a timely manner we were able to pick, combine and refine 2 of the initial layouts to be reworked into a hybrid version with which we were thrilled. We loved that Gyan collaborated with us (and our chosen contractor) regarding minor adjustments and refinements as we moved through the process.
It was clear that Gmanu and Associates is passionate about the work process and outcome. Gyan was available for onsite (our home or various local businesses) consultation to discuss with us specific choices for fixtures, colors, textures, etc. He has such a solid eye for the finished design and addressed so many details that we would never have thought to ask for. An example was his vision for a uninterrupted backsplash which resulted in the outlets being mounted at the cabinet/backsplash base so they are all but invisible unless you are bending over. The look if fabulous! Another example of his dedication to the visual outcome was the hour we spent arranging and rearranging the new full wall fireplace tiles to achieve a coordinated waterfall effects versus the grains of the tiles just ending up in whatever random position they were mounted.
We really appreciated from an environmental as well as budget aspect that Gmanu and Associates makes efforts to reuse materials when possible. We had many bricks removed from an area where a window was being enlarged and those same bricks were then reused in our house to fill the gaps from a 48" wide french door that was modified to a 36" wide single door.
Gyan communicated with our contractor on a regular basis to ensure that the project was going as planned and to problem solve a few unanticipated issues that arose.
We feel that Gyan and Matilda from Gmanu and Associates were able to take us through a process that started with our fledgling ideas and ended with a house that is better than we had dreamed.



1 November 2013

Gmanu was the architect and designer of my present residence in Silver Spring, Maryland. This was an add-on to an existing house and his design and overall plan intergrated the two structures beautifully. We are greatly pleased by his good work and job well done. More...



30 October 2013

Gyan Manu is a great collaborator. He is professional, creative, and enthusiastic. He listens well and makes concerted efforts to truly understand his clients' design requests. He is diplomatic and considerate when objecting to designs that may not work in the overall plan. We were extremely impressed with his designs for a powder room, and have worked with him for additional designs for our living/dining room area, custom furniture and our children's bedrooms. Gyan is an extremely talented artist and illustrator, which makes working with him easier than others because he can start sketching and drawing what you are describing right in front of you. It's an extremely efficient way to collaborate. 5/5 stars. More...


Louis Salzmann

13 October 2013

Fresh, innovative, collaborative. Listens very well and comes to the table with great ideas. Gyan helped with a major house renovation including full first floor kitchen-family-living-entry-laundry and 3.5 baths. He took our very awkward and unnecessarily cramped layout and transformed it into our dream house! Added benefit -- his extensive design-build experience and project management know how means he really understands cost variables, not just design. This was critical to help us keep the project within budget, while enabling us to splurge on key elements. This was the second time we hired Gyan. The first was 7 years prior for a master bath where he also did a fabulous, timeless design. Happy to act as a reference any time, and I highly recommend his team. More...



2 October 2013

We purchased a 1950s brick split-level home in Vienna with the intention of undergoing an extensive remodel. We had previously built a Craftsman style home in Colorado and wanted this project to be completely different. Our General Contractor introduced us to Gyan Manu, as he had worked with him on prior projects. During our first meeting, Gyan presented his portfolio, and, based upon the first project he showed us, we decided to engage him to transform our outdated home to a modern design.
Gyan's concepts, sketches and 3D renderings created the vision we desired, but his knowledge of construction and close interaction with our GC turned his concepts into reality. We were challenged with obstacles related to permits, but Gyan assisted us throughout the process and was very accommodating when we had to revise our original design. His collaboration with our GC, our kitchen/bath designer, and most importantly, with us, was invaluable.
We are thrilled with the end result--we have a home which is modern, yet comfortable, nestled among mature trees, yet "brand new". If you are looking for unique ideas, executed by a consummate professional, I would highly recommend contacting G Manu and Associates.


Alasgar Farhadov

1 October 2013

I rehab and build homes in Northern Virginia. Mainly in Arlington, Vienna & Falls Church. Couple if months ago I met a homeowner who was really bragging about Gyan Manu. I asked her, to email me Gyan's info and the project he did for her. After looking at Gmanu web site, I was impressed and I wanted Gyan to work on my own house and a project that I have in Arlington.

Gyan is a all
About attention to detail and create something unique and timeless. It is important to have somebody who will care about your house more than you do. With Gyan it is all about creating and doing something new and different. His vision is great.

I have so far hired him twice. Now he is workin on my own house. We are converting Split Level house to a Modern/ Contemporary full of glass unique home. Virginia has too many Split levels, he convinced me to make it unique. Our home will be ready in February 2014- I will continue my review after that & may be I can share some pictures.

When you hire an Architect, not only check his projects online, but try to visit at least 1-2 homes he has done from exterior. That's at least what I did. It is like falling in love at first sight. Then comes the Architect himself. Them comes his approach to your lifestyle. Gyan told me that he also researched my culture and region before drawing my home. That's a goin the extra mile.

I would highly recommend G.Manu to all those who wants change & who wants different lifestyle.

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