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41 West

18 December 2015

As a builder in Naples, Florida, we recommend Fred and his team at Fzad Architecture + Design to anyone in the New York Metro Area, as well as anyone who owns in Naples, Bonita Beach, or Marco Island, who wants to either design and build a custom home, or wants to remodel a luxury home or condo.
Fred understands that you want your own special place, that reflects your style and taste. It is imperative that you trust the team you have chosen to design your dream. FZAD Architecture + Design is a team you can trust and we highly recommend them.



22 July 2015

We worked with Fred and Pam Zonsius for a year and a half, from inception, acquisition, demolition, reconstruction and punch listing. The FZAD firm was selected amongst 21 qualified architects and designers we interviewed, including star architects. Fred was the most creative and comprehensive. He has a knack for encompassing criteria outlined by the client (us) and adapting modern alternates with the complimentary engineering. He was the most impressive. The emphasis for our design was to enhance Central Park views adn the volume of our high ceilings; this was accomplished beautifully. I'm a real estate developer in Manhattan for 35 years and must set a good example for those I live and work within the industry.

The FZAD firm was able to takeoff the construction itemization and compare multiple contractors and component pricing so we could emphasize the quality in component valuations.

We had Fred's talented meeting memoranda tracking Board approvals and municipal department compliance which enabled expediting.

Weekly job meetings helped identify any lagging subcontractors or long lead items so that we were able to finish ahead of time.

The firm was strong and I recommend them for detailed projects.



22 July 2015

Frederic Zonsius developed a "Master Plan" for the interior renovation of our house and the addition of an exterior screened-in porch and deck. For three months, Fred worked very closely with a three-man construction team in carrying out the first phase of that plan. Based on his exceptional creative talent, wonderful personality, and the personal attention he brought to our renovation we highly recommend the skills of Fred Zonsius.

Fred's pre-design emphasis on a furniture plan was very helpful in making us visualize the size and placement of architectural features. In addition, his explicit and well detailed drawings convinced us early in the project that we were going to benefit from high quality work; he listened to our ideas and incorporated them precisely into the plan. Likewise, he steered us away from ideas that did not fit our overall vision.

We are very excited to move ahead with phase 2 of our master plan with FZAD!



22 July 2015

on behalf of my wife and myself this is to recommend to you Frederic Zonsius as an Architect and Designer. Initially we had hired a local architect to "draft plans" of our new 2000 sq ft addition. However, we just could not decide whether we like it or not or why we were ambivalent about going forward with the design. However upon one meeting with Fred where he developed sketches in front of us, we knew where the shortcomings of the design were and what the resolution should be; suddenly the process was enjoyable again!

Fred works within concept which once adopted all decisions down to the colors on the wall become easy to make.

We would be happy to recommend him. Despite the distance from Ohio to New York we never felt it to be a problem. His resources from the New York community were extremely beneficial and it was nice to get a fresh outlook that was not local.

He design not only the architectural shell but went beyond to design all built ins, moldings and finishes!