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Marijke van Bergeijk

14 May 2019

Excellent service!!!!
Last year in late winter, I ordered 11 blue/white SA wild Irisses (Dietes Iridioides). The plants were young and only one bloomed after 2 months - unfortunately in the wrong colour: yellow.
I went back to the shop and I was told that the label on the plants was the blue/white colour and that I should wait and see what colour the other plants would be. However, none of the other plants bloomed last year, but now they all start to bloom, and all with yellow flowers. So I told the ladies at the shop my disappointment (I had ordered the blue/white colour as it goes perfectly with the surroundings and our blue garden furniture) and immediately they suggested to order 11 new plants in the right colour. I also did not have to dig out the last year plants and exchange them.
So I think the Fynbos Gardens Team deserves a super big compliment of how they dealt with my complaint. Many other stores should take an example - Fynbos Gardens in Hermanus is really customer friendly.
A big thank you to the lovely and competent staff!
Marijke van Bergeijk, Walker Bay Manor Guest House, Hermanus

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