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Fuse Fireworks

Nottinghamshire , Nottinghamshire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Fuse Fireworks logo

Fuse Fireworks

Nottinghamshire , Nottinghamshire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Unique and award winning firework displays and special fx, to entertain and engage audiences of all sizes.


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“making people happy with fireworks” because it’s what we do!

To provide the best firework displays and special fx possible at the best value for money.

Fuse Fireworks are a design-led, award winning firework display and special fx company.
It's our passion for pyro, creativity, and display execution that makes us different from the rest.

For our team these fundamental ideas are crucial;
We believe that "everyone should have the best fireworks possible" and so we spend time getting to know you and your event, to be sure that we deliver the right show to engage with your audience.
Whether your event is small or big we tackle every project with the same level of optimism, and as a unique challenge. We will push ourselves creatively looking for new ideas to give you more and exceed your expectations
We do what we say we will. We are honest and we always keep our promises.
We listen, we plan, we deliver, we evaluate, we knuckle down and we get the job done!

We know that when you book a firework display with Fuse Fireworks that you are putting your trust in us, and we won’t let you down.
You will be investing in a company with collectively over 35 years experience in the pyrotechnic industry, a British Pyrotechnists Association member, with a 100% safety record, and a company whose aim is to provide you with the best fireworks, and best value possible.
We take our profession seriously and would never compromise on safety. For every event we produce a site specific, risk assessment and method statement and present this before every display. Whilst not everyone’s favourite bedtime reading the quality of our risk assessments have impressed those who need to be impressed and we have won displays on the strength of this area.
Our City in Guilds qualified firing teams are led on-site by a friendly, experienced, senior technician. As there is little they haven’t seen or done before you can rest assured everything will be in safe hands.
And we invest heavily in technology employing state of the art digital systems to fire our shows, ensuring that they are as spectacular, yet as safe as can be.
Our service is fully inclusive and backed 365 days a year by £10m insurance.