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Working alongside dogs is a pleasure. I have been working with dogs for the last 10 years including explosive detection dogs and drug detection dogs , but also help to train them from puppies too. The reward and satisfaction from doing this is not only good for me but for the owners too.
Since retiring my working dogs i felt so unsatisfied that I was no longer working alongside my favourite animals i studied so hard to become a behaviourist and a trainer. I am now building up a clientele around lowestoft and yarmouth and enjoying teaching not just the dogs but the owners too how to enjoy being a dog owner

As alot of friends pet owners have issues with their dogs and find it hard to change the habit that they have i had helped resolve these issues and felt so rewarded therefore started up as a business

Not only am i a behaviourist but also canine first aid trained. I also work alongside the actual owners and kindly and honestly let them know that their skills do need to change sometimes too.
I will get to know the owners on a one to one basis rather than in a class as this is better for both owner and dog. I offer private puppy classes in your own home so that your pet is in familiar surroundings whilst they learn.


Trimming the dogs claws can be a difficult job so why not have it done in the comfort on your own home £8 per dog