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Furball Fitness is dedicated to the health and well-being of your beloved puppy. We specialize in dog day care, walking and pet sitting services.

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Megan D.

3 August 2019

I adopted my rescue pup during a period when I worked from home a lot. He really struggles with separation anxiety so leaving him crated when I got a regular 9-5 wasn't an option I felt good about. I visited a few daycares where the dogs were poorly behaved: barked incessantly, peed inside, and wouldn't stop mounting my dog. Sheri and Furball Fitness are a GODSEND. I really appreciate that they make sure the dogs maintain good behavior and go potty outside since I was worried about him regressing in his training. The extra exercise throughout the week has been so good for him, has helped him socialize with other dogs, and giving him a really positive association for our time apart has been helpful for his anxiety. Sheri is incredibly professional, so kind, and my dog LOVES her. Cannot recommend enough. More...


Tanner B.

20 May 2019

This is a fantastic place for your pup to play with other dogs and have fun!  Sherri is a gem and cares deeply about each dog and owners needs. My nervous little pup comes home happy and exhausted each day he goes to Furball.  Sherri came highly recommended by a good friend in San Francisco and I am so glad I found her. More...


Kait N.

29 April 2019

Sheri and her team at Furball Fitness are amazing! My husband and I recently moved to Oakland and decided to adopt a Pitbull mix puppy. I looked up a couple doggie daycares in the area, and found Furball Fitness. After looking at the website and Instagram, I quickly weeded out the other options and took my puppy Henley to meet Sheri. The facility was everything a pup could want and Sheri was so sweet, helpful and organized I had no hesitation signing Henley up!We've been going for about 2 months now and Henley still pulls me all the way to the front door! He loves seeing Sheri, Alex and all his furball friends! I love knowing he's in a safe and fun environment, and always look forward to the picture and video updates I get throughout the day when he's there! More...


Nicole D.

20 March 2019

My dog gets excited for many things, but nothing excites her more than when I placed her harness out to go with Sheri and the FF staff.I felt so relieved knowing someone who cared as much as Sheri does was taking care of my pup while I was at work. The constant communication via videos and pictures of my dog smiling (yes, legitimately) made my day.You will not go wrong withSheri and FF. I recently moved to SF and one of the things I will miss most in Oakland is Sheri and the peace knowing my pup was happy and smiling. Crossing my fingers I can find similar here. More...


Jack S.

18 January 2019

My pup Charlie and I love Furball Fitness SO MUCH - from day one Sheri has put me at ease with her clear, consistent communication and her obvious love for all the dogs that come to hang out in this space! I am physically disabled and being able to bring Charlie here to run around for the afternoon and play with his crew is such a huge help to both of us, as it gives him exercise and socialization that is working especially well for him (way better than the dog park in fact! Because it's a much more controlled, predictable environment and he gets to see his same friends every week, which seems to help a lot with his social anxiety). I have been a client of FF for a number of months now and have watched Sheri work so hard to grow this business and create a space where dogs can get valuable exercise and socialization and TLC from FF staff. Everything from her straightforward billing process to her cheerful text check ins sending me cute photos and videos of my pup while he's there - is just great! We are happy campers. More...


Ashley L.

4 December 2018

Sherri is absolutely amazing!!! A dog whisperer! My baby Harley is a high energy dog and Sherri keeps up manages to tire her out every day! She also has worked with her in training and has made great progress. She is literally my lifesaver. I know Harley is safe and sound with her and will go on great adventures everyday. She treats her like her own and Harley loves her to pieces. I would never take her anywhere else! Best find ever : Furball fitness!! Ps. She sends adorable pictures, updates, and videos everyday. More...


Clara V.

6 September 2018

My dog is a rescue from Taiwan. He is a Formosan Mountain dog mixed with Pointer. In Taiwan he was mistreated by people, nobody fed him or gave him love, or shelter. The only interactions that he had with people were very negative. He only had positive interactions with other dogs. For these reasons, he does not trust people. However, with Sheri after one time of going to Furball Fitness, he started trusting her. These positive experiences are improving his behavior with people overall. Snowflake (his name) enjoys very much going to Furball fitness. He gets very happy when Sheri arrives. He did that only with me! Snowflake plays at the pet daycare and Sheri takes the dogs to hikes, or walks, or dog parks. When my dog gets home he is very tired and happy. Sending Snowflake there has helped me so much with my job. Some days I cannot walk him, but Sheri picks him up and drops him off! I am so happy I found Furball fitness and that Sheri is in-charge. She is very sweet with dogs and they love her! More...


John C.

15 August 2018

I feel so lucky to have found Sheri and Furball Fitness. From the moment I met her and saw her facility, I knew that I had stumbled onto something special (thanks Yelp). Knowing that our dog Pepper is in exceptionally professional, kind, and loving hands is such a relief for us. She comes home exhausted, which is a godsend for us. Her behavior has improved as well - she used to be a little feisty with big dogs, but since she joined the Furball pack she's cool as a cucumber. Sheri even sends pictures of Pepper enjoying herself at her facility and on the trail. Sheri's is also flexible with my somewhat odd schedule, allowing me to pick up Pepper at various times, and even at her house!This is the easiest five star review I've ever given to a business. Love Furball Fitness and Sheri! More...


Zubin L.

24 July 2018

Sheri is so good with our pup! He's a large, high energy Goldendoodle pup and she handles him very well. He absolutely loves going to Furball Fitness. Every evening after spending an afternoon with Sheri and the dogs, he is completely exhausted. Sheri is very professional and very flexible. She sends text updates and pictures throughout the day to keep us informed about our pup (we love getting pictures of our pup having the time of his life while we sit at work!). More...


Brylyn F.

17 July 2018

Sheri is amazing! You can clearly tell she loves what she does - her passion and dedication for dogs shines through in her energetic, caring spirit. I found Furball Fitness by doing a quick Google search and after talking with her about my dog, I knew it would be a great fit for both of us. She's flexible and understanding of my crazy work schedule, very accommodating, and a great communicator. Sheri has taken a big leap starting her own business doing something she loves and I highly recommend her services. My dog comes home completely wiped out from having tons of fun all day with his pals and hiking through the east bay hills. Although I don't the dogs don't spend too much time inside the actual daycare facility since they're out hiking most of the day, it's spacious and clean with lots of room for the dogs to play or relax. More...


Unleashed Consulting

17 July 2018

There are special people - and special businesses in this world - few and far between...

Sheri and Furball are legit. Both crazy special.

I know every week that my Divina ("Diva") is not only in exceptional hands when Sheri picks her up (and doesn't disturb my workday), but that Diva will have a fun, exhausting day with Sheri and her puppy-posse... that is enormously comforting for me. I know my pup will have great day with caring, loving, professional human. And for proof, Sheri sends me videos and pix to show me how much Diva is enjoying her weekly holiday.

Five stars for Sheri and Furball. Five HUGE blazing fiery stars.


Danny C.

16 July 2018

There are special people - and special businesses in this world - few and far between...Sheri and Furball are legit. Both crazy special.I know every week that my Divina ("Diva") is not only in exceptional hands when Sheri picks her up (and doesn't disturb my workday), but that Diva will have a fun, exhausting day with Sheri and her puppy-posse... that is enormously comforting for me. I know my pup will have great day with caring, loving, professional human. And for proof, Sheri sends me videos and pix to show me how much Diva is enjoying her weekly holiday.Five stars for Sheri and Furball.  Five HUGE blazing fiery stars. More...


Lisa M.

16 July 2018

Furball Fitness is beyond amazing.   I am so happy and as grateful as all the other reviewers to have found Sheri.  I have a varied night shift work schedule so Sheri has been extremely flexible and helpful in working around my schedule.  She also took extreme care in the beginning when we first started our routine as my dog has separation anxiety and probably some other issues.  She took the time to make sure he was comfortable (and me) and now he gets so excited every time he sees Sheri pull up.  Seriously, you should see how excited my dog gets when he sees Sheri.    Sheri is quick to respond with text messages or e-mails and is always sending cute photos of my dog hanging out on adventures.  I've even had my dog stay with her while I was away on vacation and I know he's a bit of a spoiled brat so I tend to get a bit nervous/uneasy when leaving him on vacation, but Sheri is really amazing with my dog.  Just like all the other reviews I highly recommend Sheri and Furball Fitness. Her prices are also very reasonable.   In summary, Sheri is professional, reliable, quick to respond and my dog always comes back happy and calm (able to get his energy out.) I don't know how I managed without her before! More...


Audra C.

16 May 2018

How lucky am I ... or should I say how lucky is my dog!! Finding Sheri at Furball Fitness has been a blessing. No longer do I feel guilty having to leave my pup behind while I am off working in the city. My dog teddy actually gets really excited knowing he is heading to Furball Fitness for lots of play. I know that ted goes on these amazing adventures during his time spent at furball each day because Sheri is consistently sending me photo updates of how the day is going. Also the biggest proof of a fun adventurous day is that he is tired and his behavior is better. Sheri is not only a dog person, but she is also a people person! She is really great at communicating and listening to the needs of both teddy and I. Super happy to have found this program! More...


J W.

10 January 2018

Long overdue RAVE for wonderful Sheri and Furball Fitness. The best dog walker/sitter I've ever known. My lovely Goldie comes home happy, healthy and completely knackered from the long walks and play. But Sheri is great for me, too. My schedule is crazy, changes constantly and involves odd hours -- Sheri takes it all in stride and is always there for me and my energetic fur-baby. She sends pictures and updates all the time, which I love. The new daycare center makes it even easier, and of course, my Goldie loves overnights with Sheri and her pups. Sheri's bookkeeping and scheduling is super easy and she is as friendly, reliable, trustworthy and smart as they come. I am so happy to have found Furball Fitness. I cannot recommend Sheri and her dog camp enough. It's like having your best friend hang out with your best friend -- just an awesome combination. More...


Jennifer P.

4 January 2018

I would give Furball Fitness 10 stars if I could, and I'm sure our dog Lenny would too! Sheri is caring, thoughtful, and amazing with dogs. I can't recommend her highly enough. Lenny waits by the door for her, and comes home from his walks and adventures so happy and tired. She has even helped to train him to go off leash, which is something we were previously nervous about. Now we can take him to Pt Isabel to run free no problem! The socialization he gets at Furball Fitness has also been wonderful. Lenny's still a bit of a puppy, and since joining Furball we've noticed that he's been a lot more calm around other dogs. And he LOVES his Furball pack. The pictures that Sheri sends us of Lenny and the other dogs make our day. They all look so happy with their tongues out! Her Instagram stories are also A ++++Sheri is also extremely professional, responds quickly, and runs a wonderful business. Her space is fabulous -- and a great place for the pups to run around when it rains.Signing up for Furball was the best decision! More...


Emily M.

19 October 2017

Sheri is a very caring and thoughtful entrepreneur who is amazing with our dog Dinosaur. He loves hanging out at Furball Fitness and going on walks with her. Dino gets separation anxiety, which means that he will howl and whine when we're at work. It breaks our hearts, so we wanted to find a doggy daycare where he has company and can have a good day while we're at work. This is working really well for Dinosaur and for us. Sheri picks him up and drops him off, so it's very easy on our schedules and Dino loves hanging out with her!Sheri sends us photos almost every time she walks him. It's nice to know he's happy while we're working. I've been to the Oakland space and think it's great. It's well laid out, the dogs seem to love it, and there's a mix of indoor/outdoor space. I would definitely recommend checking it out! More...


Kevin R.

18 August 2017

Sheri is so much more than a dog walker. She is a part of our family. All we have to do is say her name in our house and our Kylie goes crazy. She just loves going out for adventures with Sheri and the rest of the pack.  Sheri's level of care, commitment, professionalism and kindness is so rare. We feel so lucky to know her and have her in our lives. More...


Dave G.

10 August 2017

Sheri is absolutely amazing! She taken care of my dog for years every time I travel and I literally trust one other than her. I always know Maggie will be in good hands and get the same amount of attention and love I give her!!!Thanks Sheri, you're the best! More...


Emily K.

2 August 2017

It's hard to put in a review how grateful we are for Sheri and Furball Fitness.  Our dog absolutely LOVES going on her adventures every day.  It's all she can do to stand up and greet me when I walk in the door after work..Macy is utterly EXHAUSTED! The coolest part about Furball Fitness is how Sheri takes them to different parks/beaches/trails every day and let's them run their little hearts out.  Attached are a few pics of Macy's daily adventures.  Sheri also offers overnight services...we call it "Macy's vacation house getaway."  Macy literally pulls us to the front door with excitement (I'm convinced she wants Sheri to adopt her from us!). Wish I could give infinite stars for Furball Fitness!! It is a fantastic business!!! More...


Melissa H.

24 July 2017

Sheri is the best! My fur baby Henrie has been joining the Furball Fitness pack since she's been 5 months old, and she's been romping with Sheri ever since. We've had an incredible four year run and counting! Sheri is extremely professional, reliable and flexible. No worries when Henrie is with Sheri, and I love that Sheri is available for boarding, too, if needed. Amazing service, and definitely one of the best in the Bay Area. Thank you, Sheri and Furball Fitness! More...


Carrie B.

10 July 2017

I could not give a more sincere and glowing review than I can for Sheri / Furball Fitness. I moved to the city over a year ago, and my close friends highly recommended her. I am SO incredibly grateful for that connection, because she has been just incredible for me and Cooper. She is such a wonderful, compassionate, reliable person who is not just great with pups but truly a dog whisperer. I wouldn't trust just anyone with Cooper, and I completely and whole-heartedly trust Sheri caring for Cooper, and I know she treats him just as well as I treat him (if not better!). I don't have a shred of concern/worry when he is with her and I know being with her and Charlie makes Cooper so incredibly happy (which makes me so incredibly happy!). When my dad unexpectedly passed away this winter and I needed someone to answer a phone call at 6:30am to take care of Cooper while I was gone, she was actually the only one who answered and instantly put my heart at ease knowing she was there to swoop in and take care of him during my unexpected and sudden time away. We love Sheri - she is the best! More...


Lucy K.

10 July 2017

Sheri has been an incredible help and joy to both me and my dog Ernie. Ernie loves to run around and play, but he is an anxious dog that is fearful of loud noises, trucks, and buses. He found a home with Sheri and her pack. I love knowing that while I'm at work he gets to go to some beautiful, quiet place like the beach or the presidio, run around, and come home tired. He loves when Sheri shows up each day! As a person trying to balance a hectic job and care for a dog by myself, I was able to depend on and trust Sheri for help with time changes, pickups and drop offs, not to mention that she is my first choice for Ernie to stay when I travel. I know he will be in great hands with her, and that all his special needs will be met. More...


Isabel W.

10 July 2017

Sheri is hands down the best!!!! Our dog, Huck might just love her & her sweet dog Charlie more than he loves me & my husband, which is the best feeling knowing he is so happy when he's with her. Sheri is such a wonderful, caring & professional person & has been so great with him. She even trains him on top of taking him on the best walks & adventures possible. He comes back so happy & tired & I love seeing the pictures she sends while they're out. Huck always has a huge smile on his face. She has also boarded him a few weekends & I love knowing he's in such good hands with her. I could not recommend Sheri more for anyone looking for a caring & thoughtful person to watch your dog. More...


R.K. L.

10 July 2017

Sheri brings so much love, care and attention to this business. She is incredibly responsible and incredibly compassionate. She takes the dogs walking outdoors where they can really run around and have great social interaction. She makes sweet personalized gifts for her clients around the holidays. She takes wonderful photos of the dogs and sends them to her clients. I wish Sheri was able to take 10 times as many dogs as she can I could refer all my friends to her! I totally trust her having my dog over the weekend too :-) More...


Heather S.

8 December 2015

Sheri is nothing short of amazing! Not only is she a genuine and passionate human being, she's also one of the biggest pet lovers around.  Her smile and happy spirit is infectious and it's apparent when you see the photos of your pups.  Big smiles all around!  She's incredibly professional and takes pride in providing top-quality care and plenty of love.  I'm a fellow pet sitter/dog walker, and I have (and will continue to) recommend Sheri and Furball Fitness to my family, friends, and other pet lovers!  Thanks Sheri!!! You're the best!! :-) More...


Julia S.

6 August 2015

Sheri is simply amazing, I don't know what I would have done without her!  My husband, French Bulldog (Bentley) and I moved to SF for the summer from Santa Monica and I was in need of someone trustworthy to watch Bentley once a week and occasionally overnight. I found Sheri by looking online and she came over for a meet and greet with me and Bentley a few days later.  She is incredibly nice, professional, organized and a true dog lover. Bentley warmed up to her right away and I immediately felt comfortable with her, as well.  Even more, after Sheri had been taking care of Bentley once a week for a few weeks he actually stopped showing any of his former mildly aggressive behavior towards other dogs - he is a MUCH better dog now because of Sheri and her play dates.  It is truly phenomenal.I can't recommend Sheri and Furball Fitness enough - if I could give Sheri 20 stars I would. She is truly a dog whisperer and I wish she lived in Santa Monica so me and Bentley could continue seeing her every week.  If you are looking for a trustworthy person who loves dogs and has a genuine talent for training them look no further, Sheri and Furball Fitness is it. Thanks so much, Sheri! More...


Valerie F.

14 May 2015

If I could give Furball Fitness 10 stars out of 5 I would. We are so grateful to have found Sheri and our dog Macy is even more grateful. We moved out to SF from the East Coast about 6 months ago and luckily some new friends introduced us to Sheri. They had been using her for their dogs for a few years and had nothing but amazing things to say. Sheri is organized, professional, personable and best of all she is a dog whisperer! You only need to see her with dogs for a few minutes to see how great she is with them. Our Wheaten Terrier Macy goes totally nuts when she sees Sheri and since she started walking with her regularly she has been so much less anxious and much happier. Sheri takes them out for long walks and fun exercise outings (ie: Baker beach for some sand sprints and swimming) and a dog that gets its exercise is a very happy and well behaved dog. I can't say enough good things about Sheri or Furball fitness. Macy is part of our family and we don't trust just anyone with her care. I completely trust Sheri and would recommend her with flying colors to anyone and their pup! More...


Jessie S.

3 August 2014

I am so grateful for Furball Fitness. Sheri has been walking our high energy Bernese Mountain Dog pup, Theo, for about 4 months, and in that time his separation anxiety and appetite have improved tremendously. He is a happier dog. Normally I am at work when Sheri takes the pup out, but recently I've been on vacation and it had been so nice to see how wonderful she is with Theo and how much he adores her. He is ecstatic when she arrives. It is like he is being reunited with his long lost best friend every time. She is very warm, but makes sure he knows she is in charge and he is reasonably calm before they head out. He is a total mama's boy, but he does not look back for me at all when he is going with Sheri. He is exhausted when he gets home and it takes a lot to tire my pup out. Also, Sheri always arrives within her pick-up window and always has him out as long or longer than expected. I am so happy my dog is part of the Furball Fitness pack. More...


Harper K.

1 February 2014

My dog says it all!!!  Harper jumps for joy when she sees Sheri, cries when she hears her coming (because she can't see her fast enough) and always comes home with the biggest smile on her face!  Sheri knows what every dog owner wants - pictures of their pooches having fun and tired dogs when they get home from a long day!  I have the utmost piece of mind when my dog is with Sheri.  I know that she is being well loved and is getting the exercise she needs to be happy, healthy and calm at home.  Sheri is EXTREMELY flexible and incredibly accommodating when it comes to scheduling, which is an added bonus!  I am so thrilled to have found Sheri and feel as though my sweet Harper girl is with family when she is with Sheri!!! More...


Elizabeth M.

27 August 2013

Talk about a nervous mother, I did enormous research and interviewed dog walkers before I decided who I entrusted with my 68 pounds of love, a Lab named Winnie the Pooch. Not only does Sheri of Furball Fitness get rave reviews, she answers her phone every time I call her, and is one of the most responsive, reliable people I know.  Winnie goes nuts when Sheri pulls up to the house to pick her up for an afternoon of playing at the beach. Winnie loves every minute of being out with Sheri and the gang. Also, not only does Sheri keep us informed on their day, the pics she sends us are good enough to be professional! If you are in search of a fantastic dog walker,  look no further. More...


Chris F.

10 August 2013

I found Sheri when I moved to Marin earlier this year based on recommendations here.  I tried several dog walkers but she's the only one who brought home my high energy Black Lab really tired at the end of the day.  My dog adores her and runs to her door every time I drop him off.  Sheri is great.  Responsible, organized, communicative and easy to deal with.  Recommend her highly. More...


Jen X.

5 June 2013

Furball Fitness is awesome! Every time my lab Maple sees Sheri, she explodes with joy and it's easy to see why. Sheri has a way with dogs. In fact, the first time I met her was on a walk with Maple shortly after I adopted her from Milo Foundation. Maple was still coming out of her shell at that point, but within 2 minutes, I could see that she was completely comfortable with Sheri. That left a strong impression. I think the thing that sets Furball Fitness apart from the rest is that your dogs will go on GRAND ADVENTURES all over the city!!! Your dog will never be dumped with 20 other dogs at an enclosed dog park practically unsupervised. Also, Sheri is incredibly caring and attentive. Your pooch will be in good hands! More...


Pamela N.

5 June 2013

I love Furball Fitness. Sheri is wonderful with my dog. She is like the "Dog Whisperer." Whenever my dog is naughty, Sheri can calm her right down. She has taught my dog so much and now I feel comfortable taking her out in public. I can't thank you enough. I feel very at ease knowing what great care (and exercise) my Harley girl gets. Thank you Sheri and thank you Furball Fitness. More...


Nikolas K.

29 May 2013

It's hard to elaborate on all the fantastic things that other reviewers have shared.  I only want to add that it is all 100% true!Besides being a wonderful person, Sheri is incredible with dogs. We have two very active pups and Sheri is excellent with them - she is incredibly attentive and understands their needs.  Additionally, with her training, the dogs have become better socialized and more well behaved since we've started using her. Lastly, Sheri is professional, responsive, ethical, and economical. I have referred her to many friends and colleagues and all are incredibly happy with her. More...


Andy M.

13 May 2013

I was referred to Furball Fitness by a good friend and it has to be one of the best referrals I have ever received, period!I have worked with Sheri for about three months and in all honesty, I could have written this sparkling review after about two weeks, which is about all the time it took for both myself and my dog to feel completely comfortable with her. I have an older rescue dog, who sadly was also the victim of abuse earlier in his life. Although he is not an aggressive dog in any way, he is instinctively fearful of meeting most people and often takes time to warm up to people. With Sheri, the absolute opposite proved true. My dog became trusting of Sheri almost immediately and now greets her with a level of excitement that I don't always get!  It a very reassuring feeling to know that my dog is in such good hands and also to see how patient Sheri is with him.Along with all of the aforementioned qualities, the level of professionalism that Furball Fitness operates with has also been a pleasant surprise. The communication is constant and concise, billing statements arrive on time and payment options are a snap. For me, this has been a HUGE contrast to my last dog walker experience and awelcome one.I would recommend Furball Fitness to anyone who is looking for a fun, safe anddependable experience for your dog. More...


Mike G.

22 April 2013

My wife and I have been using Furball Fitness since the beginning of this year and have had a great experience working with them. We have two big, highly active dogs (a boxer/pit mix and a shepherd mix) and have found Sheri to be highly professional very easy to work with. She seems to be truly excited about what she does. Often we don't need to use the service every day of the week and as a result we just get in touch with Sheri whenever we need her, which works really well for us. Payment is simple, through invoice at the end of the month.  Most importantly, the dogs seem very happy and suitably worked at the end of the day. I have and will continue to recommend Furball Fitness to our friends. More...


Nick F.

20 April 2013

We can't say enough about Furball Fitness! We were recommended by a friend who also loves Furball Fitness. Sheri made her first impression by coming out to meet our pup -- and we live in Marin so it was over a bridge. She seemed to really enjoy her job and our dog took a liking to her. My husband and I have never left our labradoodle with anyone other than trusted friends and now we consider Sheri to be one of those. Sheri's services beat any kennel. Knowing that our dog was going to be active -- playing in the sun and at the beach, walking and getting personal attention is huge! She sent pictures and updates to us -- which assuaged my anxiety. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her services. More...


ellen n.

19 April 2013

Sheri is great!  Completely dedicated and loves her babies.... There is a very warm and loving feeling towards she and her dogs and I especially love that!  I only wish I didn't feel as though they are back home sooner than they wish they were ( only because they want  more time with Sheri....  She is GREAT and you should not think twice about hiring her because I have seen it first hand.... That my little wiener dog....can not wait to run  rampid with his "other" favorite girl.... And that to me is priceless because I had already tried a few other services prior to Sheri.... And for some reason ( I ALWAYS rely on my gut) I felt like the other services were just running short in keeping my little Stanley happy and fulfilled.... And if I did not feel that way with Furballfitnesssf Firness.... I would not have my Stanley out and about with someone who feels slightly "off"... I'm super particular... I think you should absolutely try out the BEST!...... You'll never go back..... More...


m m.

18 April 2013

One day I was walking with my labradoodle on baker beach and saw this lady with 2 dogs having a great time. I started to talk to her and found out that she was a dog walker and sitter. She was nice and good with the dogs!  I checked out her website and thought I would give her a try. I don't know what she has in her but my dog goes crazy over Sheri!  My dog just loves her!   My first experience with Sheri was having her babysit my dog for 4 days.  I didn 't worry once!  She sent me photos of their activities and it looked like a real vacation for my dog.  Sheri is really sweet and very flexible!  She shows up on time and really gives the dogs a good work out! I feel lucky to have run into her that day on the beach. Number 1 dog walker in SF!!!  I just wished my dog would go crazy over me like she does with Sheri! More...


Kathryn L.

17 April 2013

Furball Fitness is amazing, hands down.  We switched our dog Berkeley over to Sheri from a larger dog walking organization in the City and couldn't be happier.  She is responsible, communicates well and Berkeley is psyched to see her everyday, and is totally wiped when he gets home.  Absolutely the best! More...


Brian M.

17 April 2013

Our dogs have never been less happy to be returned to us. This could not make me more happier. This is what I'm always looking for if my dogs stay somewhere or play with someone else. I would only recomend Sheri!


Liz B.

25 November 2012

My dogs and I met Sheri through a referral several months ago.  I have a ridgeback  mix and a lab mix that love to play -- and are high energy!  From our first introduction the dogs instantly connected with her and were at ease.  One of my dogs has specific limitations due to his hind legs and Sheri has been able to to tailor her workout routines to ensure he gets the right amount of exercise without over exerting himself.  When my dogs come home not only do they sleep for two days but they even behave better!  My dogs have done both walks and overnight boarding with Sheri and our experience has always been AWESOME! Outside of just taking incredible care of our dogs, Sheri is a reliable, flexible and trustworthy business owner.  Whenever we've been in a bind - and needed last minute help with the dogs - Sheri has helped us come up with a solution.  She's wonderful to deal with which makes it easy for me too! LOVE Sheri and Furball Fitness! More...


Stephanie N.

15 November 2012

My dog is a brat.  Plain and simple.  She has Little Dog Syndrome and a bad attitude, and doesn't care who knows it.  When I thought all hope was lost, Furball Fitness saved the day!  After a few walks and some training sessions, she is able to sit, shake, stand, dance, fetch, and roll-over on command.  She even listens when she's called... And she doesn't like listening to anybody!  Furball Fitness knows what your dog needs and I highly recommend them! More...


Nicole P.

11 November 2012

Sheri and Nicole are both great.  They are sweet and great with my dog.  My dog loves them and I can tell she is excited to go out with them every day.  She has a lot of energy and they know how to work it out of her while having fun.  I love hearing about their daily adventures and puts my mind at ease knowing my pup is in good hands.  It is definitely worth the price.  Small groups, safe with experienced walkers, and a lot of fun.  Definitely worth it :) More...

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Going above and beyond for my clients. To build trust and true friendship.

Founded by Sheri Villa in 2012, Furball Fitness began as a one-woman show, operated modestly by a fun-loving dog walker. Soon, the business grew into a full-service doggie daycare, opening doors to a 2000 square foot Dog Camp facility in 2017.

As a passionate dog lover, Sheri was inspired to pursue this dream, to share in her belief of providing our fur-friends the best lifestyle possible with daily exercise, socialization, and purpose; that being mental stimulation through structure and routine (light training). These are three basic needs for a dog’s wellness, all administered and paced appropriately with proper supervision.

Furball Fitness is a special environment. All dogs get individual attention both on the trail and in daycare. To maintain a low dog-to-human ratio, only 30 spots are available for reservation. This regulated attendance will ensure a calm and safe play environment. Small groups also allow for a very pleasant outdoor experience as well. You’ll know all of your caretakers personally, creating the supported, communicative, and intimate experience that is so important to us.

…because Furball Fitness knows how important adequate exercise is in maintaining optimal physical and mental health for your dog. Plus, you probably don’t want your baby home alone all day, bored, and wreaking havoc in your home!Dog Exercise

What you (but mostly your dog) get(s):

Dog Camp – playtime and socialization in Furball Fitness’ 2500 sq/ft. indoor AND outdoor dog park. Fully turfed!

Adventure Hikes – stretch legs, sniff butts, and poop to your heart’s content! I know I appreciate a little bit of fresh air every day, so my guess is the dogs do too! We hike places like Point Isabel, Albany Bulb, Dimond Canyon, Leona Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, and much more!

Hands-on Training – preserve consistency in your home training by utilizing pre-established commands; in addition, fine-tune manners and other skills, like off-leash recall.

Small Play Groups – safety and comfort in keeping a maximum capacity; 8 dogs per group. Just the right amount of dogs. Just the right amount of energy. Plenty of room to roam. We’re not trying to build a doggie empire over here with hundreds of dogs circling through each day. Furball Fitness is deliberate in staying intimate with the goal of servicing each and every one of you to the best of our ability.

Lasting Friendships – experienced staff who develop a personal relationship with you and your dog. No revolving door of walkers. We’ll build trust. You’ll know your dog’s caretaker well.

No Crates – because we cap group sizes and have plenty of space, no crates are utilized. The puppies treat the indoor dog park as their own backyard – run around and rumble OR sprawl out and lounge. Cage free!

Flexible Schedules – choose any combination of days that works for your busy schedule. Morning and afternoon sessions available. Minimum 1 day per week.

All Inclusive!!! – no sneaky, a la carte charges. Your membership covers all of the fun! Daycare playtime AND adventure hikes. This is part of what makes Furball Fitness special. Elsewhere, once the dogs are in, they’re in. Here, your dog will get the best of both worlds!

How’s all that sound? Your dog is about to be living its best life!



Stretch legs, sniff butts, and poop to your heart’s content! I know I appreciate a little bit of fresh air every day, so my guess is the dogs do too! We hike places like Point Isabel, Albany Bulb, Dimond Canyon, Leona Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, and much more!

Playtime and socialization in Furball Fitness’ 2500 sq/ft. indoor AND outdoor dog park. Fully turfed!