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Vanessa Simmons

25 February 2019

Daisy and Snowy get so excited to see Holly for their weekly jog! They are far more settled afterwards and love the company of other dogs too. Holy also provides a brilliant pamper service which leave them feeling and looking fabulous! I couldn't imagine our lives without Fur Baby now. Thanks Holly! More...


Susie K

25 February 2019

Holly is fantastic at what she does. She is very passionate, caring and excellent in her field with all breeds of dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend her for both grooming and walking services. Thanks Holly! :)


Inesa Richard

25 February 2019

Highly recommend. Oreo always looks beautiful and happy after visiting Holly


Dust Fluffy

25 February 2019

My dog is getting older, and as such his health and fitness is more important than ever.When I found out he had gained weight, I booked him in to go running twice a week with Fur Baby.She gets them used to it carefully, doesn't push the dog to do things they can't manage. Boogles is now seriously fit, slim and muscular. He has never been in better spirits, it's even stopped him chewing his feet (a sign of stress and anxiety) I'm very happy with the service. I am disabled and often bed bound, Fur Baby know this and collect him from the house without me needing to get up, then deliver him home (always in a very good mood!)Can't recommend fur baby enough More...