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The law firm of Fulton & Barr, P.A. was founded in 1993 and is located in Greenville, South Carolina. The firm is made up of two attorneys and three paralegals who work together to serve clients in the Upstate South Carolina region in matters of workers’ compensation, social security disability and personal injury including product liability and motor vehicle accidents.

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Sherri Cox

24 July 2019

Absolute Professional in injury related cases. Truthful and honest weighing all of the facts out for your Best outcome. Thanks Mr. Barr for your help on my case! Sherri Cox More...


Donna Lynch Porter

10 November 2018

They are the most compassionate, intelligent, and over all wonderful people. They helped me with so much and I can’t recommend them enough. They are amazing!


Kathy J.

18 May 2018

Got my disability approved quickly and answered all my questions very promptly. Would highly recommend.


Donna Lynch Porter

11 November 2017

In May of this year I had the privilege of Fulton Barr representing me and Johnnie Fulton was amazing! Tracie Wendell was a blessing and knew exactly what to do to make sure I was represented the best I could be. This is November and I thank the Lord daily for Fulton Barr representing me and me having the ability to do the things I need to do to make sure my health is stable and am able to not have the stresses I had before my approval. Thank you again! More...


Diane Rudge

24 October 2017

***** I highly recommend this firm Fulton and Barr in every aspic .From the front desk to the attorneys. A special thanks' to you Johnnie Fulton and your legal assistant Denise Baker for helping us with our work man's comp case's. You where there all the way in our best interest . Well informed and professional. More...


Bernard BabyBoi Williams

18 October 2017

Just Want To Say Thanks, For Helping Me With My Disability Case!! One Lawyer Turned Me Down Due To My Age, But Y'all Never Turned Your Backs On Me!! I Really Appreciate That!! Thanks, Again!! More...


Tony Owensby

18 October 2017

I would recommend Fulton and Barr for your legal needs. They are very friendly and will help you resolve your legal needs. Johnnie Fulton helped me so much with a workman's compensation case and was completely satisfied with the results! Thank you!! More...


Lisa Nicklaus

17 October 2017

Great group of people! Very knowledgeable! Thank you for all your hard work for my case.


Johnny Cole

12 January 2017

Thanks for helping me with my worker's compensation case a few years ago.


Brenda Owens

28 October 2014

Their commercial says it all and is very truthful, they help people!!