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Jen Kirkpatrick

25 September 2019

Love the old school trail racing feel of Spectrum Trail Racing. No frills, just rugged trail and a cool trail community. Wish my schedule allowed me the opportunity to run more of their races. More...


Nick Ackermann

25 September 2019

I cant say enough good things about Spectrum Trail Racing. Jason and Mallory pour their heart and soul into the community and it shows, the finish line support is spectacular! Sky Island is such a great race and a community event with my family! I love these guys. More...


Amanda Shannon

7 September 2019

Great races and great support on the trail. Sky Island and Goodwater are my favorite locations ❤️


Luis Corral

8 March 2019

Well organized and great vives!


Travis Seekins

6 February 2019

By runners, for runners. These people are the real deal. Honest and genuinely good people who love to put on races for those of us that love to run them. Amateur tip: don't race and leave! Stick around and enjoy the company of the pretty amazing folks that participate in Spectrum events while cheering on the crazy people cranking out Ultra distances! More...


Amanda Hall Shannon

27 January 2019

Great volunteers, support and always a blast!!


Sara Ferniza

4 January 2019

Got hooked on trail running after my 1st Spectrum race, the race organizers are top notch, Mallory is an amazing coach & she always has a smile on her face even when she's freezing her butt off cheering for everyone. I love all of Spectrum's events, if you have not run one of their races, it's a must. More...


Eli Powell

24 September 2018

I was very happy with the Sky Island 25K. I found the race to be well organized and supported and couldn’t ask for a better setting.


Patrick Hitchins

24 September 2018

Sky Island was awesome appreciate the attention to detail


Jessica Head

24 September 2018

Best races, best volunteers and BEST race directors! Thank you for unique and challenging experiences that make me feel like I’m living life to the fullest rather than just participating! Five stars recommend!!


Phil Swain

29 August 2018

Try and find two people more passionate about running (you won't btw). And that shows in their work and all of the details they put into Spectrum. Best Trail Racing Company out there. More...


Andrew Goodrich

7 August 2018

Excellent company, great people, well organized and unique running events!


Jonathan Garner

7 June 2018

These are the best races in all of Texas, possibly all of the U.S.! The trails are all very unique, covering lots of miles rather than lots of loops of one trail, and the finish line party is complete with free lunch and beer/cocktails, activities, live music, a family-friendly atmosphere, and the race directors who go out of their way to get to know you and become a part of your running journey. When you join these races, you join the family and immediately feel accepted and that your money was well spent. Even the race swag is something useful or artful, rather than some lame-o cheap technical t-shirt. You don't want to miss an experience with this race company! More...


Jason and Mallory Brooks

7 June 2018

Spectrum Trail Racing hands down delivers the best trail racing experience in Texas with excellent courses, lively after parties (including live music, local craft beer, hand made pizza, and awesome people), and badass race swag.


Paul Rademacher

12 May 2018

The courses are challenging, but well marked. Aide stations fully stocked, food and drink and music after are legit!