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denis guillen

27 December 2018

The 6 week challenge absolutely changed my life Patrick and his team know what they're doing!


lucila neri

27 November 2018

Great place to start your fitness journey! The staff is great and the workouts really push you to the limit! I did the 6 week challenge and won it! Never imagined myself losing so much weight and body fat. If you’re 100% committed to getting healthy and fit, this is the place to be! More...


Noelani McGilberry

27 November 2018

I loved working out here! EVERYONE is so nice and professional. The facility is cares about each others goals and pushes each other to reach their goals. I feel very welcome and comfortable working out at this center. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family! Thank you Fuel RX Fitness! More...


Kelly M. Jenrette

30 July 2018

I have been coming to this gym for a little over a year now. I randomly found this gym through an app on my phone. I called the number to get more information and Patrick, the owner, called me back to set up an appointment. I signed up for one of the challenges they were doing at the time. I was very happy to see that this was an environment of women of all ages, races and fitness levels and the most important part about the entire experience was how encouraging everyone was...from the trainers to the other ladies in the class. There was no judgment and everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace while challenging themselves. I've had memberships with other "chain" gyms before and I would "go hard" for a few months and then fall off. So to have a place where I not only go consistently but WANT to go consistently is a huge milestone for me. A few of my favorite trainers have since left for various reasons but there are still some really great trainers there. One of my favorites is Jody. Her class is tough, real tough, but she makes it fun while encouraging you to push yourself harder and further with each class. This is the first place that I can honestly say I see true and lasting change in my body and more importantly with my mindset. It's no longer just about the number on the scale but it's about recognizing my strengths, overcoming my weaknesses and celebrating myself every step of the way! More...


Susann Röthke

26 May 2018

Last week I finished my 6-week challenge and I am excited to share how grateful, proud, healthy and surprised I am. - Grateful for all the support and motivation I received from the amazing trainers as well as the whole FuelFam. - Proud of myself because I stuck to the nutrition plan and showed up to 5 to 6 classes a week. - Healthy and strong after a long period with few physical exercise and a rather poor diet.- Surprised because I had so much fun although I expected it to be kind of torturing to work out several times a week and change my whole meal plan. In the beginning I didn't expect that I'd actually want to continue, but I love it too much and I'm too curious what more I can achieve. So I have to continue! Everyone is so committed and the results of every single member of the FuelFam are so amazing and encouraging. I recommend Fuel Rx to EVERYONE who wants to live healthier, regardless of your fitness level. It's never too late to change for the better. And this is the place to do it. Thank you Fuel Rx for helping me loose 5% of body fat in 6 weeks! More...


Natalie Cadét

26 May 2018

I got on the 6 week challenge advertised on Facebook, and it was COMPLETELY worth it! I lost 12 lbs and 6% BODY FAT during that time!!! The trainers are fun and super sweet. I the nutrition program was EVERYTHING, and it's the one component I've been missing in my fitness journey. Now I have a great template to follow, thanks to this amazing team! They REALLY want to see you succeed and they proved it with their personalized care and attention to things that mattered to ME. Fuel Rx Fitness gave me the jumpstart that I needed to achieve and maintain my fitness goals. More...


Alissa Krumlauf

26 May 2018

The workouts are very quick and efficient. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get results.Love all the girl trainers! They know their stuff and create new, fun workouts each week. I feel stronger each week. More...


Alexandra Harrington

19 March 2018

great trainers, flexible times. I highly recommend doing the 6 week challenge!


Bret Anthony

19 February 2018

What a finish! Without my partner-in-sweat, all the trainers at Fuel (Masha, Ashl’e, Kate, and Jody), and the meal plan provided for the 6-week challenge, I could not have lost 6 lbs and 6% body fat! I lost 4” in my waist and I could’nt be happier with my results. My fiancé and I did this challenge together as a couple, and I can only hope our success story inspires other couples to take on this fitness/health journey together as well. More...


Atanes Atanesyan

28 November 2017

I did the 6 week challenge with Fuel RX and lost 24 lbs. The trainers were great and provided constant motivation throughout the program.


Lynda Renna

28 November 2017

Won the six week challenge yeah. 20lbs a least 6 inches and learned a lot from really great trainers. Happy for the experience


Chewie Mon

20 November 2017

This is a true gem of a gym if you're in the Sherman Oaks area! I did a 7-week challenge (normally, it's just 6 weeks, but hey, powered through to just before Thanksgiving noms! ^.~) to lose a certain percentage of body fat, and I achieved my goal--woot woot! When you first meet with Patrick, he'll talk through the program with you and set goals personally tailored to your fitness level and needs. He's very friendly, understanding, and carefully listens & assesses where you're at and how to proceed. If you have any questions, he's always happy to answer and talk you through your concerns.

The workouts themselves are also great! They definitely push you while allowing for adjustments depending on your level. All of the instructors (love Masha and Jody!!) are really cognizant of the members' physical abilities and provide alternatives for certain movements if necessary. Each day's workout focuses on a different part of the body, and there are plenty of classes to help fit within your schedule.

If you're determined to get into better shape and have the motivation & mind-set to do it, Fuel RX Fitness is a great place to help propel you on your path to a healthier and fitter lifestyle!


Pearl Haika

1 October 2017

Yesterday I did my final weigh it for the 6 week challenge...

Met my goals which I am so proud to say I lost 20.5 pounds and 5% body fat!

Yes the results were REMARKABLE and even from the first weigh in I could tell what they had us doing here at FuelRX was the formula I had been looking for for a long time, my body was ready and the numbers talked. More than that I feel sexy again, feel strong and capable in my body going about my day, feel supported by the wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable and motivating FuelRX staff making my workouts a blast ( hard but fun = a great trainer. EVERY trainer here = this which is another remarkable attribute of this gym), Even though I don't use social media much I found myself enjoying sharing my meals and journey, and seeing others posts on our Facebook page reassured me we were in this together!

This was definitely a life changing experience for me, I have learned so much and felt safe to push myself so far past my comfort zone that I have expanded and surprised myself with what I am capable of doing!

I recommend this gym to every woman of any age, this place is a gem and I am so grateful I found it! Thanks to Patrick Williams and all the amazing trainers and fuelfam team for your guidance support, meal plan and this program!


Vanessa Dickey

11 September 2017

I'm halfway through my 6 week fitness program and already reached my goal of losing 4% body fat! I signed up to do this program after seeing a friend lose weight with a similar program at a different gym. Prior to the program I had eaten a lot of fast food and only exercised when I went on a rare hike or occasionally followed a yoga or HIIT class online. I met with Patrick and told him I wanted rounded deltoid muscles. Now when I fix my hair I can visibly see my arms have bulked up! I love how strong I look! I used to think I was too skinny and weak to keep up with group exercise but following the diet plan and eating more gave me all kinds of energy. The classes are fun, the gym goers are awesome, and I love all the yummy meals I see my challenge mates post in the Facebook group! The challenge was intimidating at first, took some trial and error to figure out what to eat and when, but was well worth it in the end. This is the first time I've stuck with a fitness plan and succeeded! I never thought I would feel or see the results I have now. So happy! More...

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