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Functional Rehabilitation Strength Training (FRST for short) encompasses all avenues of fitness under one roof. We work on:

FUNCTIONAL: What’s functional to you?


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Heather Earle

21 January 2019

FRST Fitness is first-rate! Friendly, welcoming staff and patrons. Variety of challenging, structured workouts led by instructors whose primary concern is that training is done properly to maximize effectiveness and avoid injury. For those on public transit, bus #6 stops out front; vehicle parking is in the lot or on the street. More...


Rachel Blake

23 December 2018

Great gym with knowledgeable trainers and thoughtful programming! Really appreciated their attention to detail in prioritizing integrity of movement and also offering personalized modifications to ensure you’re getting the very best workout possible.


Nadia Vizcardo

17 December 2018

Extremely welcoming team, will definitely be returning for more classes!


Brad Lafortune

16 December 2018

If you're looking for a gym that gives you personalized attention, a flexible schedule, great class variety, and the knowledge to keep you safe and healthy throughout your training, this is the perfect place for you - highly recommended!


Kelsey Embury

5 December 2018

Spencer and his team at FRST Fitness are so welcoming, professional and knowledgeable! They take the time to educate you on the exercises, and keep a close eye during workouts to make sure your form is correct to prevent injury and maximize results. Their three styles of fitness classes offer something for everyone! I highly recommend FRST Fitness! More...


We work WITH our clients to provide them with top of industry knowledge, catered directly to their personal goals. Every body is different, shouldn't your training program be different too?

There is not and will never be a short cut to success. The fastest route to success is .... CONSISTENTLY!

Practice doesn't make perfect - Perfect practice makes Perfect

Helping other people reach goals and succeed, seeing them accomplish something they never thought they could do. That is the best paycheck.

Working for others helped show me the good and not so good about what fitness and personal training should be. I vowed to open my own business to be able to provide the type of service and affordability i believe people deserve.

We take a scientific approach to training, we work our clients smarter, not harder. Although FRST Fitness is new to Ottawa, We have been around for over 7 years in the industry and have paid close attention to what works, what doesn't, and blended it with the proper knowledge, an affordable service, and the top customer experience in the city.

Welcome to FRST Fitness.