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At From The Bottom 2 The Top we provide affordable rates that will beat anyones out here!!!

Big or small, we do it all!!

We do a little bit of everything from cleaning homes, office spaces, fore closures, yard work, organizing, packing, unpacking, interior decorating, filling out legal documentation, move ins, move outs, construction clean up, market, advertise, and build websites for small businesses.


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19 July 2019

Virginia volunteered to help us clean a very disgusting mess left by non-paying renters of three years...smokers, animals, mice, roaches, destruction, etc. She cleaned the worst room first--took hours and hours; it was disgusting roof had a leak, walls were brown from smoking, etc. Virginia then moved onto the walls and ceilings in the rest of the house. This was a great help to us, as we had a lot of work to do in order to get the house on the market as "an is house." One day when we showed up to work she had pressure washed the outside of the house just because--what a surprise, one less thing for us to do. Her friendly, helpful attitude was a blessing at a very stressful time. KUDOS & BLESSINGS for her help! More...

Karen it was a pleasure and I am here anytime you or family/friends need me!!! Don't be a stranger

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I have had my business for almost 4 years now and I have had a few things that have slowed me down but thanks to amazing apps and platforms such as this WE are back in business.

Yes I do!! However if you have specific brands you'd prefer me not to use and or have the ones you want used I am not opposed to using them and or purchasing them to accommodated you!!! I would need a heads up, that way I am prepared and know what to bring and what not to.

I get to dictate the whole operation!! LOL just kidding !!!! Bwahahahaha, in all actuality I love cleaning and love helping others to achieve things they had no idea they could.

Working from the age of 14.......for someone else.!!! I don't have this figured out either but I have an idea of what I want the ultimate outcome to be, so I continue to push forward no matter how many obstacles come my way because I am determined to make this world a better place before my time expires.!!! I have been everything I stated above from foster homes, juvenile, jail, prison, an at risk teen, teen mom, addiction, gangs, alcoholic, homeless, bullied, bully, domestic violence survivor, and a felon to boot, but if I CAN do it......ANYONE CAN!!I've always advanced in anything I have done, but ITS TIME TO GIVE BACK and BE the CHANGE I WANT TO SEE!!!!

Why should your clients choose me?? Well, since you asked, (j/k) I believe they (yall) should choose me because I am a cool kid, LOL!!! NO, in all honesty the question should be why not??

I am dedicated, hard working, willing and motivated, my schedule works around yours, I DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR ANIMALS and I have a sliding scale policy, which means , I can and have charged clients based solely on taking into consideration their income( those on fixed ones).

I am punctual and reliable. I am thorough and I am available morning, noon and or night.

I take last minute calls and can be of assistance with almost anything aside from electrical and roofing, besides that I am the one you have been waiting and looking for, so why pass me up, HERE I AM!!



I know how to build small business websites as well as advertise and market them. I can also be of assistance with helping fill out legal documentation for the courts, I'd like to think of myself as an entrepreneur, with a mission to help save the world one person at a time.