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I've always loved singing. I've had professional singing lessons for a few years now, I've won various awards and prizes in competitive singing festivals and I'm currently working towards a Grade 5 singing qualification.

Willing to work anywhere with any level of formality. Will wait tables, wash dishes, clean, tidy...etc'

I was 10 years old when my brother was born, so I helped raise him. I am a responsible, charismatic and understanding person and so i feel that I deal with children well. I did my work experience in a primary school and worked with children from ages 2-3 to 10-11. While I have no other teacher training or experience I can teach your child a modest amount of Portuguese or Spanish, singing and literacy as I am well qualified in these areas. I, to date, haven't had a CRB check but would be willing to do so if asked.

I learnt Portuguese via total immersion, meaning I learnt the language by being completely surrounded by it. My family moved to Portugal in 2006. As I was 9 years old I attended a Portuguese primary school and later a secondary school.